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CYMA Full Metal M16 A1 Vietnam Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

8 Customer Reviews

by Mark H. on 07/28/2015
"Pretty good gun. Everything is mettle except for the hand guard, pistol grip, and stock. Excellent range and it worked great with my friends H&K dark earth polymer mag. I have hag it for awhile and the only thing wrong is the barrel is a little loose. So all and all a great gun
by Dawson P. on 03/12/2011
"this gun is great! my uncle shot me from about 75 feet away, and hit me first shot. just buy .25g bbs for it, .20g in this gun makes its accuracy terrible, and shoots alot less farther. it still shoots above 390fps with .25g bbs in it, amazing gun buy it if your looking for a good m16.
by Travis B. on 09/28/2010
"I do not own this gun, but I feel its necessary to point out that this is NOT a vietnam style weapon for those of you looking to create a vietnam loadout. The carrying handles did not have the ability to be removed back then nor did they have the in depth adjustment dials. Same goes with the JG vietnam m16. Do your homework, Evike!

Webmaster: Yes, we are fully aware that the real M16 VN has a fixed carrying handle. The manufacture decided that removable carrying handle is simply a better feature to add and done the change without our saying. So yea, all the extra tactical advantages on this rifle does make it not a 100% replica of M16 VN, more like an upgraded is still a hot gun that is very popular and sells out in days each time we get them..
by Alex S. on 05/01/2010
"I rented this gun at my airsoft war today and it was great! i used it for a while and i think i may get it. its got a long barrell so it shoots at good distance
by Louie J. on 04/22/2010
"This thing is outstanding, without any upgrades it just barely meets the fps requirements in Massachusetts, the only things I needed to replace so far after a year is the inner barrel(my fault, never cleaned it once AND used crosman BBs) and a little piece on the charging hand that actually flips the dust cover open, it seemed to be made of cheap plastic, but it is easily replaceable.
So the gun with stock internals and with a 6.03 inner barrel shoots around 340 fps with .25s.
Highly recommended
(p.s. the A1 triangular hand guard is a little awkward to hold, they do make the same exact gun but with the circular A2/A3 handguard which feels more natural)
by richard a. on 02/07/2013
"i have owned this for about 3 weeks now. i bought it with 3 vn style mags. the vn mags are a must for this weapon! without it, it would look wierd. back to the review: the gun is full metal, the stock is not abs but normaliy plastic. the hand guard wobbles a bit. acctually the barrell on this doesent wobble whitch is pretty good. the weight is about 6-7 pounds. it comes with a 8,4 volt 1500 large type battery, it is a huge pain to get the large battery in the stock, recommend buying the 9,6 volt small type. it comes with a agm 300 rds hi cap mag, the mag is acctually to big to fit in the gun, so you will need to push it really hard so it fits. but the vn mags from matrix fits good. it comes with a sling, bad quality so dont use it. i do not reccomend use the charger it comes with. you will also get a unjamming rod. if you want a cheap but good m16 vn. this is the one! great accuaricy and great look.

the vn style hand guard.


hand guard wobble.
the charging handle jams alot.
the mag it comes with.
it says 330 to 400 fps. i chroned it to 463. so..
by Peter B. on 02/19/2012
"I got this gun a while back and I have loved it ever since. The VN style handguard broke on me so I got it upgraded to a metal RIS. Despite that external problem, the gun has performed really well. I use both .2's and .23's in this gun and they both perform extremely well. Very accurate and long range. If you are looking for a good field rifle with high fps and good range, I would recommend this gun. However, if you are looking for an all-situation rifle, I would recommend an M4. I got this one because I only play outdoors.
by Matt K. on 02/15/2011
"Okay, im not going to write this review totally praising this gun. I got it 3 months ago. It is excelent even in the rain and mud that i played with it in here in florida. It works well with .23's and its range is excelent. The triangle grip does get dinged up pretty easily but the internals are in ship shape. I reccommend lubing it at least 1 time every three months. (or every 4 or 5 long outings) i suggest D Boys mags. they work the best for me. but if you can get AGM mags get them because i wish i had more of those bad boys.

400 fps out of box
Good range and will cut through brush and scrub no problem
never misfires until mag is fully unwound

kinda heavy (but that isnt a problem for me)
very long do not use for CQC
grip is EHH plastic (reccommend upgrade but ive kept it stock for now)
mags are kindof hard to find only use AGM and D Boys

All in all impressive gun. If you cant decide between an M16 or M4 say go with the M4, they are just as accurate and powerful. oh and if you cared. since i got the gun ive only run out of battery 1 time in battle and ive wracked up about 90 kills and only been shot by others about 15 times so this gun is gonna do you some good.