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A&K Full Metal Mk43 Mod 0 / M60E4 Airsoft AEG Light Machine Gun

39 Customer Reviews

by ryan m. on 11/19/2009
"The A&K M60 is over all avery nice AEG.
I recieved the AEG from EVIKE on time but the printing was missing from the stock and barrel.
I contacted Evike and they were very helpful in explaining about Customs Regulations and why the typeset was not on the gun.
They made it right with me after I explained this was one of the big reasons why I purchased the M60
After tightening a few loose screws and ajustments this gun was ready to ROCK & ROLL.
A bit of advice "BUY LOTS OF BB'S" your gonna need them. This spits them out at alomost 1000 rnds pr min. Do the math ..thats just under 17 rnds a sec.
by Thomas P. on 10/06/2009
"I just got this gun and its amazing. I know people always complain about how heavy these guns are but think about it, this is supposed to be a heavy gun. I have shot 10,000+ rounds with no issues and the feel of the gun is great.

I am also wondering what would be the best barrels i can use for this gun to increase accuracy.

great feel
great rate of fire
basically everything

it needs to be a little more accurate
by Daniel F. on 07/09/2009
"A high quality replica of the MK43 SAW. High quality just like the VFC and it comes with battery and chargers. Fired over 5000 rounds so far without any issues.

Quiet accurate and powerful. Highly recommend getting a big 9.6V battery to power it.

Look & Feel: 5 / 5
Performance: 5 / 5
Price: 10 / 10!
by Lance R. on 06/18/2015
"A&K's replica of the MK43 Mod0 gets the job done, and as a support weapon it is spot on. I checked the fps after 3000 rounds, and without the hop it is consistently shooting in the 1.56 - 1.65 joules range and hop up applied. I have not fired for accuracy, but I have went through countless bbs laying support fire without jams. Rough estimate, I have fired 40,000 - 50,000 bbs and still no issues with the replica.

I advise anyone that is using this for any length of time, remove the rheostat and install the jumper from A&K, or get a MOSFET installed. I enjoyed the rheostat to bring the replica down to a similar ROF as the real steel version. However, the rheostat takes quite a bit of power and drains batteries quickly. With rheostat a 9.6v NiMH 1600mAH lasts roughly 2,500 - 3,000 bbs, which is basically one box mag. Without the rheostat the same battery lasts 6,000 - 8,000 bbs, or roughly two box mags.

Does what a support weapon is designed to for.
Box Mag feed flawlessly with NiMH
Decent battery life without the rheostat
Easy to disassemble for cleaning and repair
Durable! No issues with almost 50,000 bbs fired

Safety switch is in a bad location. Holding the pistol grip can turn the safety off.
Loose parts from factory. Needed to be tightened.
Rheostat drains batteries
Box Mag is not LiPo friendly. Requires mosfet, and new motor in Box Mag to handle a LiPo
Swapping the Box Mag is time consuming. Easier to dump bbs into mag.
No rails for optics without modification, or new feed tray. (Not that optics are really needed)

This is not a Con in my opinion, but this is heavy for airsoft, and awkward to carry. If you want to be fast, accurate, and light the Support role is not for you.
by Dylan A. on 06/10/2013
"I've used this gun a lot. Its truly great, but it definitely has a couple flaws.

1) Bipod is very ergonomic, I find myself using that as a fore grip more than the actual fore grip
2) Full metal construction, and it aint pot metal either
3) Great ROF
4) a point.
5) Cant go wrong with 3500 rounds
6) Easy battery installation. You can just throw it in the box mag, under a strap, and there's room for one or two spare mags. Comes in handy.

1) Fore grip is plastic
3) because of how the box mag attaches, if you prone/mount the gun on anything, you will knock the mag off and you'll have to put it back on before you run off.
4) Range is terrible. After 100 feet, your shots will go everywhere but where they need to.
5) Extremely heavy. I ran 700 meters with this thing at a jog, and on flat ground, and I could literally not run anymore at the end of it.
by Nancy S. on 04/14/2013
"This a great support gun it's still keeping heads down!
-full metal
-chronos about 400-405 w/.20g
-adjustable rate of fire
-9.6v large battery included
-3500 round box mag
-very easy to get the gearbox out

-heavy,15lbs unloaded
-box mag sticks out on the left side bad for
Righties but good for lefties
-box mag gears broke,my fault don't over feed it.
Overall very good gun highly recommend!
by Anthony D. on 12/18/2012
"This is a great gun, and will last you very long! By very long I mean 6 years at least. This gun can take a beating. I tripped during a backyard war and dropped the gun. Not even a single scratch was made. This gun is lipo ready, and will take 2 years to see a change that the lipo bearly wore it down. If you get this gun maybe get two lipos. The mag is powered by the battery, and the battery also powers the gun itself. Buy this gun if you have the muscles. Honestly after a war your arms will get used to it, and it will feel like a full metal m4. The mag lasted me 3 wars without refilling too. Also use .20 even though the fps is 400 with .12s it doesn't hurt when you shot by moderate distance using .12s. The problem I had is the grip kept getting loose so you would have to tighten it every battle. Not only that the barrel was loose and since the barrel has wires connecting to the fuse, that came along with the ripped out barrel. My brother and I had to weld the wires back together. Other than that everything is ok now.
by lai t. on 09/23/2009
"For this price, nothing to complain. Overall, I really love this gun. The first shipment I got is defective. Evike replaced it so I thought it would be okay now. However, during my upgrades, I found that one of the gear box screws is stripped (non-functional) and also 4 out of 5 screws were loose, very loose. I had to tighten them. Beside that, the feed tube came off from the mag box in my 2nd game. Again, I had to open up and did a little fix on it. Surprisingly I found the inner mag box was cracked and lost a piece of plastic. What I can say is that A&K has REALLY BAD quality control. Evike plays no part in this.

The good thing is this gun is extremely easy to work on. I changed to a KM tightbore, a new M249 hop-up by Matrix(Fair quality), cleaned up the old stock grease and applied new grease. The old grease dried up after one game. I am going to put in a new piston with ball bearing , new Systema cylinder head, and a new Systema piston head for better compression.

Stock gun Chrono at 342FPS with 0.25g bb.
by Gary J. on 09/10/2009
"This gun is cool! It looks really bad ass!

Pros: It shoots bbs
Cons: It's heavy

So post this one, it's just your style mr. webmaster.

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