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G&G Xtreme 45 Full Metal Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Two Tone Silver

30 Customer Reviews

by Kent E. on 02/09/2010
"this gun is amazing. i just got it and it shoots hard. the only plastic parts of this gun are the grip and orange tip. if u r looking for a good pistol i reccomend this one.

shoots hard, basiclly full metal, accurate, cheap, sounds cool,

co2 hard to get in right place, mag doesnt hold alot only like 16, uses alot of co2 if u get this gun get co2 with it, threading is on the inside of the orange tip so its hard to find the right silencer if u get 1
by roberto a. on 01/19/2010
"This gun Hurts.... High FPS. May not be able to play in local CQB field... But a fantastic gun
Very Accurate with with .30 bb's Looks Great, i can get about 3 mags. with 1 12 gram co2

It makes a great practice Gun ( that's what i'm using it for Since my local CQB does not allow me to play with it )

But over all Good Quality Airsoft Pistol

Gas Hag
400+s FPS ( Not Really )
by David S. on 12/23/2009
"Bought this for me brother as a coming home present, and let me tell you it rocks!!

This gun is amazing, the fps on it is pretty astounding, so don't use it in any CQB situations. Makes a great back up weapon for field play and it looks amazing. My brother was so impressed by the mere looks of the gun, that now he's trying to find a real 1911 that will resemble it, because he likes the look and finish of it so well.

It does have an enclosed chamber, this is how the fps is so high, because no gas is lost through the blowback action, this is cool however take care that no dirt or grit gets in there and oil it regularly.

Accuracy leaves a bit to be desired, normally it's not to bad, but if you don't give it time to recover between shots it seems like it'll skew a little. Magazine is a nice feature, very easy to load and unload bb's and Co2 cartridges. it uses standard 12gram C02 cartridges liek what you can buy at most stores. Very high quality, for the most part nearly every part of the gun is metal, and the entire magazine is metal (so if you happen to accidentally drop the mag during play it still works, AWESOME).

I give it five, awesome gun, I just pray he doesn't hit me with it.
by David S. on 10/30/2009
"This is a great pistol, I got it for my brother as a returning home gift. Beautiful finish, nice weight and grip. Co2 is nice to have, easy to load and reload both BB's and the Co2 cartridge. Shoots well over 400fps great for those finishing kills, shoot em once and they know their hit.

Beautiful Finish and quality
Nice weight and feel
Self contained firing mechanism
Simple to maintain
Easy to load
High FPS

Umm..... Thinking really hard here....

We couldn't put a standard (real firearm) 1911 grip plates on it??? No big deal then
by gary w. on 10/10/2009
"i swear to everything that this gun is the best pistol you can buy out of the market with only 100$
the kick is not as impressive but is enough to give you that realistic feeling to it. the magazine is great but is a co2 killer. only like magazine rounds per co2 canester so i suggest getting extra co2 so you wont get pwned out in the feild. this gun can do seriuos damage even at 6-7 yards. i shot my friend at 5 yrds and he was bleeding. i suggest getting .30 gram bbs becuase this thing will make lighter bb fly away cuz the fps is so freakin high. everything is well polishd and the orange tip is easy to take off. the only thing i suggest getting is another magazine and extra co2 cuz u are gonna need it after you fire this gun becuase it is just so much fun. overall the gun is a great peice of art with nice trade marks and exelent craftmenship and even the instution maual is colored not like thoe crappy china gun instructions.

really powerful
kik is pretty nice
beautaful finish on the metal and plastic parts
great box and instutions to help with complications
comes with a wrench and screwdriver thingy for hopup and loosining screws
realistic weight

eats co2 for lunch
mag is single stack so not that much bbs
when you eject your mag the co2 pushs it out wasting needed co2
it cam with some wet crap on it that seeped into the metal and now there is a stain on the silver part that seems rusted
putting the co2 in can be a pain in the ... if you screw up the co2 is wasted
the threding on this gun is weird not like other airsoft guns that the threading is on the outside and is waiting for something to cover it but you need something that has the threading poking out and to be put inside the gun. so the silencer you should get has to have the threding be on the outside than inside
by Leo S. on 03/06/2017
"This gun is amazing kicks hard full metal on a low price I was about to buy a different gun that cost way more then this one glad I didn't ONLY DOWNSIDE is that the HARD KICK KNOCKS the SCREW OUT OF PLACE grip came off and slide screws are unscrewing as well

When you buy this gun tighten the screws VERY HARD and re-screw ALL screws after play
by ANTHONY R. on 06/12/2015
"This gun is awesome!
Full metal construction is awesome and fells good in your hands
The co2 can be easily replaced without much hassle.
The fps is great for a blowback pistol.
The grips are not very good and I would recommend replacing them
The blowback lacks power and doesn't kick as hard as some other pistols.

