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ACM 870 Type Full Metal 400 FPS Airsoft Professional Training Shotgun (Long Version)

12 Customer Reviews

by Robin D. on 03/17/2011
"i shot my frend in the face from across the street and he was sniping lol lol
by Jane G. on 01/05/2011
"i got this shotgun a few months ago it is AWESOME!! i can hit my friends at 75 yards and it still hurts! my friends have snipers with the same fps as it and it is more effective. best airsoft shotgun money can buy... no lie!
by Mike R. on 09/18/2010
"When is this gointg to be back in stock....i see 10/2010 but i need to know when in the month. thank you. Evike is the best bought a AK 74 mag and i works beautifully.
by Craig C. on 06/12/2010
"Just got it and I love it! It really is a great shot gun. It feels real and it looks real and its pretty accurate for not having a sight. If youre looking to buy a shotgun I would definitely go with this one. A great gun for the money. If you only have a gas or electric airsoft gun I would buy this one too as a back up in case you run out of power or gas, thats what im doing. Its the only other spring airsoft gun I would use in a battle besides a spring sniper.
by max m. on 04/01/2010
"this gun is a beast. it hurts like a mother and i accidently point blanked my foot because i had it on multi shot and one bb fell out and i didnt know there was another bb in there. also you need to turn the hop up down a little bit if you are using .2 but idk about any other weight. so lets review
mag holds alot of bbs
hurts if you point blank yourself
no sight( front or rear)

if you are looking for a cheap badass gun then buy this now
by Tim G. on 01/08/2010
"Hey, well we've had this gun (My dad and I) for about a month, or so. Amd we love it, its so much better than all the other shotguns for its price, and a very essential step up from all the plastic frail slam fire shottys (crossman!).

We havent tested this weapon at a range yet, but from what we have done we know its very powerful, and even the pros at our local airsoft shop admire it.

We were just wondering, if anyone could link us to a tight bore barrel for this gun, to increase the accuracy, or if one would even do anything for these rifles...
by Philip T. on 01/01/2010
"This gun is Amazing! for $75 you get a Full metal, Real weight airsoft shotgun! TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!
by Gary J. on 10/28/2009
"A definite value if you like shotguns. If you use shotguns for stealth this one buries the competition and even cocks quietly. I have four shotguns, three are multi-rounds, marushin, utg and matrix 8mm chrome, this one is my favorite. I've fielded it for five skirmishes, it has ridiculous range for a shotgun and believe me, your enemy will feel it when this hits.

I agree with other reviewers, use .25 or up rounds - shoots .20 at 400fps consistently. (I do have a chrono)

Shoots hard and great range
Feels solid, heavy, realistic weight
Metal Clip holds enough rounds for a good skirmish
Super Quiet

The pump handle feels a bit weak, but it has not failed
Shoots too hard for indoor arenas
No sights, but then who cares?
by skin y. on 10/03/2009
"Yeah...planning on getting this gun because well ever time a get one of them plastic shootties the barrel flies off. So hopefuly metal works better.... i dont have one but kno someone who does

From wat the site says(and Pvtsnowman on youtube) this gun is the beast...

1.380-430fps hurts(never had one but been shot by it)

2.Full metal would make it sound realistic when you cock it....

3.Metal gives it a realistic weight & looks...

4.Durable dropped it out of a tree stand and nothing happened

5.$75 realy great price

6.Realy great primary weapon. 40rds is exilent compared to the 14rnds my Cyma has


1. FPS may be to high for some CQB fields

So yeah way better than those stupid Crossman Shotguns. and just equal to the Maurshin M500 which is $75 more....

.20g bbs work Farely good with this gun but reommend useing .23 or .25 for better accuarcy
by shaw h. on 09/28/2009
"haha the video is freakin hilarious :p love the dudes mask. The part where he drilled the $30 dollar shotgun against the tree was funny..nice review on it :p FLYING CHICKEN at the end! ha!
by Hong L. on 05/26/2009
"This shotgun is beyond my expectation for something under $100.
I have shot real shotguns and many airsoft shotguns, and this is by FAR the most realistic.

It is full metal construction, at a fast glance you will not think this is Airsoft.

It is very accurate and shoots thru the bottom of a coke can. (Past the poor man's chrono test for 400 fps.)

If you are in the market for a good shotgun, this one won't disappoint you.

Suggest using 0.25 or higher bb since 0.20g might be too light for this high power monster.
by tommy m. on 09/25/2010
"I want to get this shotgun but i want one that has the triple barrel system, does this shotgun have it?