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Bone Yard - Box of Things from Scrap Yard

59 Customer Reviews

by Matthew B. on 02/12/2010
"$15 for a box of mystery junk - how could I resist?
When I received the box, it looked like someone had swept their desktop into a box and sealed it up. I got two used ballpoint pens (without caps), two little rubber Star Wars figures (Darth Vader and some droid), a handful of watch batteries (randomly tossed in with the card they were previously attached to), some small slips of paper and an unlabeled nunchuck battery.
Also, a full-metal M203 launcher with a damaged mounting bracket, a Matrix 9mm gearbox shell with bearings and screws, and a nice metal something-fire combat flashlight with a missing lens. :)
by Kevin K. on 09/27/2013
"Soooo, for 30 bucks, i got:
-An m16A2 style handguard; nice if i had an m16
-A full metal AR-15 style lower; not too shabby :)
-An incompatible pistol grip of unknown origins
-ABS front sight post, again, for ar-15
-HALF of a gearbox. Literally split in half. Never got the other.....
-And an XL womens Tee. Im a guy.... thanks Evike... thanks...

I guess you get what you pay for; loads a random scrap. None of this fancy drum mag fairy tale or working gearboxes. Just replacement pieces to cannibalize. Definite (future) buy if you feel lucky
by Colin N. on 07/06/2013
"Took forever to ship out to me, and I guess I was a little too overly hyped for the Box of Things. I didn't get anything particularly useful, but I did get things that I could sell with easy repairs. For instance, I found a $60 functioning Madbull 120rd grenade. A cracked MICH helmet that just needs some JB weld and a cover. A functioning G&P M4A1 gas mag, a WE17 lower frame, a drop leg pouch. I only listed the things I can actually make use of. I did get some other stuff that wasn't of much worth though. In total, I broke even and got around $210 of functioning, working, brand new stuff. I like the Box of Things!
by Roger T. on 04/03/2012
"I was fairly satisfied with what I got, although I kinda expected better things given everyone's elses comments. Can't complain too much as what I got is worth way more to me then what I actually paid. Here's what I got:

1) M16 mag - broken, threw away
2) G36 mag - broken, threw away
3) WE high capa CO2 mag - works
4) Cracked Matrix High Speed Helmet - covered the crack and is still very functional
5) AIM 3000rd Electric Winding C-MAG Drum Mag for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Worn but is fully functional - Worth $50
6) Lastly and probably the best thing in the box - AIM Sports Dual Illuminated Panorama Red Dot Scope - (Special Ops) - Lens is cracked but not in a place were its in the way, still works great. Worth $45

Its a gamble but I don't regreat it. Just don't get your hopes up, it is boneyard stuff after all.

Found this off a FB notification, so liking on there will give ya the heads up on special deals like this.
by Elisha N. on 03/30/2012
"Can't resist these when they are available but typically don't get items I need/want, of course it is a "myster box" of sorts so no complaints. This is what came in the latest box:

- Black "Pro-Tec" style helmet (nothing wrong with it)
- 3000 rnd AK drum mag (broken beyond repair internally)
- Fully functional G18 GBB mag
- NIB metal M-14 low-cap mag
- KA body pin (still in plastic bag with $12 price tag)
- Black QD "drop-leg" holster (like new)

All-in-all certainly worth more than $35...
by two c. on 09/19/2014
"so far I have bought two of these things and the first one was pretty good the second one, not so much

first box contain various odds ends screws and a complete AK front end. Useful because I have the type that was compatible with the full rail system, also useful was a broken g and p 2300 mAh battery, when I say broken I mean I had to resolder a wire. That's it! Total score. There was also a functioning mag for a VSR10. also included was a small Condor chest rig with a broken strap, easily sewn back into place. nothing else noteworthy various odds and ends broken pieces and items not useful to me

second box was an entirely different story, I received a folding stock AK 47 body with the button to fold the stock missing, in other words it only will be closed in order to work no way to lock it in the open position. I received a beat up semi short M 4 barrel 2 rail segments for an m14, no use to me. No name m4 hi cap mag, which I haven't bothered to try it since I only use flash mags,a folding wire type stock with nothing to attach to some type of all odd scope mount which is not compatible with anything that I own various odds and ends broken pieces of a version 7 gearbox. nothing else useful this time it was a total waste of $35

in conclusion I think this has more to do with whether you are a lucky person or not. I feel like I got lucky the first time but generally I don't have luck in these types of things and probably won't be buying another one
by Ronald H. on 09/25/2014
"First and last time I'll order a boneyard package.

