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by Matt k. on 2016-03-30 11:07:12
"The best quality airsoft gun I have had.

Stamped Steel
Real wood stock
True dimensions and weight

I am generally impressed by the WW2 models that have been released in airsoft. Thompson, PPSH, P38, 1911's, Sten, and so on.

My use for it is more living history and reenactment, so I am going by appearance and authenticity than performance.
I will be giving it a patina finish and re-finish the stock for a more correct period field appearance, as well as changing the phillips screws to flat. Combined with a correct type sling and from all appearances it will look like the genuine MP-44/StG44.

Having used the German Real Steel version of this before as well as nearly all WW II small arms at one point, I can say this is more rock solid than the original. So little wobbles rattles or shakes. Real Steel of this period are generally very loose, especially my real steel MP40.

Its weight is nearly dead on. Without battery or pellets it weighed in at 9.5#. With battery and BB's It would be very close on the empty weight of a RS at 10# This would be a VERY heavy gun to tote all day.

Other reviews praise its accuracy, FPS and range and I leave it to them to carry the performance review.

This is a must have for the history buff or mil-sim reenactor to complete a late war kit.

I may add to this review, but these are my initial impressions upon inspection.
by Teresa H. on 2016-01-29 04:29:34
"I got this gun about 2 years ago and this is what I thought of it.

Very strong
Easy to get to battery
Magazine fits good and not to much wiggle
Looks very nice
Holds a lot of ammo

Heavy, Not a good gun for a lot of running unless you have the muscle to do so
Front sight is very weak (don't hit it on something or drop it)
Extra Mags are expensive
Price is a little much but it is full metal (except the stock)
Can't put a sling on it

All and all Very nice gun, and I would recommend it to a lot of people.
by Miles S. on 2015-09-11 16:08:29
"After having taken this to a few games I can thoroughly recommend this rifle to people who are looking for something either a little bit different, or are into reenacting like myself. The weight is hefty, somewhere in the region of about 11 pounds or so. But you definitely feel like It won't break on you. For me personally, I recommend buying extra mags and mag pouches for this gun simply due to the fact that my first magazine fails to feed properly but the 2 spares I got work fine. this thing shoots hard as well, anywhere from 400 to 450 right out of the box with .20g bbs. So I recommend using either .25s or getting a slightly less powerful spring.

Another thing to keep in mind is that BY DEFAULT, THIS WILL NOT FIT ANYTHING BIGGER THAN AN 8.4v STICK TYPE! I had to drill out the stock to get a 9.6v to fit in there and even then, it crunched the cables so much that the battery died due to loss of connection after only 3 weeks. So save yourself the headache and the money and buy yourself an 8.4v stick type battery!

Another thing you should consider doing is lubricating the magazine well to allow smooth transitions during reloads (if you ever need to considering they are high-caps!).

One of my favorite parts about this gun is the fact that you can wind the mags like a normal AEG OR you can use the butterfly key thats provided with each mag (they are all interchangeable of course) to quick wind it.

-Realistic weight
-solid construction (feels like a $300+ AEG)
-Shoots hard and straight
-mags can be quick winded and aern't too expensive
-good sight picture (for Iron sights that its)
-good weapon for reenactors
-Really good price for what you get!

