Reviews: Phantom Custom WE "CQB Master Alpha" Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistol (NG3 System / Two Mags Package)

$130.00 $110.00

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Model: GP-WENG3-002
Location: 760724 WSO8-L06 WSO8-L07

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by David V. on 2015-12-01 05:31:38
"I've put a few magazines through this thing and so far so good. It shoots hard and accurate. The gun has a very good feel and balance to it. A very crisp shooter. I would definitely recommend it..
by Hunter G. on 2015-11-06 05:28:30
"Fantastic pistol. Out performs every pistol I've put it next too (even kwa and many others). I upgraded it with a longer tight bore barrel and silencer, stock it shot as far as my aeg did, upgraded it shot as far as my polarstar did. Bought 3 extended mags for it as well (mags are also very cheap for these guns). I love it, down side it no hard shell holster for it unless you get it custom made, but most soft holsters work fine. Front piece comes undone. Just put removable loc-tite on the front screw and it will stay.
by alex c. on 2015-09-29 17:32:24
"I have had this pistol for about 3 months now and it is fantastic! what really caught my attention with this pistol was the fact that it came with 2 mags, an extended slide release and extended magwell. I use this pistol mainly for ipsc practice but it does fine in the field too. I have only run into a couple of minor problems with this gun and that is that with after market magazines don't always activate the slide lock and the TM/WE/KJW 38rnd falls out of the gun when you shoot it. if your looking for an affordable accurate training pistol, this is probably your best choice depending on what kind of shooter you are. I find that .25's work the best out of this gun due to hitting 3.5 inch steel at about 80 feet away
by Chace D. on 2015-03-29 00:31:30
"this gun is strong, fast and the grouping is pretty good too great side arm on the field only thing one of my mags was leaking right out of the box other then that great investment
by Jean H. on 2014-05-03 20:14:02
"Bang for your buck. Good quality gun with 2 mags. you cant go wrong.
by Corey S. on 2014-02-26 17:57:35
"Best pistol I've ever gotten, great deal! Only have one problem with it and its not even a big deal. The left side of the ambidextrous safety came off, doesn't affect anything and actually makes it a little more comfortable on your hand without it.
by Nik M. on 2014-02-08 14:03:07
"I bought this GBB pistol about two months ago and it was the first sidearm I ever owned. I absolutely love this gun and it is my favorite GBB pistol I have ever owned.

-A lot of upgraded parts pre-installed
-Railed frame
-Very nice textured grip
-Great trigger response is you have a "trigger finger"
-Very nice safety features
-Full metal (except for a few parts)
-Comes with two mags
-Nice, hard blowback/kick
-Mags are double-stack (like every other HI-Capa)

-Allen screw on the rails come loose when shooting which is not a big deal
-Mags have plastic feed lips which have a higher chance of breaking
-You don't have it yet :)
by Triston S. on 2013-11-11 13:23:47
"I've gotta say, I owned this pistol for 2 months now, and not a single problem, dropped it 3 times, used it in 10+ CQB days (3-8hrs each day), and probably fired a good 5000 shots through it, and haven't had a single problem with the gun.

When I bought this pistol, i got the holy cow special, for the extra $5, came with 3 mags! Great deal!

I have had some leaking problems with all 3 of the mags, nothing a good silicone lubing cant fix! The feed lip on one has broke some how(user error on the broke feed lip i'm sure).

I use my guns a lot, on and off the field, and i'm pretty rough on them when using them, and this pistol has held up extremely well to my play style!

Reliable in good weather 60+ degrees, it is a GBB
Accurate as hell up to around 75 ft
Kicks hard
Great, smooth, crisp blow back
Hits hard
350+ FPS with 20g BBs (i suggest 25s, mine chronoed at 335 using 25s)
Good Weight
Fast Fire Rate
51rd mag is great on gas, get 2 mags on 1 fill

The front end is a little loose, gotta tighten it often, fell off one day after alot of use, not bad, but a bit annoying.
Mags easily leak, Id suggest keeping the seals lubed VERY well!
After first 2 weeks, the slide doesn't catch on empty mags, doesnt hurt performance, but its quite annoying when your shooting just gas!

All in all great pistol! Great price too, Id suggest getting the Holy Cow special for this! Even though the mags hold a lot of rounds, you'll find yourself going through them fast with this pistol!
by Jason P. on 2013-07-10 16:35:43
"I bought this gun earlier this year as a secondary.I already had the dragon 5.1 hi capa and I liked it a lot. This gun blows the doors off of the Hi capa! the upgrades are very noticable from the start. The grip is nice and, the upgraded bottom makes it a great fit. The barrel is way cool. I get an extra 20 feet over all the other stock pistols on our course. The extra clip offered is a bonus but you'll have to lube them up a bit. The seals were dry. I run propane in my gas guns and the clips work great with it. Overall this gun is a great deal!
by Don K. on 2013-06-10 21:04:46
"This is the best gbb pistol i have owned. The split slide creates a higher rate of fire and looks great, and the magwell and trades only add to the look. With the 31 round mags, you can go for a while on this thing, and the gas lasts for at least a mag and a half. I only had two small cons, which was the slide didn't always lock back when I was out of rounds (can be fixed with a replaced slide lock, only like 5 bucks), and the front end can become loose (easily fixed with the included allen wrench) overall, the best pistol for the money. I would recommend it highly.
Also, this thing is amazing in CQB if you dual wield them :)
by J.T. P. on 2013-01-03 22:44:02
"I have had this pistol for about 6 months now and it is still great! Out of the box, this pistol was heavy fast and came with 3 mags! (If you get the holy cow special). Unfortunately, the holy cow mag is leaky. There are many upgrades for this pistol. Great Price Great Gun. I recommend to any airsofter! Remember to keep your gun clean and lubricated. This is the best pistol I own. Get the gun! You will not regret it!
by Bobbi D. on 2012-12-07 14:06:43
"i am an airsoft retailer. i sold this gun to a guy that plays at my airsoft field and after a few rounds, he put his aeg away and played with this pistol. he scored several kills and impressed everyone playing!!!

for the money this is very hard to beat!!!! IF IT IS EVEN POSSIBLE

BUY IT!!!!

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