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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 CYMA Full Metal M16 A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

22 Customer Reviews

by dallas h. on 11/15/2009
"amazing gun! i've put about 10000 rounds through it and it shoot 390+ average with .25s
by Kyle S. on 06/08/2015
"This is a good gun to own needs a lot of work out of the box this was shooting a 460 FPS sooo ya that adds like $30 for me mag was good has a lot of wiggle in it

-Looks nice
-Good mag strap is a+

-Fps fix
-Not that accurate
-needs to be tightened up very loose
-Big made in China sticker slapped on the side LoL scratch it off of the quarter
Then used a label maker and put made in the USA LoL
-the flash hider is very difficult to remove
by Drew M. on 01/17/2014
"I got this gun on sale for $105 and it was worth that money but Idk if I would by this for 170 when u can get echo 1's bargain line guns for around the same... HOWEVER I have come to love this gun and I still use it today on occasion... So when u buy this gun make sure you buy these two things with the gun... A tight bore barrel and a polycarbonate hop up (the stock one sucks) and with those 2 upgrades alone it will preform amazing!

Pros: full metal
Full stock (big battery space)
Removable carry handle, good fps
Cons: doesn't accept very many mags (very picky)
The stock hop up is terrible so the range suffers and the ROF isn't to great.

I still would recommend this gun to someone who can mod it cuz as mine sits it shoots just under 500fps and I have less than $100 of mods...
by paul h. on 04/01/2012
"pretty good gun for what you paid.

Pros. almost all metal, motor, front sight can be removed ( takes a lil work but it comes off ), fps, mag.

cons. stock splits opens when you put the battery in, hand guard and barrel wabble is totally rediculous ( can be fixed with electical tape and a roll of ACE bandage but be sure to rap evenly around the barrel.

Thats it, i put a red dot and a carrying handle rail because it looks amazing. good gun so ill give it 4 stars. be sure to not do custom paint jobs unless you are pro.
by Nathan F. on 03/05/2012
"To start I have had this gun since 2010 and it is still trucking along with ALL stock parts! now its got an OD paint job and i screwed in a rail on the bottom for a vertical grip. The only thing that went wrong for me is that the wires near the fuse came undone and than were fixed but once it fell from 2 feet and the same wires came undone but it yet again was an easy fix.


Great FPS ( ~380-390)
Lighter compared to other metal guns
Good for people who are starting to attend more and more events


A little over priced (a good price would be $150 in my option)
Slow ROF
For an m16 the range is short
the lower receiver is a different material than the upper (upper is nicer)
the magwell is too big (all of my mags wont fit well, but you can fix with Velcro tape)
the battery moves around in the stock alot

overall: the gun gets a 4/5 for being too pricey and the magwell not being able to fit mags.
by Andrew C. on 12/27/2011
"Decent gun! Got this in the box of awesomeness. Feels solid and shoots about as far as my fully upgraded M4. Iím sure with a barrel upgrade this thing would be pretty accurate. With any new gun, make sure you go through and check all the hardware for tightness. Had a screw on the grip and the barrel was loose. I would say it is a very good starter gun and could be easily upgraded. Only 4 out of 5 stars because of the loose parts on the gun. I donít know anything about the internals or the reliability of the gun. Have not had a chance to chrono it so I donít know what the rate of fire or the FPS is. It does shoot about as hard as my M4 but the rate of fire seems a little slow compared to my M4 (19 balls a second).

All metal body
Shoots good
Solid construction

Barrel and some of the screws were loose.
Low rate of fire Ė not bad
by Tim F. on 04/19/2017
"Picked up this gun a few weeks ago and got some use out of it. For starters, it is a long rifle, but weight is not an issue despite being full metal. Now the reason why I gave it 3 stars ? Out of box performance sucks. Accuracy / groupings are bad, rof is slow, range isnt great. The stock hop up constantly needed to be readjusted. Gun chronoed about 430 fps with. 20g. But for a 130$ metal gun what can you expect. As for externals, so far they handed abuse. My first day bringing this gun to the field i decided to use a duffle bag sling in place of a rifle sling. Huge mistake on my end. I went to sling the gun over my shoulder and the plastic clamp snapped sending the gun flying and landing on concrete. To my surprise nothing broke, not even the plastic stock/handgaurd. Other than that the gun has seen some regular field abuse and is fine. I came off the field that day with mud all over it and never had a hiccup. Currently I have a 6.03 tightbore, lonex hopup and g&g bucking/ nub and it definitely improved it.

All in all would i buy this gun again, no. For the cost thereffective plenty of entry level, polymer m4 aegs that will out perform this gun.

On the other hand if you want a metal body to work with and don't mind upgrades, go at it

Full metal (everything minus stock and handgaurd) even mag
Looks cool. A lot of people at the field complimented it
Would make a good build platform
It's a cyma so dispite lack in performance, it will probably last
Lots of battery space

Slow rof
Bad grouping and accuracy
Horrible hop up
Needs upgrades to be a good gun
Fps is high (may be a plus depending on field rules )
Longer rifle.
Some mags fit real tight, need to be smacked in and pulled (hard) out. Despite this everything I have used has feed.