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Phantom Custom WE USA "CQB Master Alpha" Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol w/ Two Mags - (Package: Pistol)

75 Customer Reviews

by Jarrett E. on 05/30/2017
"Had some trouble with the front slide coming off mid play and lost the screw. I had also a problem with a mag and evike replaced it and it works amazingly I use .30 g BBS in it and it's a beast on the feild. Mine had a very strong hop up with no hop on. I love the gun I suggest putting some removable locktite on the front slide screw and keeping an eye on it. Love the gun for the buget and alot of people and my local airsoft place love the look and wonder where I get it. Recommend getting the extended mag!
by Brian F. on 05/05/2017
"Talk about an awesome gun for my first gas blowback!
Since I got the gun, I have had nothing but an absolute ball with it. It is heavy when you first pick it up but it makes it feel like a real gun with the weight. After a while, you get used to it.

Efficient on gas
Accurate; even with .2s (though I use .25s)
Heavy (could be a con for some)

Heavy (could be a pro for some)
No picatinny to put a light

For a green gas blowback, two thumbs up here!
by Royce S. on 04/29/2017
"I bought this pistol based solely off of the reviews that I saw. I'm not going to go into a crazy amount of detail simply because there are enough reviews to give an accurate description of this gun. I did however want to say that it functions flawlessly well. I have used it with a 0.25 gram BB's. I absolutely love this gun, for a pistol it has amazing range and the build quality just phenomenal

Great range and great build quality, with solid performance
Some screws may need tightening when you get it
by Jonathan L. on 11/04/2016
"This is the most accurate gbb I've owned. The gun is heavy but given the thickness of the slide, it is surprisingly gas efficient. I can get, on average, about 1.5 mags before you can tell it's getting weaker sure to expended gas, even is 66 degree temperature. I use .25 bbs and have installed maple leaf decepticon 60 degree bucking with maple leaf adjustment wheel and it stays in place when you tighten the hop-up unit. To adjust, however, I loosen the unit. But you don't need to keep it tight like I do. I just like to be assured my hop-up setting stays intact.
My gun didn't come with a blue nozzle. It did come with a black threaded barrel adapter, black 6.03 inner barrel, and reaps hop-up bucking. So, aside from the nozzle, I believe this is an NG3 upgraded gun because the older WE pistols (I have a Caspian version) had brass inner barrel.

- gas efficient
- accurate (even with stock reaps bucking)
- threaded barrel adapter
- NG3 parts (except blue loading nozzle)

- no blue loading nozzle
- paint wears out easily (even just by frequently setting it on a wooden picnic table)
- rear sight may need blue Loctite

Overall, if you're looking for an inexpensive hi-capa but want awesome value and performance, consider this handgun.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"This gun runs good and strong, I dropped it in the dust and dirt and it worked perfectly fine in a desert terrain. I prefer a gun like this that can hold 30 rds and the parts are easy to acquire and upgrade.
by Jack B. on 04/23/2016
"Good overall gun

Shoots hard
Shoots fast
Shoots strait
Looks cool
Fells good in your hand

The slide lock broke on my second day with the gun, works sometimes though
by Cameron B. on 04/08/2016
"This is a great gun and worth the money.
The one downfall is that the mag slide does not always catch.
Overall great gun ........ 5 stars.
by Zimri T. on 01/13/2016
"Let me start off by saying this probably the best pistol I have ever owned. The two piece slide gives a great cycling rate, great recoil but it will make you look like a boss. Also since the gun is basically a hi-capa 5.1 that means that you have an unlimited number of upgrades that you can't get with other guns. So far I have had mine for two years now and have had absolutely no problem s with this gun at all (at least not internally, my advice would be actually using green gas it makes maintenance on your gun a heck of alot easier.but the one thing that just drives me nuts is the screw on the bottom that holds the compensator cause after a couple years it drives a person mad especially since you can go through scews like nothing if you use the wrong Allen wrech. But as far as performance it is great I have been able to outperform alot of other weapons from people with aeg's to people running an hpa race pistol. Speaking of which if you wanted to you could even upgrade this to a race pistol if you desire, which is way more friendly for your wallet now to pros and cons
* good kick
*very very customizable (compatible with all Tokyo marui aftermarket hi-capa parts
*very reliable (not a single problem in 2 years of abuse!)
*good cycling rate
*nice slide cut
*cheap for a great Airsoft gun
*The screw drives me nuts (fixed that by buying a new slide)
*sometime slide catch doesn't always work but it is because it's a gas hog and doesn't have
enough gas power for the slide cath to, well catch
*paint chips easy
*right safety falls off easy don't bother getting a new one
All in all this is a great, affordable pistol that really gives you a good bang for your buck, but
remember this performs best when using green gas, I know it's expensive but it'll help you
in the long run I would give it seven stars if I could
by Nick T. on 12/23/2015
"I love this gun! I have this gun for a while now and I have upgraded many parts of it. I would HIGHLY recommend this to beginner airsofters for their first GBB pistol. It has a nice recoil and a amazing feel.


Only problem is the tip of my mag broke but that is easliy fixed :)
by David V. on 12/01/2015
"I've put a few magazines through this thing and so far so good. It shoots hard and accurate. The gun has a very good feel and balance to it. A very crisp shooter. I would definitely recommend it..
by Hunter G. on 11/06/2015
"Fantastic pistol. Out performs every pistol I've put it next too (even kwa and many others). I upgraded it with a longer tight bore barrel and silencer, stock it shot as far as my aeg did, upgraded it shot as far as my polarstar did. Bought 3 extended mags for it as well (mags are also very cheap for these guns). I love it, down side it no hard shell holster for it unless you get it custom made, but most soft holsters work fine. Front piece comes undone. Just put removable loc-tite on the front screw and it will stay.
by alex c. on 09/29/2015
"I have had this pistol for about 3 months now and it is fantastic! what really caught my attention with this pistol was the fact that it came with 2 mags, an extended slide release and extended magwell. I use this pistol mainly for ipsc practice but it does fine in the field too. I have only run into a couple of minor problems with this gun and that is that with after market magazines don't always activate the slide lock and the TM/WE/KJW 38rnd falls out of the gun when you shoot it. if your looking for an affordable accurate training pistol, this is probably your best choice depending on what kind of shooter you are. I find that .25's work the best out of this gun due to hitting 3.5 inch steel at about 80 feet away
by Chace D. on 03/29/2015
"this gun is strong, fast and the grouping is pretty good too great side arm on the field only thing one of my mags was leaking right out of the box other then that great investment
by Jean H. on 05/03/2014
"Bang for your buck. Good quality gun with 2 mags. you cant go wrong.
by Corey S. on 02/26/2014
"Best pistol I've ever gotten, great deal! Only have one problem with it and its not even a big deal. The left side of the ambidextrous safety came off, doesn't affect anything and actually makes it a little more comfortable on your hand without it.