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Model: GP-GG-Xtreme45-S

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by Joe M. on 2010-12-28 08:57:28
"BEST PISTOL !! shoots 480fps no problem got 10 people out in 3 minutes at Hotshots Airsoft its super accurate and i give it a 9/10 because when u run out of bb's in the mag the slide doesnt stay open like a real gun. but thats the only thing i highly recommend this gun !!
by Traci H. on 2010-10-08 21:58:56
"Good gun but the realism will get to you

Use HEAVY bullets 25-30s
Good up to 160 feet

Right around perfect for a pistol
With a pistol your gonna want to make them know they got hit and if you see someone far you can reach them.

Co2 Consumption-17-20
about 6 mags before co2 runs out so unless you run around with a pistol you should be fine with a full game.

Realism-15-20 This is where G&G lost there full potential to their company.
G&G is known for realism and this gun is not really there. It is mostly metal but there are many downsides.
1.Xtreme.45 Logo- not removable (Easily) and looks like something from toys R us
2.Blowback- Only goes back half way which is good for c02 consumtion and FPS and accuracy
3.Mag yes i know it's co2 but the top is skinny and its two toned.

Internals-19-20 good internals this gun will last a while.

by Andrew R. on 2010-09-19 21:36:30
"gun is perfect for me. my park lets me play with it. and it works awesome. best pistol to have when your rifle runs out of ammo eapally when you have 4 rifle mags. but very good pistol overall. i recommend it to anyone thats to have a full metal pistol thats reliable and wont fail on you. ONLY USED HIGH POLISHED BB's OR IT WONT FIRE WELL
by Jaime M. on 2010-09-19 21:26:58
well this is my first airsoft gun so i dont have much to say just that.....

-its a powerfull gun
-its loud
-it looks cool
-its heavy
-all metal (only the grip and the tip are plastic)
-its accurate
-it only holds 16 bbs
-it uses a lot of co2 really i use 4-6 a day and i just dont get bored of killing cans

even if im new in this airsoft thing its just insane i whent thru sheetrock like from 3-4 inches from it and it only took the 16 bbs (.25 grams) in the mag to do that so from my point of view this is a gun
that is just powerfull, accurate, cool, loud and its totally worth the money.
by angela d. on 2010-09-16 14:16:25
"i've seen this gun chrono at 975fps!!!!!

skip to 1:08

this gun is awesome it hurts....alot!!
by Madeline H. on 2010-05-11 16:31:08
"This gun is amazing. It is all metal, very powerful and accurate. BTW: I have had this for about 6 months and so far it has not broken or shown any kind of wear.

-Very accurate (as long as you use very heavy bbs; at least .3 I recommend .4)
-Full metal construction except for a heavy duty thin piece of plastic which is screwed on for comfort)
-Cool looking and blow back is cool
-Amazing power
-Realistic design which efficiently uses the hammer and blowback (gives it less of a chance of breaking)

-Gas guzzler (c02)
-Not good for CQB because it is so powerful
-Kind of expensive

If you are spending 100 bucks on a side arm this is a perfect choice. you can drop it throw it in water or hit it with a hammer and it probably won't break. It's also very powerful and accurate.
by Matthew R. on 2010-05-01 12:07:51
"This gun is AMAZING!!! however, there are a few draw backs. 1stly, never EVER install the co2 while the mag is in the chamber, I dont know, but when I did, the gas release button flung out of the gun, that was personal error and I did end up fixing it. 2ndly, the gun is a little over 450 fps, so you will have to use heavy BBs to bring down the fos because the field I play at only allows up to 350 fps. 3rdly, this thing is not and I repeat, not meant to be used in 40° below weather, it barely fires off one mag before the Co2 becomes useless and the slide doesnt make a full rotation. other than that, this gun is perfect, it is devistatingly loud for an airsoft pistol so it really intimidates your enemies. this is perfect for all occasions and at $100.00, its a price you cant beat!
by Andrew A. on 2010-04-15 17:57:33
"The amazing thing about this gun is it's insane fps! It has to be the best gas blowback gun I've ever seen! (and I've seen my share of gas blowbacks). This has the same, if not better fps than an electric automatic! I'll tell you what you buy two of these and some extra mags you'll be outgunning most of the guys in your match. An awesome buy and when you're buying a 400-450 fps pistol for $100 you surely are getting the bang for your buck.
by Alex W. on 2010-03-03 23:11:48
"great gun for $100 but i was kind of disappointed because it doesn't have full blowback, but that doesn't matter because it shoots really hard. I took it over to my friends house and chronoed it. the first shot was 879.3 FPS!!!!!!! but don't worry it drops the next couple of shots. the average excluding the ridiculously fast first couple of shots was around 410 fps with .23's.

Full metal
the mag almost shoots out of the gun when you eject it
has blowback (kinda)
Shoots ridiculously fast (also a con)
Looks great
threaded barrel (needs an adapter)
sights are adjustable
has an adjustable hop up
It's a G&G!!!!

uses allot of Co2
you feel sorry for the person you shot when there screaming in pain
you need .30 gram bbs or higher to get good accuracy
first shots were almost lethal
the mag that comes with it doesn't hold that many bb's
doesn't have full blowback
by Kent E. on 2010-02-09 16:33:24
"this gun is amazing. i just got it and it shoots hard. the only plastic parts of this gun are the grip and orange tip. if u r looking for a good pistol i reccomend this one.

shoots hard, basiclly full metal, accurate, cheap, sounds cool,

co2 hard to get in right place, mag doesnt hold alot only like 16, uses alot of co2 if u get this gun get co2 with it, threading is on the inside of the orange tip so its hard to find the right silencer if u get 1
by roberto a. on 2010-01-19 20:52:43
"This gun Hurts.... High FPS. May not be able to play in local CQB field... But a fantastic gun
Very Accurate with with .30 bb's Looks Great, i can get about 3 mags. with 1 12 gram co2

It makes a great practice Gun ( that's what i'm using it for Since my local CQB does not allow me to play with it )

But over all Good Quality Airsoft Pistol

Gas Hag
400+s FPS ( Not Really )
by David S. on 2009-12-23 11:14:40
"Bought this for me brother as a coming home present, and let me tell you it rocks!!

This gun is amazing, the fps on it is pretty astounding, so don't use it in any CQB situations. Makes a great back up weapon for field play and it looks amazing. My brother was so impressed by the mere looks of the gun, that now he's trying to find a real 1911 that will resemble it, because he likes the look and finish of it so well.

It does have an enclosed chamber, this is how the fps is so high, because no gas is lost through the blowback action, this is cool however take care that no dirt or grit gets in there and oil it regularly.

Accuracy leaves a bit to be desired, normally it's not to bad, but if you don't give it time to recover between shots it seems like it'll skew a little. Magazine is a nice feature, very easy to load and unload bb's and Co2 cartridges. it uses standard 12gram C02 cartridges liek what you can buy at most stores. Very high quality, for the most part nearly every part of the gun is metal, and the entire magazine is metal (so if you happen to accidentally drop the mag during play it still works, AWESOME).

I give it five, awesome gun, I just pray he doesn't hit me with it.

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