My big item? A M249 box mag where the outer shell was completely broken! Was I expected to duct tape the massive hole on the side? Utterly worthless; straight to garbage!

AK Stuff (Mostly worthless to me as I prefer the AR-15 influenced platforms):
Metal 2 piece outer barrel
Metal AK style flash hider
Polymer lower receiver (AEG)
Pot metal version 3 gearbox (7mm I think)
4 short gas tubes
Various and so far unidentifiable plastic pieces
2 front sling adapters
AK bolt (I guess for a gas gun)

1 set of steal 1911 grip panels

1 Buffer tube for retractable stocks, without lock or screw

6 Lancer Tactical stickers
1 Kony 2012 patch
2 Socom Gear patchs
4 tiny sample bags of Madbull BBs

It was a terrible draw for me. That $35 will sorely be missed.
by Ian B. on 04/14/2014
"I am extremely disappointed in my box. I know it is sort of a hit and miss type thing, but come on, they low-balled me on this one. From reading other reviews of people getting, amazing items like pistols, and full metal receivers, gearboxes, sights, drum mags, and many more I was excited to buy one of these. All I received was a broken g36 mag, a plastic foregrip to a gun I'm not even sure of, a clear hopup unit, upper AK receiver (cheap), 2x random plastic crappy grips, and a fudge ton of random colored plastic molle webbing clips. Complete waste of $35 to me.
by Brian I. on 09/30/2013
"Very Disappointed.

I got ONE glove
Parts to a gear box
Part of an RIS unit
Plastic Suppressor
Air Guns spring m1911 (broken)
and some grenade thing, I'm assuming its broken..

I got a low ball on this one.
by Greg H. on 03/10/2016
"This may not be false advertising, but it is a very deceitful business practice.

contents of my bone yard box were:
ASG Ball Cap
Colt 25 springer (new)
G&G Armament Magazine
G&G Armament Airsoft Guns Catalogue
G&P Shopping Bag
Open Bottle of 200 .25 bbs
by Matt N. on 03/09/2016
"Worst $70 spent ever. I got what the other guy got. Magazine, hat, bags, 500 bb's, terrible springer. Absolutely useless garbage. Not usually this disappointed but I was expecting atleast a single Airsoft gun piece. Not something to just lose $70 dollars on. Both my boxes were the exact same
by Soctt H. on 03/08/2016
"I hate to be that guy to complain but I got actual crap. I was excited in the hopes for getting mags, gear, gun parts, numerous patches, sights, etc... The reviews are what sold me on spending the 35$ on somthing I really don't need in hopes to get some cool extras. Well I received extras alright
-action sports ball cap (garbage)
- gp small reusable shopping bag (garbage)
- mechanix gloves sticker
-2 catalogs (garbage)
1 patch
And the only things that may have made this maybe worth any trouble (but not worth 35$
2 colt 25 springers

Granted it was a mystery so it ain't 100% their fault and yes I did get two springers, (15$ total?) but the rest was crappy promotional products.
So live and learn, maybe it's my luck, but I will never be purchasing one of these again.
Thx Evike
by Alonso V. on 03/07/2016
"There was absolutely nothing of use in my package. I do not count
two paper magazines (Magazines you read)
two hats
one springer (something i did expect and liked)
one gas blowback magazine (broken which is something I did expect and liked)
and two packs that are plastic and quite useless.
a barrel mount for the biggest barrel ever.
and a patch
that's essential I got...

Yeah... I'm not doing this again...
by Jennifer C. on 09/27/2013
"Ok so honestly i'm very disappointed in this "Box of Things" because in the description it states that it will include between 5-10 items and all I received were a pair of ACU camo BDU pants that had a giant tear in the knee section. Also they aren't even close to fitting me and I wear multicam anyways so they have no use to me whatsoever. Although I am extremely disappointed in this purchase I am not upset with Evike because as the product states you can get anything and there is no guarantee on what you will get. I just am very disappointed that it states that I would receive multiple items and all I received were a pair of pants worth around $45-50 dollars minus the tear and lack of use. They also are supposed to have knee pads and are missing one of the pads.