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Snow Wolf M82 M99 LRSA Bolt Action Airsoft Long Range Sniper Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle & Bipod Only)

29 Customer Reviews

by joe s. on 09/16/2009
"This gun is amazing all thats wrong is its a little heavy but i mean im 5'6" and i can hall this bad boy around easy. I was just shooting this gun today and after i got the scope dialed in and the hop up set up right i was able to hit a coke bottle from 50 yards farely easily. I am using .28 bbs right now and that might be a little heavy but it works just fine for me. I would probably use .25 if i was you though. Overall just a great acurate gun, but the only broblem is the spring in the clip that feeds the bbs is a little to strong so you just have to take the mag apart and clip own the spring. I any one needs help on how to do this i would be more than happy to help. Great gun just take some time to dial this gun and you will be surprised how far away you can hit some one.
by Francis C. on 09/12/2009
"I received this gun in the mail a few days ago. The package was hefty and weighing the gun, it's definitely something most people would shy away from. The package itself was somewhat damaged but the contents were intact. That's all that really mattered.

The gun feels extremely durable. Most of it is full metal, and not that poor quality pot metal either. This feels very strong. The gun weighs in around 16.5lbs and measures 49in in length. This gun is not for the casual gamer who wants a gun they can easily move with. This gun easily falls into the category of scenario purpose rifles or display guns.

That aside, the internals are APS2 compatible except for the trigger system which is unique to this gun. If the gun's internals ever break, just hope its not in the trigger system.

The magazine is the only real bad part of this gun. As said in a review below, you have to open up the mag and cut 3 to 4 links off the mag spring to remove the horrible double feeding caused by the over compressed spring. The gun now feeds reliably for me.

The magazines are smaller than the standard UTG/TSD Mk96 guns. Therefore, the gun does not have any extra mags as of now. That could be a very big setback for an otherwise strong gun base.

If you want to upgrade this gun, the APS2 internals should allow you the freedom to do so. I have plans to upgrading this weapon into a dreaded fire platform its meant to be, but the hop up and spring are the only concentrations as of now. Everything else looks strong enough as is.

Takedown of the gun is very easy. There are small pins on the side of the gun with key chain style rings on them. Pull those out and the gun can be taken apart.

The carry handle worries me a bit, but I have no plan on using it to bear the weight of the gun plus the scope. It looks fine as an aesthetic attachment.

The bolt of the gun is very easy to work. Note, the gun's safety switch is on the bolt and not on the side. The side safety level is just for looks and does nothing.

The bipod wobbles a bit, but is otherwise very sturdy and looks great on the gun. I don't have a doubt it's going to break anytime soon.

The gun has a standard range of 100 feet without the hop up. Unlike the Mk96, this hop up is a lot easier to use and adjust. No allen wrench required, located inside the mag well which is in front of the pistol grip. With the hop up engaged, the guns range increases to around 150ft. Being just a few feet longer than standard AEG range, you can already see the problem with such a large and heavy gun. Bring a backup with this if you plan to skirmish with it for fun.

Its accuracy is acceptable. I was able to get a 4" group at 100 feet, but that was using .28s and being a National Level Competition Shooter. Don't expect similar results. The BBs do drift off around 80 feet, but a tightbore should solve the problem.

As for how long this gun will last, time will tell. As of right now I am very satisfied with this rifle. If you want an experimental sniper's platform, this gun can do it. It can also be a strong movie prop and a great wall hanger / display piece. I recommend this gun to any sniper as a project gun or any movie maker/collector. Do not let this one slip by.
by orin m. on 09/11/2009
"great gun. accuracy, durability, upgrade ability, badass-ability. this guns got it all.
by Donna S. on 09/10/2009
"george: well the gun has a metal internals of a aps 2 soo the same size you would see in the L96's
by chris k. on 09/10/2009
"I Love This GUN!
its is a great gun, but you need to be a vet to use it to its fullest. my barrel came dirty and my gun was a little over greased for a sniper rifle. im hitting coke cans at 70ft dead on accurate with .20, .28 are a bit too heavy i recommend .25. this gun is not for kidz, you need some ballz to carry this gun all day.
by andrew n. on 09/09/2009
"this is a beautiful replica of i believe its called the barret M99 Bolt action .50cal sniper well done guys
by joe s. on 09/06/2009
"Just ordered this gun today hopefully it shoots as good as it looks
by joe s. on 09/06/2009
"I was just wondering does this gun have good range. Because if this gun is going to be that heavy i want it to be able to reach out and strike someone from a fair range.

