Reviews: Phantom Custom WE "CQB Master Alpha" Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol (NG3 System / Two Mags Package)

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Model: GP-WENG3-002
Location: U14-007 WSO8-L06 WSO8-L07 Y9-M08

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by james d. on 2009-07-01 18:06:54
"Sturdy and accurate.

I own a few WE gas blowback and this one is by far the best (It is customized, but the base gun is a WE). All my pistols are WE because most of the parts are interchangeable and they are easy to tweak.

The base gun is a WE Dragon, but with a different ported compensator.

The extended slide release is much easier to use than the regular WE slide releases.

The magazine well looks nice and allows quick mag insertion.

The gun seem to be a bit sturdier than my WE dragon, less wobbling.

All in all, one of the best gas pistol I have ever used. If you are on the market for a good hand gun, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Displaying 61 to 61 (of 61 reviews)

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