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by kr y. on 2011-04-28 18:40:37
"This gun is very nice if you need a support gunner, it is has a high ROF and is very accurate/consistent out of the box. This gun, with a full box mag is not light and your going to need some muscle to lug this thing around all day. Mine came with a 9.6V 1200 Mah battery for some reason (hey, I'm not complaining, free battery!!), no override switch, a standard wall charger, and of course the auto-wind box mag.

This thing is awesome, It looks and feels real, its heavy (going to want to get a sling for this beast), I haven't chornoed it yet but I'm guessing it is shooting around 370 with .2's. I bought a 9.6V 5000 Mah battery with mine and it just barely fits in the box mag ( large batteries help keep the mag sturdy). Mine came with some crappy plastic M4 flash hider but I quickly replaced it with the provided one (looks like the one in the picture but is completely orange)

Only plastic on this gun are the grips
Decent FPS
High ROF/ ability to change ROF
Auto-winding box mag

Box mag is kind of a pain to get on
Battery sometimes bumps the wind-control switch on the Mag into the off or constant feed position ( I put electrical tape over it)
Front grip and Bipod are a lil bit wobbly (but np)

P.S. this thing is totally worth getting and will scare the **** out of people when they see this coming!
by Dylan H. on 2011-03-21 17:16:11
"First off, I love this gun its awesome. Great firepower for a little guy like me. Full metal, adjustable ROF, box mag(can be annoying when firing right handed, unless it is mounted).
by Carl T. on 2011-03-16 22:00:03
"For starters, for the person below, this rifle if supposed to be the same weight as a real M60, and it is an M60, not an M249, for future reference.

First off, obviously if you cant run around carrying a 17 pound rifle, don't buy this. I'm a pretty big guy, so I have no problem with that, infact, I carry another rifle and two sidearms as well.

First, the rifle feels amazing in your hands. Its very solid, feels like a real rifle, and the metal is good quality.

The box mag is pesky to mount the first few times, but once you get used to it, its not to bad.

The RoF is pretty great, and it puts alot of rounds down range. The Hop up is kind of difficult to adjust.

Mine chronos at about 390 to 410 fps every time.

Cosmetic features:

The metal looks great, it has the calibur of the real rifle and things like that written on the side. the stock is rather comfortable, and the forgrip makes it much easier to wield. The sights are alright, my front sight was to the right a bit. The bolt goes back nicely, and looks awesome. Also, a great feature is that if you have a chain of 7.62 dummy rounds, or real ones for that matter, you can feed them into the rifle to cover your battery wires. Also, the amount of bbs you can fire is quite insane and keeps heads down.

Overall this is an excellent gun and it is very worth getting.

The simple look on someones face as you come around this corner is priceless
by Terrance F. on 2011-01-02 07:34:26
"ive had this gun for about 2 months now and it works fine. it easily goes through a bottom of a can. this gun is not for begginers. remember to dry shoot it once after a battle or target practicing.made very sturdy which makes it heavy but that doesnt matter because you are suppose to camp with these light machine guns definately use .23 grams

great ROF
easy detachable gearbox

when you run out of bbs
tricky to put on box mag but once you get it it is very easy to get on

great gun sturdy,reliable,great ROF and Fps.
by David T. on 2010-09-25 12:12:34
"I have just got this weapon. A+mazing! It is accurate, slightly heavy same weight as a real 249 SAW. My only issue is that it did not come with the Flash Hider it shows on the Site. Very nice that it holds like 4000 rounds.

Box Magazine

by Brian W. on 2010-02-25 13:26:03
"I just got this gun. It was on Back order from Evike, so I found it somewhere else. But it's the same product, so...

OMG FINALLY an M60 MK43 within reach of the common man!! Been wanting one of these since Inokatsu came out with their $1500 version (don't quote me on the price).

I don't have a chrono, but it seems to be on par with my ICS M4 (around 350 fps with .25's).

ROF is decent with a 9.6v 3200 mah (I still don't trust Lipo). The ROF adjustmet feature on the gas tube is great, I don't lay down a "hose" of bb's, so being able to tone it down a bit during mid/low cap games is great. I hope this will make the gears last longer as well.

I'm in the Army and I used to be a M60 gunner, this thing feels and looks so real I can't believe it. I brought it to work today and my commander thought It was real. Everyone at work wanted to shoot it. They all loved the realism and couldn't believe that it was a BB gun, lol.

The Ammo box holds about 3500 BB's and feeds flawlessly. Little difficult to set up at first and the settings for the feed are confusing, but once you get it set you're good to go!