Overall I would recommend this gun.
by Traci H. on 10/08/2010
"Good gun but the realism will get to you

Use HEAVY bullets 25-30s
Good up to 160 feet

Right around perfect for a pistol
With a pistol your gonna want to make them know they got hit and if you see someone far you can reach them.

Co2 Consumption-17-20
about 6 mags before co2 runs out so unless you run around with a pistol you should be fine with a full game.

Realism-15-20 This is where G&G lost there full potential to their company.
G&G is known for realism and this gun is not really there. It is mostly metal but there are many downsides.
1.Xtreme.45 Logo- not removable (Easily) and looks like something from toys R us
2.Blowback- Only goes back half way which is good for c02 consumtion and FPS and accuracy
3.Mag yes i know it's co2 but the top is skinny and its two toned.

Internals-19-20 good internals this gun will last a while.

by Matthew R. on 05/01/2010
"This gun is AMAZING!!! however, there are a few draw backs. 1stly, never EVER install the co2 while the mag is in the chamber, I dont know, but when I did, the gas release button flung out of the gun, that was personal error and I did end up fixing it. 2ndly, the gun is a little over 450 fps, so you will have to use heavy BBs to bring down the fos because the field I play at only allows up to 350 fps. 3rdly, this thing is not and I repeat, not meant to be used in 40 below weather, it barely fires off one mag before the Co2 becomes useless and the slide doesnt make a full rotation. other than that, this gun is perfect, it is devistatingly loud for an airsoft pistol so it really intimidates your enemies. this is perfect for all occasions and at $100.00, its a price you cant beat!
by Ian M. on 10/08/2009
"For 100 bucks, this guns isn't bad. It has it's problems but overall it's good and most of the issues are from it being new and the gun just needs time to break in a little. After awhile it settles itself out.

-powerful, it will scare people.
-loud, sounds cool
-pretty accurate at ranges within 75ft or so
-cheap and pretty reliable
-comes in a really nice box with good instructions

-not very accurate at long ranges, even with .25s.
-cheesy xtreme 45 logo, I took it off.
-Co2 is hard to get in
-mag only holds like 26 rounds
by peter k. on 09/03/2009
"any more reviews im thinking about getting this gun can you tell me the quality of the gun.
by Andrew S. on 04/29/2017
Good reliability for a short while
Fells good in the hand
The orange tip is removable

It starts to loose parts
If you adjust the sight and fire a few shots it will lose the screw
The mag screw wears down easy (Why couldn't it be a wrench??)
The orange tip falls out occasionally
Jams some
Wastes C02 releasing the mag
The mag will pinch your hand on insert
It doesn't blowback after about 3 or 4 mags and you have to pull the hammer back yourself
Not Full-blowback
Does not lock back when out of ammo
by Nate M. on 02/15/2016
"Purchased this gun and within a month the chamber started to leak co2 and now I have to shoot the clip and release it fast so all the co2 doesn't leak out. Although it is a very well made gun. The weight is nice and had the cool factor around friends for less than the price of a TM.
by Robin D. on 03/17/2015
"Hate to break it to u
Pros: nice looks
feels great
Cons: bullets are uncontrollable
Fly everywhere and the blowback is terrable
by Mark W. on 04/13/2012
"I got this gun last year and it worked great for a couple months. After that it broke. The whole trigger assembly broke. The guy that fixes guns at the field I was at said it was because of cheap pot metal parts. I sent it back and got a refund by G&G though. I would not recommend buying this gun because it's cheaply made (was not expected from G&G) and is a huge gas hog.

Pros:great target practice gun, accurate, fast fire rate

Cons: pot metal parts, too high of fps for most fields, gas hog