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by Anthony D. on 2012-12-18 12:11:57
"This is a great gun, and will last you very long! By very long I mean 6 years at least. This gun can take a beating. I tripped during a backyard war and dropped the gun. Not even a single scratch was made. This gun is lipo ready, and will take 2 years to see a change that the lipo bearly wore it down. If you get this gun maybe get two lipos. The mag is powered by the battery, and the battery also powers the gun itself. Buy this gun if you have the muscles. Honestly after a war your arms will get used to it, and it will feel like a full metal m4. The mag lasted me 3 wars without refilling too. Also use .20 even though the fps is 400 with .12s it doesn't hurt when you shot by moderate distance using .12s. The problem I had is the grip kept getting loose so you would have to tighten it every battle. Not only that the barrel was loose and since the barrel has wires connecting to the fuse, that came along with the ripped out barrel. My brother and I had to weld the wires back together. Other than that everything is ok now.
by James M. on 2012-11-09 16:45:03
"A great support machine gun for a really great price. Having much experience with the M-60 in the army in the 70's I have to admit this is one incredible replica of the real thing. The heft, the fit and functionality are all here. Outside of the fact that it does not fire center fire .308 ammo, I would swear it was the genuine article. Upon receipt, I unboxed it, set it up, charged the battery, hooked up the box mag (not really that tuff to install on the gun). I fired it and was amazed at the ROF on this baby. once I installed the Mosfet chip. I am tickled to death to own one of these and have a great time showing it off to other experienced vets who know the real gun. Everyone at first did not understand the word airsoft, because around the area I come from not too many are into it like they are around other parts of the country. Maybe I can get the ball rolling and a new habit started since I have a number of these weapons as part of my hobby. I've been more than glad to pass the word along about the hobby and about Evike. Keep up the good work, and I enjoy your instructional videos Thanks.
by David S. on 2012-06-14 04:39:23
"Ordered one(1) of these and looks mean. Compact and heavy. There are no available upgrades for this one.I installed m125 irregular pitch spring in increase fps but lost some accuracy. Installed 6.01 mm tightbore (470mm length) and tightened groupings alittle using.25's. Quick change spring is a convenience. Installed matrix high speed motor and bypassed adjustable rof mosfet (jumped outer two(2) wires on plug wired to gun, mine did not have jumper plug in packaging) .Initially i ran a 7.4v 2500mah battery thinking that a lipo with that many amps would sustain this gun. I was wrong, because the box mag runs on the same battery, it ate that battery up before emptying the mag halfway(1300-1500 rounds). Installed 9.6v 5000 mah battery and solved that problem and then some. Sounds great with noveske flash hider/amplifier. Hop up nub sits in unit vertically!? Instead of the usally horizontal position we are used to seeing. Mine had a casting burr in the hole where nub was seated thus not allowing me to adjust it accordingly. Easy fix, remove burr. Good weapon to keep'em ducking.
by michael w. on 2012-05-30 18:34:57
"FREAKING AMAZING GUN! better than i ever expected! opened the box today and it just looks so damn sexy! everything is so easy to use when you read the little book that comes with it (mostly pictures showing you what to do)
realistic weight
holds 3500-4000 rounds
battery is held with the box mag
can change rate of fire easily
carrying handle is vary secure so you dont need to worry about it braking
fold up bipod
grip helps alot
shoots crazy fast

only can think of one and that would be i wish the mag was on the other side. feel like more like a lefty gun.
by Tymothy W. on 2012-04-12 08:06:35
"Bought this thing and have been using it for roughly 3 weeks now. Runs perfectly, feels the way the 60 was meant to feel and has an incredible box mag. This was my first AEG and I love it. Only hard part to using it is the box mag can get in the way during right handed operation if you have short arms. Use a mix of .25's and .20 to get a good covering fire spread. Otherswise all your shots end up pretty much in the same spot. So depending on how you are using this thing either use exclusivly .25 if you want really accurate rounds or mix to get that great covering fire.

Highly reccomend having a sidearm while running this incase you run into a cqb situation. I tried using it indoors and while it covered hallways well and is short enough to clear some areas there are times when it just cant cut the corner without overly exposing yourself.

Also be careful when working the barrel release lever because its a piece of weak metal that WILL snap if you try to force it in any way.
by Justin C. on 2011-12-20 13:42:21
"Lets just say.... WOW. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LMG!!! It shoots where you point it, has a heavy weight, which may be a pro or con to others, which makes it realistic, EXCELLENT FPS and has an Adjustable ROF, which I or others can adjust to their liking, and comes with a M60 flash hider... I don't know how to take off the M4 flash hider though... Comes With the M60 flash hider, Mag box, a 9.6 V battery and charger... Came with the complete package for me... but besides that, THIS is the REAL definition of an Airsoft Gun. I recommend it to anyone who is on a support team and wants foes to hug dirt and grab cover while your buds advance to take them out. Best if you have 2 of these on your team. EXCELLENT GUN, BUY IT!!!