Great, realistic look and feel
decent ROF/FPS out of the box
the adjustable ROF switch is a really cool feature
Sturdy bipod (unlike the M249's)
Ammo box on side is very rugged well thought out
great detail especially for a "clone" company

Carry handle is a little wobbly, still works though
Orange flashider set screw was hard to get to without stripping a little of the threads
Ammo box settings are difficult to get to, you have to disassemble the box to get to it
Would be great if it came with a quality sling and "dummy" rounds (which I had to order seperate)

Recommendations: BUY THIS GUN if you need a support weapon
by Joe M. on 2010-02-15 09:54:02
"Alright so i bought the same gun and tried it out for a bit. I've had it for lets say a few months and i really am starting to love this gun. Of course it's a big heavy gun, but it's not that bad for any average male teen. Anyway Overall this gun has impressed me and left me a little disappointed (but not too bad). I have owned the real gun and it is almost exactly the same in the design.

- it has a very long barrel which gives for it's accuracy
- It doesn't have any rails (i need to know if i can add rails to it) but the iron sights work like a charm from at least a few hundred feet away.
- it has a piece to change the ROF so if you don't have a lot of bb's you can slow it down but it does get to be very fast with a good battery
- it does have an electronic winding 3,500 mag. (though i've heard it fits up to 4,000)
- most of it's components are metal (most being the key word)
- it comes apart into two pieces just like the real gun for easier disassembly

- it is a little loose when you get it. I was a little dissapointed when i had pieces falling off like the fake slide. but it isn't so bad, it doesn't affect the performance at all.
- if you don't add a better battery it shoots somewhat slow..
- A few of the pieces are a little rough on the fingers like the trigger grip and the extended grip. (just use duck or electrical tape)
- it does feel more for a left handed person because the box mag fits into place on the left side and it hurts my arm to hold the gun so strangely.

Overall though i really like this gun, it's heavy, accurate, and very fast. Any suggestions for upgrade? you definitely need to buy a 9.6 battery at least only large types because of practical reasons. try to rig a durable sling to the gun if you don't wanna carry it so much. but that's all i can think of. Definitely if you can carry it and you can afford all the pellets.. then go ahead buy this gun. It's not meant for beginners though.
Woot i love this gun!
by ryan m. on 2009-11-19 14:46:18
"The A&K M60 is over all avery nice AEG.
I recieved the AEG from EVIKE on time but the printing was missing from the stock and barrel.
I contacted Evike and they were very helpful in explaining about Customs Regulations and why the typeset was not on the gun.
They made it right with me after I explained this was one of the big reasons why I purchased the M60
After tightening a few loose screws and ajustments this gun was ready to ROCK & ROLL.
A bit of advice "BUY LOTS OF BB'S" your gonna need them. This spits them out at alomost 1000 rnds pr min. Do the math ..thats just under 17 rnds a sec.
by Thomas P. on 2009-10-06 12:35:57
"I just got this gun and its amazing. I know people always complain about how heavy these guns are but think about it, this is supposed to be a heavy gun. I have shot 10,000+ rounds with no issues and the feel of the gun is great.

I am also wondering what would be the best barrels i can use for this gun to increase accuracy.

great feel
great rate of fire
basically everything

it needs to be a little more accurate
by lai t. on 2009-09-23 15:03:33
"For this price, nothing to complain. Overall, I really love this gun. The first shipment I got is defective. Evike replaced it so I thought it would be okay now. However, during my upgrades, I found that one of the gear box screws is stripped (non-functional) and also 4 out of 5 screws were loose, very loose. I had to tighten them. Beside that, the feed tube came off from the mag box in my 2nd game. Again, I had to open up and did a little fix on it. Surprisingly I found the inner mag box was cracked and lost a piece of plastic. What I can say is that A&K has REALLY BAD quality control. Evike plays no part in this.

The good thing is this gun is extremely easy to work on. I changed to a KM tightbore, a new M249 hop-up by Matrix(Fair quality), cleaned up the old stock grease and applied new grease. The old grease dried up after one game. I am going to put in a new piston with ball bearing , new Systema cylinder head, and a new Systema piston head for better compression.

Stock gun Chrono at 342FPS with 0.25g bb.
by Gary J. on 2009-09-10 23:02:54
"This gun is cool! It looks really bad ass!

Pros: It shoots bbs
Cons: It's heavy

So post this one, it's just your style mr. webmaster.

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Webmaster: Dear Gary. Starting 09/10/2009, you will start to see all the reviews getting reviewed and posted. It had been "A BIG TASK" because we get a few hundred reviews a day, but we have now allocated the man power to do so now.
by Daniel F. on 2009-07-09 13:41:24
"A high quality replica of the MK43 SAW. High quality just like the VFC and it comes with battery and chargers. Fired over 5000 rounds so far without any issues.

Quiet accurate and powerful. Highly recommend getting a big 9.6V battery to power it.

Look & Feel: 5 / 5
Performance: 5 / 5
Price: 10 / 10!

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