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Matrix Integrated LED Flashlight and Laser Vertical Aiming Module

14 Customer Reviews

by Lucas L. on 01/10/2016
"I love everything I buy from evoke I have only one problem with them I never get instructions with what I buy
by ned c. on 08/02/2013
"AWESOME LOVE IT! it works awesome...havent got to try the laser yet becuse my brother opend it and messed the laser idea how. A MUST GET FOR ALL AIRSOFTERS!
by Eric C. on 09/01/2011
"Awesome combat light. Low profile, much more compact and makes more sense than the $600 surefire lights.

Great comfortable ergonomic grip even during the day when you don't need lights.

Over-all, I like it and there is nothing to complaint.

As to the previous review, CR123A is a pretty common battery (if not, the MOST common) battery. You won't want to use bulky / weak AA or AAA batteries on our tactical stuff ever.
by William L. on 03/02/2010
"Super nice light! Strobe is VERY intimidating! Not too bulky, and brite. Keep batteries out though, when not in use. They will die. Totally worth it. Wish they had tan.
by Peter S. on 01/20/2010
"Great item. Just got it today and i loved playing with it. The strobe works as a great flash.

1. Strobe saves a lot of battery, Great use as a flash
2. Flashlight is very bright.
3. Laser is strong, went well across my street and past the house behind that, if that makes any sense.

1. Battery entry was rather confusing, but that was just me.
2. A bit more bulky than i expected.
3. Battery not included
by Daniel F. on 07/06/2009
"One of the most advanced tactical light I ever used on my M4. Not as bulky as the M900 series and very very bright!
by Joshua W. on 09/17/2016
"Great flashlight and settings on it are easy to switch in a heartbeat. This does wobble on a standard rail but would probably fit well with a few mm larger rail in width.
by AARON S. on 07/26/2012
"This grip from Evike is one of the best I have seen. It is very bright and perfect for M4s and G36s. The one problem i have with this grip is that it is a very bulky piece but I still recommend this as a cqb must have. Very Bright 350 lumens +/-

Overall: Definitely would recommend
by Wendy H. on 01/11/2010
"Excellent light probably the brightest for the money not inluding the $15-$20 grip built right in. With 3 CREE LED's this thing lights up everything I play regular nightgames every other weekend with about 50 other people and the advantage this light is makes a huge difference.

Brightest light for the money
Bulit in grip (perfect for my mp5)
Strobe mode is a nice feature to temporarily blind the enemy (at night it takes about 15 sec to recover full vision after lookin into the light for just a moment)
Laser scares off noobs

A little bulky grip (4 cr123 batteries needed to fit in it)
Can't get the laser sighted in right (tried on G3 and Mp5) it seems the laser is always too high even after adjusting

All in all this is the best light for the money but if you're buying it for the laser don't it's cheap and hard to sight in.
by PJ S. on 12/09/2011
"this is a great accessory...unfortunately i have an ECHO1 MP5 RIS and it is too bulky for my weapon of choice....i think its great for a bigger gun like an m4, g36's, and such. OVERALL of this is great..have no problems with it so far!! strobe light is fantastic and it is bright!!! great for CQB...
by Corbin L. on 11/06/2010
"The light on this is AWESOME! It will disorient anything on the other end of it.

1. Strobe function- With some strobe enabled lights, it's more of just a rapid 'on-off' operation. This is a true strobe. It has an insanely fast cycle speed and is very bright. I use this indoors and it is very debilitating. The best thing I found is that it looks like a solid light from behind it. You'll be able to see the target very clearly (even though they can't see you.

2. Pressure switch- When used with the strobe, your combat effectiveness goes through the roof. I found using it in short bursts coming around the corner is very effective. It also saves on battery

3. Brightness- This will light up a room! Not much more I can say there

4. Foregrip- The integrated foregrip saves on rail space


1. Cheaply made- My lens was shot out first round. I constructed a jury rig to fix it, but if it's marketed as an airsoft accessory, that's a no-go. Also, the piece that grabs the rail is plastic. Mine wore out very quickly. I'm in the process of getting a metal piece machined for it. But for now it's taped on my weapon

2. Battery- the batteries for this are very expensive. You'll be dropping close to $20 on a battery change. if you constantly use the strobe, your batteries will last hours longer than using the straight light.

3. Bulky- It it a very beefy piece. Not made for people with small hands or that are not very dexterous.

4. Laser- worthless. Just take it off. you can't sight it in worth anything

Final verdict-

I am overall happy with the piece as a product. I wish it was better made, but I guess that's what you get for a knockoff of a $300 piece

Evike Staff: Unfortunately, Airsoft scope and flashlights are no differ from real steel, they do shatter when hit by the type of guns. (Airsoft or real guns). We recommend getting a lens protector for them
by Greg H. on 10/06/2010
"Gotta take the good with the bad.

Great handling
Bright flashlight/strobe
Looks awesome

Does not take standard size batteries
Laser is very difficult to zero properly
The piece that screws the grip securely to the rail broke on mine. (Don't over turn it)
You need to have an allen wrench on hand whenever you put it on or take it off.

Overall, it's a really beautiful piece of equipment. Would I have spent 70 bucks on it again, though? No.
by WIlliam W. on 11/30/2016
Grip is slightly too big, (I have big hands)
Lazer is useless, can't be adjusted. and its way off
Adjuster knob (Lazer, flashlight, strobe) feels very cheap, It feels it will break soon (plastic material)
Wish the battery lock mechanism was a better.
The flashlight is very BRIGHT! and STROBE is Awesome.
by Derek E. on 08/15/2016
"I would not recommend buying this unless you want a flashy gun. (No pun intended). The entire thing is bulky and awkward to hold. The light was bright but the laser broke before i could even use in at night (couldve just gotten a defect). It was still kind of fun to strobe a small horde of "Zombies" at a zombie op my local field sponsored. Refs even played 'Thriller'


-Bright Light w/ strobe, pressure switch, and always on modes


-Large, bulky build not suitable for Assault rifles
-Awkward to handle
-Slight Wobble