Reviews: Real Sword 96 Rounds Magazine for Real Sword Airsoft SVD AEG Sniper Rifles


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Model: MAG-RS-RAD19

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by Forrest G. on 2012-06-17 12:34:26
"Real Sword has a reputation for making some of the highest quality airsoft parts and guns, and its no different with this Real Sword SVD magazine. *Note* all new Real Sword magazines come in a matte black finish instead of the magazine pictured (that was the older gen1 SVD magazine which came in a shiny black finish).

1. Solid, these mags are rock solid and have a good weight to them (slightly heavier than the A&K SVD magazines)
2. Full steel, this is the real deal no cheap pot metal.
3. True to the real thing, Real Sword manufactures all of there products to be very close to there real counterparts.
4. No feed issues, I recommend loading only 74 rounds instead of 94 rounds to keep the spring strong and to insure no misfeeds.
5. These magazines have a firm reassuring click into the gun, you know there not going anywhere.

1. $35, a little on the hefty side (but if you have enough money to buy the Real Sword SVD you should have enough to buy some magazines), also I have three magazines and rarely find my self going through two magazines loaded with 74 rounds, so you should only need one additional magazine and carry a speed loader.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)