2: Adjustable ROF, which suits to anyone's liking.
3: Shoots Where you point it.
4: Heavy, Realistic weight. ( Only weighs 12-15 lbs. may be a con to others...)
5: Deploys a bipod for quick change in standing to prone position
6: Use .25 BBs for best results (.3's don't go so well.. decreases the range)


1: Weight. (This is for some.. not all say the weight is con.)

by Brad B. on 2011-07-18 08:46:19
"I recently bought this gun. It's a definite powerhouse. From the quality to the FPS.

Full metal
decently accurate (But with 3500 rds I think a few shots curving is not a big deal)
Heavy (Realism, but may also be a con)
Plentiful Battery storage
Sturdy. This gun will last you a while
Great Internals
Heavy (may also be a pro for some)
May occasionally jam (It was my fault though, I kept forgetting to lube)

Overall: This gun is just awesome. But if you are a beginner, I do not recommend it. It is 17 pounds, but these guns are usually meant to be stationary. As an example: I bought the expensive sling, the gun, an epic 40th Day mask, a riot shield, and basically a Juggernaut vest. I walk out on the field (Literally walking) and wield this one handed (with the sling I bought, don't try to one hand this without the sling haha) with the gun in my left hand and my riot shield in another. I also had the vest with 4 high cap m16 mags, and I had the epic mask on. Holy SH** everyone who looked at me was freaking the hell out. ;)

Get this gun. It's worth it when you see the enemy's face.
by brendan S. on 2011-07-07 16:21:03
"Amazing weapon system! Shot bout 100 rounds at 75feet and shot a 2 inch group. thats pretty dang good but sadly after 1,000 rounds the 1600 mAh battery stopped working so i charged it and it still didnt seem to work :( so i took it over to my neighbors house to see what to do and he put in a 3600 mAh battery in and it worked beautifuly and 2 weeks ago i orderd a 5000 mAh battery and should be here this week :P

great rof
great fps
great feeding system


And FYI this gun is not as heavy as everybody says it is its actually quite light
by Joe R. on 2011-06-14 10:01:09
"Excellent support weapon.
the gun is fully constructed of metal, and plastic where it should be on the real steel.
although it did not come with trademarks, there are many other realistic features suck as the quick barrel release design, and the functional bolt with no spring(like the real M60) the range is great on this weapon, the BB can travel over 300 feet.

BB capacity (4000 rnds)
balanced weight
quick spring release design gearbox
heavy (18 ibs loaded)
adjustable rate of fire
comes with a 9.6v battery(small type)
comes with a metal flash hider in the box (plastic one on the gun pre installed)

no trademarks
plastic flash hider is hard to get off
by kr y. on 2011-04-28 18:40:37
"This gun is very nice if you need a support gunner, it is has a high ROF and is very accurate/consistent out of the box. This gun, with a full box mag is not light and your going to need some muscle to lug this thing around all day. Mine came with a 9.6V 1200 Mah battery for some reason (hey, I'm not complaining, free battery!!), no override switch, a standard wall charger, and of course the auto-wind box mag.

This thing is awesome, It looks and feels real, its heavy (going to want to get a sling for this beast), I haven't chornoed it yet but I'm guessing it is shooting around 370 with .2's. I bought a 9.6V 5000 Mah battery with mine and it just barely fits in the box mag ( large batteries help keep the mag sturdy). Mine came with some crappy plastic M4 flash hider but I quickly replaced it with the provided one (looks like the one in the picture but is completely orange)

Only plastic on this gun are the grips
Decent FPS
High ROF/ ability to change ROF
Auto-winding box mag

Box mag is kind of a pain to get on
Battery sometimes bumps the wind-control switch on the Mag into the off or constant feed position ( I put electrical tape over it)
Front grip and Bipod are a lil bit wobbly (but np)

P.S. this thing is totally worth getting and will scare the **** out of people when they see this coming!
by Dylan H. on 2011-03-21 17:16:11
"First off, I love this gun its awesome. Great firepower for a little guy like me. Full metal, adjustable ROF, box mag(can be annoying when firing right handed, unless it is mounted).
by Carl T. on 2011-03-16 22:00:03
"For starters, for the person below, this rifle if supposed to be the same weight as a real M60, and it is an M60, not an M249, for future reference.

First off, obviously if you cant run around carrying a 17 pound rifle, don't buy this. I'm a pretty big guy, so I have no problem with that, infact, I carry another rifle and two sidearms as well.

First, the rifle feels amazing in your hands. Its very solid, feels like a real rifle, and the metal is good quality.

The box mag is pesky to mount the first few times, but once you get used to it, its not to bad.

The RoF is pretty great, and it puts alot of rounds down range. The Hop up is kind of difficult to adjust.

Mine chronos at about 390 to 410 fps every time.

Cosmetic features:

The metal looks great, it has the calibur of the real rifle and things like that written on the side. the stock is rather comfortable, and the forgrip makes it much easier to wield. The sights are alright, my front sight was to the right a bit. The bolt goes back nicely, and looks awesome. Also, a great feature is that if you have a chain of 7.62 dummy rounds, or real ones for that matter, you can feed them into the rifle to cover your battery wires. Also, the amount of bbs you can fire is quite insane and keeps heads down.

Overall this is an excellent gun and it is very worth getting.

The simple look on someones face as you come around this corner is priceless

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