Webmaster: This rifle has a more than average range. R.ange S.niper
by Joseph T. on 09/05/2009
"Great gun Iv seen many reviews on this and its very good. Does anyone know if u add the scope for 50 if you get the scope rings too

Webmaster: scope rings will be included w/ the upgrade
by christian g. on 09/04/2009
"Whoever wrote that last comment has no life and should stop writing reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by Cameron H. on 10/03/2013
"When people purchase sniper rifles they usually are just purchasing the rifle for the body with the intent to upgrade the internals.

I purchased this weapon and received it on Tuesday the 2nd of October, I fired a clip through it to make sure it arrived functioning stock which it did. I also purchased the angel custom piston, 190 spring, and spring guide to be put into the rifle. Everything fit perfectly inside the stock cylinder, I put the gun back together and laid down pulled the bolt back and it didn't catch to fire the gun. I took it back apart and over the course of 18 hours I tweaked and messed with things to find out that it was on the sear that drops into the cylinder to hold the spring guide in place so that it compresses, I had to shave it flat so it allowed the piston to go back far enough for the sear to catch the piston. So I put the gun back together (like 27th time) laid down pulled it back, and it fired. Pulled it back again and at the cusp I heard a loud crack. The stock cylinder is made of pot metal (basically a thicker pop can) and snapped from the pressure. If you plan on upgrading this rifle you will need to purchase a newer cylinder actually made of steel. (currently searching for a compatible cylinder)

sturdy/durable internals

weak cylinder (when upgrading)
by Chance J. on 06/26/2013
"This gun is great! I'm not going to complain about it being 20 pounds simply because it is mostly metal...The hop-up is impossible to adjust(would like help)and the bipod will take off a lot of weight in the front so it will help to take it off when shooting without it

-20 pounds

-Orange flash hider
by Stevie W. on 05/08/2013
"it's a great rifle my freind just got it a couple weeks ago a i love it


●good range
●high velocity


●I wasn't allowed to use it at Fulda Gap
by Lynda B. on 09/07/2009
"Ok I have this gun. It is very good. I was impressed with the sheer power this gun produces. I think it shoots about 450 fps. The hopup is EXTREMELY hard to adjust. It is a firmly situated metal lever in the magwell. I had to use a knife. But still, it seems to have good range. I'm planning on upgrading everything so I'll write another review when I have. The body is absolutely full metal. It weighs about 25 lbs with a scope on it. The muzzle brake (my fave) is not full black like the pic. It is about half orange. But not as bad as the socom gear one. Yikes. It had som kinks to work out such as the slightly faulty mag which did doublefeed some. I fixed this by weakening the spring and holding in the mag when cocking(which is not very hard btw). Does not have sling mounts which is dissapointing. Also if anyone can find extra mags that fit I'd love a link. Also the pins that on the real one take it apart do nothing. Except the one on the full metal very sturdy adjustable bipod. Carry handle seems sturdy too, but I wouldn't trust it for long. But seriously if ur not at least 5'8" and on the football team don't get it. It's only for the abnormally strong. Main annoiance is that the bolt cycling unscrews the bolt from the spring. Can be fixed by using a med- sized hex wrench into the end ofthe bolt and turning clockwise. Youll know what I mean when u get the gun. I also have managed to get 2-3 bbs inside the body of the gun and they won't come out. O well. Good gun. I reccomend it to big guys. Happy hunting!