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CYMA Galil SAR Metal Full Size Airsoft AEG with Folding Stock (Package: Gun Only)

9 Customer Reviews

by Beaufort A. on 10/04/2017
"I was told by a guy with an HPA Scorpion Evo that I was tagging him at distance with this. I bought this because the magazines for the King Arms Galil SAR are pricey. This reminds me in all respects of my King Arms Galil SAR. I'm happy with it. I just wish Cyma would make a Galil MAR.
by Nagel, Joseph W. on 08/06/2017
"This is the best gun I've ever bought. It's a solid rifle that can easily reach out to 100 feet and hit a target. It's my new primary
by William K. on 12/25/2016
"Pulled it for Christmas, and it was a stellar purchase!

High rate of fire
Great range
Durable; Full metal, except for the pistol grip and handguard
Collapsible Stock
Comes with a high cap mag

You need a stick type battery, and it doesnt come with the gun
Mag's are hard to find
Bolt feels a little loose at times

Overall a fantastic weapon for the rookie to the veteran. Highly recommend
by Dakota F. on 12/13/2016
"Great Gun overall, The weight is realistic and decently heavy, it has a nice Rate of Fire, good accuracy. It comes with a Large Magazine, 430 Rounds. The Sights are Very nice (Flip Up ones). All Metal of good quality, only plastic is on the Pistol Grip and handguard, but this is high quality. The ONLY Thing that got me disappointed was the Lose Bolt Lever, but besides that this gun is all amazing. (Note: My Magazine did not fit Properly when I first bought it, I had to file down the part that locks in, now it works fine)

- High Quality
- Looks like real thing
- Good Flip Up Sights
- Large Stock Magazine
- All Metal
- I mean, its a Galil

- Magazine are impossible to get
- Kinda front heavy
- No rails, but you can buy them

Overall Review - The Quality is great for the Price, and $200 isn't exactly cheap.
by Evan M. on 04/14/2012

build quality
weight for some people.
everything else a perfect aeg has ;)


motor isn't that great but won't break on you
magazines are expensive.
weight for some people

overal rating- 9.5/10
by Martin O. on 12/29/2011
"To start off, great gun! Shoots like a dream! You can see the stream of bbs going out in a straight line! I have used It in "field" and cqb! I have played with my frķends and they cant beat me! Great weapon!

Full metal! Very good construction!
Shoots about 380 fps with .20g!
Good rof! Fps! Distance!
Good for field and cqb! Both because of the folding stock!
Nice sights! Normal sights and white dots sights!
Good for sniping! Long range!

No rails! But you can buy them apart!
Im having trouble taking the flashhider! Nothing a little hot water cant do!

Overall, great rifle!
by jason r. on 09/03/2010
"Got this gun used 1 year ago from a airsoft player that had it for a year, so my cyma galil is 2 years old beat up and abused every single game. I used this gun alot and also used it for loaner for players with no guns, no upgrades stock shooting at 350fps. This gun is very good and realible just like the ak that cyma makes. It has the same black gear box with metal bushing just like the new cyma ver. 3's outhere. Get this gun if you want a galil with alot of potential and can take abused like an arsoft ak. I have a TM ak for 4 years and this the only gun that came close to my expectations, the cyma galil. Maybe an upgrade spring and better motor is the only thing needed to do for this gun.
by Alex M. on 12/06/2016
"This is an extremely great gun with a very realistic feel to it. I hate hi-cap mags so I had to order mid-caps from Amazon which took forever to find. I also had to find a rail system considering this doesn't come with one but the iron sights are nice. The nice thing is how compatible parts are with CYMA AK parts so no big worry about upgrading. My only drawbacks for this gun were how difficult it is to take apart. There are a lot of hidden screws that were so small that once I did find them I had to get a flash light to see what kind of head for my screw driver I needed. Also the paint scratches off very easily, not a big deal for me but people who love aesthetics I would look out for that. One last thing that I cant get over is the mag that comes with it. Like I said, I hate hi-caps and the one you get with it is the worst. It only feeds about 8-10 BBs before you have to wind the wheel. If you can find them I would highly suggest buying mid-caps for this gun.
by Brooke M. on 03/15/2012
"This gun was my first good airsoft gun and it is soo great.

shoots far
good rof
all metal (except for the pistol grip and the front grip)
all metal gears


No rails have to buy them
scratches easy
cant get a bigger mag