-heavy compared to most ARs and AKs (STG 44 or K98k Sling recommended)
-very limited battery space
-only 8.4v stick types or lower allowed (unless you are willing to drill out the stock)
-mags seem sensitive to dust and dirt (I could be wrong)
by Matt Z. on 2015-08-14 12:39:19
"This is my second review on this gun (many months later)I I must say Es ist Sehr Sehr Fantistisch!! I have taken it to the field twice now and am getting more kills than I ever thought possiable. The only negativity about this gun is the sights are hard to line up if you are wearing a mask, so inresponce I bought the GSG rear sight rail mount for 30$ on Ebay in order to use my reflex. This gun is perfect for anyone who is looking for a very realistic WWII gun that, with modifications can be turned into a DMR. In my first review I made an emmence distance discalculation, the stock barrel can only get you about 150ft and that is the Max of its accuracy. Also with an 8.4 volt and. 20 gram BBs you can get only about 400fps (I recomend using .25 though, better accuracy but FPS drops to about 350)
All in all es ist ein schönest Strumgewhr and although great out of the box, I would strongly beseech anyone who has one or is palnning on it to upgrade the bore and whatever else inorder to get the most out of your gameplay.
Dankeschon Evike für ein Größe Gewhr!
by Blaine M. on 2015-07-10 14:14:46
by Jesse G. on 2015-07-06 22:32:27
"Just recieved this gun yesterday july, 6 2015. The first impression is the real wood smell when you first open the box. Now I dont have any clue about 250ft but once the internals have been broken in, it will shoot 150ft accurately. with a brass 420mm 6.05 stock inner barrel I was getting like 5ft groupings so it needs a better tbb. It was shooting around 420fps. It is a little confusing taking the gun apart so youtube it. Internals it has a high speed motor and a 120 spring. with the 8.4 stick type I was stunned at the fire rate. Mine came with a decent sling. It is a little hefty to lug around. I already LOVE THIS GUN. also probably the most durable, upgraded internally stock gun for under $200 that I have ever seen. And it is a looker as well. Thanks EVIKE
by Matthew Z. on 2015-05-27 19:38:56
"I just recieved the Strumgewhr 44 (assault rifle) 44 about two weeks ago and it never fails to impress. Just on taking it out of the box and sighting it makes you feel like a Wehrmacht Soldaten. I have not taken it to an airsoft field yet but just shooting it from my neighbors yard and hitting my back fence 250ft away defidently is a mouth dropper.
-Very reilistic (accept rear sights)
- Very long range 250ft.
-all wood and metal construction
- Inexpensive for quality
-realistic weight (heavy)
-doesnt hold much ammo: about 300 rounds ( then again im used to a 2,000 round mag)
-flap to hopup adjust will not stay down
- 420 fps, could be higher
If you like a WWII replicas that have both the bark and the bite then this gun is strongly recomended.
by Austin M. on 2015-04-19 20:59:55
"I recently went and field tested this gun. It has excellent range and power, the farthest I have ever seen on an airsoft fun this far. It fires at a decent rate, and the external build quality is unmatched. This gun is heavy, and it feels real in the hands. The magazines, when wound produced over 100 shots without having to be wound again! I have experienced no problems with stock wobble, but my magazine catch often catches on the housing on the right side, but does not appear to be too much of a problem. The pin is hard to put in and take out of the stock, which means that it will not fall out during a match. One caveat I did have was that the sling that came with the rifle did not fit, but Evike has Kar98k slings which should work. These are all minor things, and should not by any means overshadow the greatness of the gun.
I recommend this rifle to any WWII enthusiast or to anyone wanting a great gun for a good price.
Affordable (around 165$)
Great Range/Power
Good Mag Capacity
Heavy (You get used to it)
Magazine catch
by Adam G. on 2015-01-27 12:01:42
"I have had this gun for over a year now so I can give a good review of its long term performance. I will start off by saying this gun is my baby. I have use it for pretty much all of my events with entirely stock parts in it and it out performs many of all those upgraded m4s out there. It's strong points are it's range, accuracy, and power so you would really only want to use this for out door play. I can hit a person close to 200 feet away and I last chronoed it shooting at 378fps with .25g bbs. I would recommend using .25g bbs or maybe .28s because it fires too hard for .20s and starts to lose accuracy. Using a 9.6v battery is a MUST. It makes the gun. The 8.4v that it comes with does not have enough battery life to last the day and the rate of fire is slow because of the springs power. The battery compartment is too small to hold a 9.6v so you will have to drill a little bit into the stock or electrical tape the stock further away from the body of the gun, but I recommend drilling. If you're a small person who's not particularly strong, this gun might get too heavy for you because it is one of the heaviest assault rifles out there. With the right set up on this gun, it's performance is outstanding and it gets 5 stars for incredible build quality and amazing performance.

Recommended set up: .25g bbs, 9.6v battery, use for outdoor play

Great range
Great accuracy
Great power
Decent ROF, not too fast or too slow
Heavy for realism
Long barrel
Cheek rest is incredibly comfortable. It is shaped to fit your face

Small battery compartment
Heavy if you aren't strong enough to carry it
by Nick P. on 2014-01-02 19:55:08
"I got this gun last week and I must say, it's amazing! Great FPS , awesome accuracy, and a great sturdy feel. This gun is great but it does have its flaws:

A little on the heavy side, you will need a strap or the weight will get the best of you

Didn't come with a battery or charger

Came with a flimsily cleaning rod and a weak strap (I recommend getting a better quality one)

Stock is a little wobbly but can be easily fixed

Awesome sturdy feel

The real wood feels great when shouldered

High FPS and Pin point accuracy will give you the upper hand in a combat situation

Other than that, this gun is amazing. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a powerful AEG. I give it 5/5.
by Michael V. on 2013-11-24 21:49:18
"When I got this gun, the sight was a bit wobbly and the door for the hop-up didn't close properly. Also, the screws in it seemed to be stripped making it hard if not impossible to access the insides. Other than that, the AGM MP44 works as expected.

Pros: Accurate, realistic weight, full metal/wood, good FPS
Cons: Stripped screws, wobbly sight, magazine is a bit wobbly and sometimes fails to feed.
by Thomas C. on 2013-06-20 14:47:30
"Shipping from USA to Canada...

Thank you Evike for a flawless cross border transaction.
Selected the Canada Customs compliance option to simply importing.
The MP44 is very cool.


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