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by Greg H. on 2016-03-10 14:35:13
"This may not be false advertising, but it is a very deceitful business practice.

contents of my bone yard box were:
ASG Ball Cap
Colt 25 springer (new)
G&G Armament Magazine
G&G Armament Airsoft Guns Catalogue
G&P Shopping Bag
Open Bottle of 200 .25 bbs
by Matt N. on 2016-03-09 15:33:35
"Worst $70 spent ever. I got what the other guy got. Magazine, hat, bags, 500 bb's, terrible springer. Absolutely useless garbage. Not usually this disappointed but I was expecting atleast a single Airsoft gun piece. Not something to just lose $70 dollars on. Both my boxes were the exact same
by Soctt H. on 2016-03-08 15:16:27
"I hate to be that guy to complain but I got actual crap. I was excited in the hopes for getting mags, gear, gun parts, numerous patches, sights, etc... The reviews are what sold me on spending the 35$ on somthing I really don't need in hopes to get some cool extras. Well I received extras alright
-action sports ball cap (garbage)
- gp small reusable shopping bag (garbage)
- mechanix gloves sticker
-2 catalogs (garbage)
1 patch
And the only things that may have made this maybe worth any trouble (but not worth 35$
2 colt 25 springers

Granted it was a mystery so it ain't 100% their fault and yes I did get two springers, (15$ total?) but the rest was crappy promotional products.
So live and learn, maybe it's my luck, but I will never be purchasing one of these again.
Thx Evike
by Owen A. on 2016-03-07 19:45:52
"First off, let me say that this is a hit or miss type item, it is a mystery box, but I believe by reading the other reviews that you will probably get something good.

I got:
A full metal foregrip with flashlight (flashlight is broken and was not able to fix it)
A knife holster
A SWAT patch
A inner barrel for M4?
A M4 stock
A piston with plastic teeth
A rail system (no idea what gun)
A plastic silencer
A Li-Po/Li-Fe/NImh charger with wall adapter
And the best thing: a fully functional evike chronograph with charger (missing outer silver part)
I also received a very nice pair of pants that actually fit me, a tan condor bag, an eagle force grenade launcher shell, and a broken case for a pistol (junk)
by Alonso V. on 2016-03-07 14:26:37
"There was absolutely nothing of use in my package. I do not count
two paper magazines (Magazines you read)
two hats
one springer (something i did expect and liked)
one gas blowback magazine (broken which is something I did expect and liked)
and two packs that are plastic and quite useless.
a barrel mount for the biggest barrel ever.
and a patch
that's essential I got...

Yeah... I'm not doing this again...
by Jason R. on 2016-03-02 18:28:24
"I ordered 2 boxes

lots of good parts with minor issues easily fixed, 5 m4 aeg mag, 2 have feeding issues, 1 gas m4 mag, 2 metal AK mags one is missing the feed spring. broken scar folding stock, acr retractable stock with broken locking latch, full metal WG M84 gas pistol lower and mag, 3 m16/m4 fixed front sights, angel custom flash hider, shotgun pistol grip, 2 QD scope mounts, bone yard undead apocalypse mp9 with no mag, 2 m16/m4 outer barrels and flash hiders, 1 AUG outher barrel and flash hider, m16 carry handle, lots of rail covers, plastic G&G m4 lower, about 4000 .25g bb. small type chargers and a bunch of miscellaneous items like wires, internals, springs, screws and patches.

