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A&K M870 Type Full Metal Pistol Grip Airsoft Training Shotgun with Imitation Wood Furniture

8 Customer Reviews

by Cain H. on 06/21/2013
"Buy it, no questions, just buy it, I got home and saw this on my doorstep and new exactly what was in the box, opened it immediately and started shooting. It jammed after a couple of shots but I just messed with safety a couple of times and I've had no problems since. This thing is a mad man and I could tell that if i shot someone at close range, that would suck. Either way very good, 5 stars
by nic b. on 05/28/2013
"hey i got this about a week ago all away from California to Montreal city took me 2 week but finally got it anyways let me tell you that this gun is just amazing. Its full metal except the wooden grip and the pump witch are made out of great wood, its super solid. Besides the mag that make a little noise the gun doesn't make any noise while shaking it. no iron sight but even there super easy to aim with it. realistic weight.
the performance is mind blowing for a shotgun, one shot by pump, 400fps with .12 gram BBs up to like 430 440 fps with .23 grams . and yeah also it hurts a lot.

i recommend it to anyone.
by Peter B. on 04/15/2011
"Great gun. I have always been a fan of the shotguns and this is one that I am very pleased to have received. I will make this short and sweet.

400 fps
99% metal (only the grips are not metal)
small and compact
accurate (with the right type of bbs)
pump action sounds good
40 round clip
looks legit!!!

does not shoot spread :(
you must have the pump all the way up after it is cocked, if not the trigger will work but it will not shoot a bb.

This is one gun that is worth the money. It is full metal and will last for a long time even with some rugged use. If you are looking at getting a shotgun.....THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!
by anthony r. on 10/11/2010
"Tis gun is insane! i got this about 2 years ago and it is a good gun. It has not been having problems and i never had a problem with it. I recommand getting .25 g bbs. they r very good and hurt. this gun is a good field weapon but a better cqb weapon. my friend said it hurts so badd and hes 15.

accurate at 150 ft
fps is 400+
Hurts like hell
hold about 30 rounds
You can use the pumping pipe as a weapon

$40 for one magazine

Overall i give this gun a 10/10 for a secondary weapon
by Blake C. on 03/20/2010
"Let me start by saying that i have yet to field test it, but as soon as i do i will write another review. I may even do a review so you boys and girls can see it in action.

Now lets talk about what i do know about the gun, first off it looks like a Bad Mother ******! It will make you feel like the terminator. How ever you might have to be as strong as the terminator to cock this gun the 40 some times/ rounds in the mag. That could be because this thing feels like it shoots at least 420fps. It is well built and ready for battle. The only thing that i might not like is that it shoots so fast that you might have to use heavy bbs like .25 and higher, but keep in mind i will field test it and let you known what works best. One other possibable problem could be the length of the barrel, but need i remind you i will do a field test and a nother writen review, as well as a youtube video.

So over all it looks like and fields like a well built air soft shotgun. Would i recommend it to others, based on what i feel and see, i would say hell yes.

So i hope this helps, keep in mind that i will field test it and write another review.
by Nicholas D. on 10/01/2009
"This gun is a beast, even though its not a multi shot but every thing that is black on this gun is made of metal and the IM wood is very solid and almost feels like real wood.
by David T. on 10/08/2009
"This gun is amazing. My friend has it and for 70$ its a good gun, it only fires 1 bb per shot. Although we have seemed that it jams. we think its the magazine, it jams in one of 2 ways:
The first way is the trigger mech jams:we fix it by switching the safety on and off
the second way is the clip jams: we fix it by taking the mag out and shooting then putting it back in, it seems to jam alot we think from undersized bbs that his little bro but in it. if we find out what it is and is wasnt our fault then we hope we get a replacement for 20$ or so.
4/5 because of the jamming and its very hard to pump. otherwise worth the money
by Sebastian C. on 04/16/2015
"So, I was initially pretty pleased with the gun when it arrived. Solid weight, metal construction, faux wood furniture that didn't look awful. The pump was pretty solid, though sometimes when cocking it the trigger would lock until you pushed the pump all the way back up.

Then it broke a couple weeks later, after having only plinked around with it about four times. The pump would not pull all the way back, and the spring wouldn't lock. Since it came with no manual, it took me some time to figure out how to disassemble it (I asked the Evike techs, and they told me I couldn't disassemble it because it was likely glued together, which was incorrect). Eventually I realized that with the screws out it was held together by a solid but unattached metal bolt through the receiver.

Once I got it open, it became pretty clear what was wrong. The piece on the back of the spring, which locks it into position when pumped, had sheared in half because it's made of cheap plastic. Yes, in this nearly fully metal gun, the one piece arguably most important to be made out of metal is plastic. Pretty much ruined the whole experience.

-Looks and feels pretty good
-Solid and heavy, externally
-Fairly accurate even without iron sight
-Powerful for a shorter spring rifle

-No iron sight
-Pump is finicky sometimes
-Internals will break on you and render gun unfixable

All in all I regret buying this, since despite being cheap it's now a $60 pile of scrap parts.