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G&P Custom GP-16 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ High Performance Gearbox (Package: Gun Only)

6 Customer Reviews

by ian l. on 08/14/2015
"Great gun to buy if your looking for something that sounds mean shoots hard/accurate/far. Most the fields I play on I can hit the other side from where I start. Get told constantly that it sounds mean, doesn't have that cheap plastic gear box sound. It doesn't sound like it's going to break. Haven't had any major issues with it, everything I've had is just stuff getting loose, can tighten it with the corresponding tool.

As one of the others said, change the barrel out for a precision barrel, I have an angel custom 6.01 mm barrel in mine, I don't mind g&ps metal hop up seems to work great

Fps? Some fields don't allow it that high
Sounds amazing
Fits most m4 mags
Easy to upgrade
Metal gearbox
Metal construction
Rear wired (allows more attachments/upgrades)

Free float RIS causes the outter barrel to move a bit, no big deal really

Battery is stored in the crane stock, no big deal again, just hard to do a quick change of the battery if needed

Fps? Depends on how you play and where. I love it

If you're on the fence about it, this is a great buy don't hesitate to get it, you won't be upset with the purchase.
by Stacy E. on 05/12/2015
"this gun is amazing, G&P makes a fine product ive had this gun for months and ive fielded it many times and it has never let me down 10/10-IGN
by Arthur M. on 09/01/2013
"I've had this gun for about 2 years now and very impressed with it. Great rate of fire, accurate, great range, and durable. Shooting at about 405 fps, it can be difficult bringing it on some fields. Other than that, great AEG. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Great externals

Orange tip extremely difficult to remove
by Ryan H. on 07/22/2013
"Where to start on this beautiful rifle...
The best investment I made in Airsoft tometal nozzle stock) was this rifle, and after having it a year or so later I guess its time for a review.

Bought the gun for around $300 with a 20% coupon shipping was as expected with ground shipping. Rifle came in a think cardboard box with plenty of form wrap.
Included with it was:
- g&p sr16
- vertical grip
- 2x black rail covers
- dean's to Tamiya adaptor
- g&p manuel
- unjamming rod
- g&p 130 rd metal mid cap
- qd swivel sling point
Now to facts
- shoot 407 fps with 0.2, 390 with 0.25 and 376 with 0.28
- wired to deans
- around 24 rps on 11.1v
- range around 140-150 ft
That's the bear bone info now on to the itty gritty stuff and internals
Starting from the inside out the gearbox is extremely solid and easy to work on and disassemble. Cones with all parts stock:
- g&p 120 motor (great after 70000 rds then finally failed)
- 16 gauge wiring and dean's connectors (still have not replaced)
- g&p standard ratio gears with sector clip(lasted 80000 rds then like all g&p gears the axles broke on the sector gear)
- aluminum o-ring air nozzle and poly carb rapper (one of few company's that have metql
- metal cylinder head and full cylinder (fantastic air seal no leaks what so ever)
- g&p piston head and 5 metal tooth piston (best piston ever hardly any wear after 125000 rds
- 120 spring and ball bearing spring guide
- 370mm barrel and g&p hop up (both sucked only thing I would replace immediately)
- 8mm ball bearing bushings
Now externals
- g&p trades on side of receiver
- kac 7 in its tails with kac trades black out(little elbow grease and comes right off)
- orange flash hinder (14mm positive)
- non functioning dust cover
- functioning charging handle
And finally some pros and cob
The gun is fantastic but has some letdiwns that can be fixed rather easily, fir starters the hop and barrel are the only thing that let this gun down, replace at once. My recommendation Guarder 6.02 and madbull hop up. Easily hit 260 ft with 0.25 on the stock gear box. Another little let down is the option for battery space inside the gun. Its either a nunchuck 9.6 or a Lipo stick and the stock has to be completely removed to put the battery in. But that leads in to the pros. The gun was shimmed near perfectly, it can take 11.1 Lipo out of the box, great rate of fire and fps, near perfect compression, well lubed, and just looks awesome
Hope this review was in depth enough and helped your descion to buy such an awesome gun
by Chris B. on 02/25/2011
"I love this gun, it is very accurate if you adjust the hop-up correctly
by michael D. on 07/24/2016
"Good gun, when it works. The hop up failed me in 2 weeks and the motor in 4. If you want to put in your own version of those this gun is beautiful. Great rof and internal gearbox parts.