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AGM Full Metal M4 Stubby Killer Airsoft AEG Rifle (Crane Stock)

10 Customer Reviews

by dominic s. on 12/11/2016
"I have had this gun for about 2 years and was planning to play cqb with it but the cqb field that was going to open next to me never did and have just used it for outdoor and it does really well for how short it is. the only bad thing about the gun is that the stock adjuster handle broke but I just fixed it with a screw so now there is just a screw to adjust the stock not to bad and the selector switch fell of which is probably not to hard to fix just don't know how to.

-shoots good distance for how short it is
-shoots fast
-good weight (might be heavy for a young kid)
-all metal

-selector switch fell of
-stock handle broke
by Paul L. on 05/03/2014
"I have owned this rifle for a good solid year, and I must say that it was one of the most dependable, hard hitting, and just overall fun rifle I've ever had.

- Good weight and feel to it
- Sturdy (it's a little tank)
- Dependable (I've been through just about every environment imaginable with this)
- LOUD (My team always commented on how loud it was)
- Low profile (I could get in and around just about everything with this rifle, and with a single point sling I could easily forget i even had it on my person)
- Pretty decent range for such a short barrel

- Unfortunately my particular rifle had a rifle short in one of the wires after a solid year of use, rendering the gearbox useless. Though this is an easy to fix problem, I have yet to work on it. Don't let this deter you from purchasing though.
- The buffer tube can become, for lack of a better word, "wobbly" thought this is probably due to the sling.
- The motor grip is made for right handed shooters. This is something to consider before doing a final checkout with this rifle.

Overall 9/10 because of the bad wire, but other than that everything about the gun, especially considering its price, exceeded my expectations. It's small, dependable, awesome looking, and just plain fun to have in your arsenal. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good dependable, CQB rifle.

Lastly, if you are looking for the right mid caps to purchase for this rifle, here you go :
by luke R. on 08/03/2013
"I just got this gun and i have to say this gun rocks for the price and for the design.

Tactical rails
cool flip sights
full metal
good range
good fps

battery is a little tough to put in the first time. Well..... for me it was...
by Michael B. on 03/08/2012
"Very nice item. Sturdy construction. Reasonable price. Great close quarters AEG. Accurate description on site except for two items. First, it has a plastic orange flash hider, not metal as listed. Not a big deal but I believe that the piece that is designed to prevent tragic misunderstandings should be made of a more durable material. Plastic breaks off too easy in my opinion. Second item, we received a removable tower style rear sight instead of a flip up as was listed. It works well but not with the optic my son wanted to put on the top rail. Perfection is often illusive. Still very happy with purchase. Excellent online transaction history and even took my son to their retail location while visiting Ca. Great company with employees that care as much about the hobby as they do the business. As Arnold put it, " I'll be back " Job well done Evike.
by kyle b. on 03/05/2012
"I as a go hard airsofter think this gun is amazing it performs and sounds great.

Lets start off on how i got this gun I ordered on the 22nd of feb. and the shipping package i ordered was 2-6 days and i got it on the 8 th of mar. thats 12 days not 6.

Then when i first got the gun i opened it and i shot it i said to my self wow that was a high torgue motor shot. I had this for about two months and there was NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!

Once i accidentily dropped it and their was no problem with it no scratches and no breaks.

Overall i give this gun a 5 out of 5


Great FPS

Fast Shooting

Full Metal

All around good


I HAVE NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Zack K. on 02/15/2012

As a soldier myself, I felt naked with out an M4 in my hands. Granted this is not the real steel, this fills the void. Attention to detail is what was drilled into me, so I will tell you exactly how I received this weapon.

First off, I did not get a rear flip up sight as pictured. I got a "G&G / Matrix QD CQB-R Type Adjustable Rear Sight" or something very similar.

Second, the flash hider was a pain to get off. One of the set screws came rounded out. I ended up taking a dremel to it, destroying the orange flash hider. Left behind was a mess of epoxy that prevents me from putting on a new flash hider completely. Tighten it as much as I can by hand, and sharpie the visible epoxy black.

Third, no logos were present on mine.

Fourth. I seem to have trouble getting this thing open. I can easily get the hand guard and outer barrel off. I might just be over looking something. This is the first AEG I can call my own and Im not all to familiar with it.

Fifth, the buffer tube does have a slight wobble to it. I can live with that.

Finally, the "SAFE/SEMI/AUTO" was not done in white lettering. I personally can let that one slide. I do not need to "see" that is is on safe.

In the end, I give this a 4.5 out of 5. I'm dying to push this thing to it's limits.
by Joseph P. on 06/02/2010
"I just bought this gun over the weekend and I'll give you a review on the gun. I was looking at the Echo 1 CQB similar to this make, I didnt like that Echo 1 has the battery on the outside of the gun making it look very fake. I was blessed enough to be able to go to Evike store in San Gabriel and boy I wasnt dissapointed! They had multiple selections of this CQB make "The Stubby Killer". You can actually test shoot the guns there befor you buy them. I tested both guns.. the Echo 1 and the AGM... This one happend to be much more appealing and shot harder then the E1. about 400fps opposing one Echo 1 shot 340fps. I bought the AGM it looks and feels much better with the crane stock. Im really happy with this gun, I took it out of the box when I got home and adjusted the hop up and it shot very nice and hard. I added a Socom silencer to it to make it look more realistic i took off the orange thing. Bought an extra mag, 5,000 .2 bb's All for under the price of $215.00 Very haoppy with my purchase. I like sticking with Echo-1's but this time im going with something different. I have 2 echo 1's time to change it up.

light wieght
looks awesome
Sounds nice
400fps out of the box.
Battery fits in nicely
Rate of fire
Great for Close quarter Combat and fun games.

Really dont have any negative feedback on this gun
Although no gun is perfect
I think this gun is very close to it.
by Dustin S. on 04/25/2010
"I have had this gun for about a year and I have nothing to complain about!. Its overall feature is great and I am very pleased with its performance. I have used it In the field so ant times and nothing has happened. The FPS is great and the gun can be used in CQB or out in the field (just adjust the hop up). This gun is great for any player and I highly recommend it. The only thing I have to say is that it is not good for left handers due to the grip. . Pros: great fps,good sturdy structure Cons: not good for lefties
by Matthew A. on 10/17/2012
"this gun is awesome i gust got it the accuracy sucks but with this gun its gust spray and pray prose: full metal, FPS is good, nice firm grip cons: accuracy, battery chamber, Crane stock, all in all i give it a four but it is good for beginners last thing i got to say about this gun is its a STUBBY KILLER
by kim p. on 05/30/2012
good fps CQB
built good, solid

i want to get a mock silencer coming out of the RIS system
maybe a flashlight to

cant get my mags to stay in it
can someone let me know what brand mags i should get
didn't come with logos/trademarks :(