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Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing / AEG Hop Up Bucking (Hard Type)

5 Customer Reviews

by Zachary W. on 05/22/2017
"I was building a dmr from a m4 using HPA system. I learn early HPA like hard bucking. My gun was shooting shorter than I liked at 355fps chrono on .32 gram legel for HPA. I shoot .40gram and it was short range and less accurate than I wanted. Plus my air psi was max on my system. Needless to say did not like that.

So I try this bucking with a flat hop. Started pegging soda cans 80 yards 10 for 10. PSI can down giving me more FPS play.
I was going to try it with a R-hop next.
by Christian L. on 04/14/2015
"*All resultant figures derived from testing in a Classic army M24, m 160 spring, madbull 6.01 x 509 barrel, velocity test with .2 gram Tokyo Marui bb's, accuracy test with .43 gram Madbull "match" bb's

Fit: It is a bit thicker than a standard bucking. It fit pretty snug with a bit of force applied to seat it correctly in my M24 hop up unit. As far as an AEG unit goes, it might need a little boring out of the inner diameter and or a lot of silicone

Hop: Just right! Set at about 70% hop, a .43 gram bb flies true. This bucking is meant to hop heavy bb's, even at minimum values, a .2 climbs like a rocket out of the muzzle

FPS Boost: the seal is phenomenal and increased my FPS by an average of 24 fps
(Vsub 1: 510 fps w/ marui .2 gram, Vsub 2: 534 fps w/ marui .2, all other variables held constant)

Accuracy: All technical jargon aside, come on, it's a Promy, it screams accuracy.
In an indoor environment with no wind, this bucking, a madbull .43 gram "match" bb and a madbull 6.01 x 509 mm barrel, a 7.15 inch grouping was achieved at exactly 200 feet. (These results have been repeated consistently in the same environment under the same condition

Conclusion: This bucking works extremely well. It does what its supposed to and carries the legendary Prometheus performance and quality. If you're the player that fine tunes your rifle and you need something that will accurately hop a heavy bb a long way, buy it.
by justin s. on 04/26/2014
"This is a 20$ bucking and let me tell you its well worth it!
I put this into my SVD and now it throws .30g bbs like nothing.
by joshua m. on 02/14/2011
"awesome bucking deffinatly worth the money used this set up in my maruzen aps2 sv with aero chamber hop-up and a 590mm 6.01 barrel deadly combo also have one in my m16
by Demetrius J. on 02/09/2015
"Bought this for a G&G GC series AEG, and it didn't work. There's a serious lack of description for this product which is a shame, but hopefully i can enlighten some potential buyer.

It's hard, and grips the bb's incredibly tight. So if you have a gun that isn't shooting high FPS, the gearbox will have trouble propelling the bb's through the bucking. My gun shoots right around 400FPS and it would take three shots to shoot one BB. I actually put the BB into bucking, and it require quite a bit of pressure to push it through with my finger.

Lastly, the bucking is thick, a lot thicker than my stock one. So you may require a new hop up chamber to house it properly, or just really silicone it before you install it.

I haven't had an opportunity to actually use it, but if/and when that happens, I will give a proper performance assessment.

I may have gotten a defective one, but this is what I got, and what I'm reviewing.