I am very happy with these 2 boxes and will order more
by Mark B. on 2015-11-25 11:41:43
"I got...
1-g&p v3 gearbox
1-ump high cap
1-m4 high cap
1-g36 mid maybe low cap
2-m4 muzzle brakes
1- bag of rail segments.
4- murder oil patches
1-swiss arms laser
1- multicam plate carrier
1- multicam helmet
And a little random stuff
by Amber B. on 2015-11-23 21:09:43
"Ok so I got xl acu pants (new), od hydration pact with blatter(New), elbow pads (new), two red lasers both in working order, hi capa outer barrel(New), 1911 metal slide(used), spring pistol(New), butt stock(New), rubber knife (used), gas mag missing bottom and a metal rail to a gun not sure what type. All in all a great deal!!!!!!!!!! I'll be buying more of!!!!
by Michael K. on 2015-11-21 23:09:39
" For $35 got a WE XDM lower receiver missing the hammer and magazine (no use to me), a tightbore barrel for my 18c (new!), Angel custom speed loader (broke but repaired now), probably a dozen patches, a tac vest that retails for $180, 800 round M4 electric winding dual mag missing the battery and charger so unsure if it's operable or not (looking forward to fixing this), new picatinny rail covers in OD, a Serpa-style paddle holster for g-series (wanted one for awhile!), a busted sniper magazine (trash), tac-light rail holder (needed one), mock silencer (new), AK flash mag, stickers and sample bb's galore, and a few other things I haven't even identified yet! I couldn't believe how much stuff they sent. It was over 11 lbs for just the Box of Things, I definitely got lucky with this one. Thanks Evike!
by Daniel Q. on 2015-05-07 11:29:44
"I ordered 2 boxes, and besides a lot a lot a lot of small spare parts of various types, I got 2 vests, cap, holster, hop-up unit, gbb oil and propane adapter, flip-up sights, electric drum mag for ak, 3 buckings, shirt, 3 patches, 4 buffer tubes, 3 lasers, chrono, mock silencer for tracers, etc. I threw away 2 springer mags and a broken MP5 stock. Some need repairs, but overall I am very pleased because I got some stuff I can actually use, and the rest I am sure I can sell and recover the investment quickly. Will buy again.
by adam f. on 2015-04-16 16:38:35
"All I can say is buy this...... Now.
I easily received $300 worth of stuff in this box, its simply amazing.
Heres a list of what I got:
-Burst fire controller (Swiss arms) $20
-Advanced power Hop up bucking $10
-Lightweight blowback housing set Marui/WE G-Series $40
-Cyma AK full metal drum magazine (100% working!!!) $50
-Short type battery $10Cheapie charger $3
-Evike motor: $35-$45
-Z-Tac Z111 Military Sordin Style Headset $75
-Full paintball style camo mask $15-$30
-1x Type96 sniper trigger assembly (plastic)$20
-1x type96 trigger assembly (Metal) $25
I honestly think evike must've read one of my reviews when they gave me these trigger assemblies, because i left a bad review on the UTG Shadow op l96 rifle, saying my trigger assembly shattered after a few months. Then i receive the exact one I need in this box. Either it was a coincidence, or Evike is really on their "A" game
-And lastly, an M18A1 Claymore -$80
The claymore has one dislodged part that can be welded or bent back into place with a lot of force. It works with the trip wire, but haven't gotten it to go off with the remote yet.

Overall I am EXTREMELY happy with this box. I would have gotten another if I knew how good it was going to be. If you are an airsoft tech, are looking for new gun accessories/upgrades, or want to make some money reselling.... BUY THIS NOW
by Ronald H. on 2014-09-25 07:49:24
"First and last time I'll order a boneyard package.

My big item? A M249 box mag where the outer shell was completely broken! Was I expected to duct tape the massive hole on the side? Utterly worthless; straight to garbage!

AK Stuff (Mostly worthless to me as I prefer the AR-15 influenced platforms):
Metal 2 piece outer barrel
Metal AK style flash hider
Polymer lower receiver (AEG)
Pot metal version 3 gearbox (7mm I think)
4 short gas tubes
Various and so far unidentifiable plastic pieces
2 front sling adapters
AK bolt (I guess for a gas gun)

1 set of steal 1911 grip panels

1 Buffer tube for retractable stocks, without lock or screw

6 Lancer Tactical stickers
1 Kony 2012 patch
2 Socom Gear patchs
4 tiny sample bags of Madbull BBs

It was a terrible draw for me. That $35 will sorely be missed.

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