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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 CYMA Full Metal M16 A3 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Gun Only)

22 Customer Reviews

by Garrett L. on 08/01/2017
"This thing is a machine. Kind of.

I had purchased this rifle with plans to mod it, so I made sure I purchased a few spare parts, which I will get to later.

Stock, this thing shoots relatively hard, if I had to guess I'd say close to 400, but I didn't chrono the thing before I swapped some parts. Unfortunately, the brass barrel that came with it was actually bent slightly, as every shot pulled HARD left to the point of the sights being useless. Fortunately, a Matrix stainless steel tight-bore barrel made that problem disappear, and the new barrel combined with a krytac bucking makes this sucker a force to be reckoned with at virtually any realistic range. A side note, the krytac hopup unit will NOT work in this gun, magazines won't feed and its too tight to the walls to be adjusted. This gun will however work flawlessly with Evike's BAMF mags. I picked up 3 and they feed perfectly.

Overall, if you're willing to switch some basic parts, this is an incredibly solid choice. And for what it's worth, the hand guard is very easy to remove, and it looks as though installing a new rail system would be simple.

Best of Luck,

*super minor note* the bolt release is stubborn, you really have to push it to close the hopup
by Wayne G. on 07/13/2017
"Love it so much I bought another one as a spare..I shoots .25 at about 375 fps out of the box. It is very accurate up to 125 ft or so. Most of my shooting is within 100 ft so that limit suits me nicely. After a couple weeks at the field with this gun I get picked pretty quickly. The sights are quite good and easy to see threw. Semi or full auto it shoots equally accurate. I put a vn style grip on it and it looks cool. The second one I got shoots nearly identical to the first. I'm very happy with both of these guns. All good. One con is after about 30,000 rounds the fps dropped alittle...345 to 350 with .25 but the accuracy hasn't wavered at all. Hope this helps.
by Lane P. on 04/16/2017
"A really good gun, wish I still had mine but traded it for an AK-47 full metal and real wood, but I miss it.

It was also the most accurate gun I've ever had.
by Nathaniel V. on 05/03/2016
"Overall great gun, full metal receiver only plastic is the stock (not including the butt plate), the hand gaurd and the pistol grip, good fps .15 are to fast to see you can barely see a .2.
-high fps
-realistic weight of m16 about 6.5-7pounds
-wiggly barrell
-plastic stock
-can not fit a m4 crane stock
-rear sling mount plastic
-unusable at most indoor arenas (over 400 fps with .20 grams)
Overall a great gun at a good price.
by Patrick O. on 08/31/2014
"Cool rifle!

- Metal body
- can hit a body sized target at 150 ft. @ 90% accuracy with .20g and 9.6v
- max range stock is about 180-200ft with .20
- stock has plenty of room for your batteries
- feels solid
- amazing ROF with a 9.6v
- godly ROF with a 10.4v

- IT IS LONG! not recommended for room clearing or CQB games
by Allison c. on 09/18/2013
"Its a M16.. And I love M16's.... This one was Amazing because when I held it for the first day, I knew it was going to work in an Airsoft war. I got about 20 Kills in one life. And I was running with this gun, Not camping.
The range is beautiful The Mag is good, The gun is all Upgradable The Handguard is a little wobbly But I can deal with it. I just use tape.

All metal besides the Handgaurd and grip.
Rubber Stock so your whole arm is snug and fit.
Amazing Iron sight's
The whole gun is Built in trust.

A Little bit of wobble in the handguard
by Jared D. on 05/23/2013
"Gun is among one of my favorite rifles in my arsenal. Didn't have the best range out of box but madbull 6.03 and an Angel Custom bucking fixed that problem. Now it's a good fps, an ok rof but it doesn't bother me since I use it as my DMR and if I cared I throw one of my 9.6v batteries in there, and a good range.
Good fps

Not insanely high rof
metal scratches easy but not ugly scratches
not great range out of box

All in all buy the gun, throw in $40 worth of upgrades and it's a beauty. Pay $40 more for a scope and now you have a DMR. I've taken in to many wars with friends, and some skirmishes and I was able to go against everyone just as good as anyone else, and I'm taking this to my first op in June!
by Susan R. on 03/27/2013
"hey guys, dont let the name fool you its just my moms email
first off i have had this gun for well over 1 year and it is still amazing
lower, upper, carry handle, barrel and front sight are metal including the butt where the battery goes
stock, pistol grip, d-ring and forearm are a very study plastic
mine came out of the box at a suprising 410fps and the only reason the ROF is a tad slow is because it is a rather large sring and requires more power to pull iit back after every shot, but still wiith a full battery is fast

Pros: study, mostly metal
packs a real punch
pretty good ROF
had mine for about a year and a half using the 8.4v 1500 mAh it came with and still preforms like it came out the box yesterday
working bolt catch and dust cover

Cons: my forearm moves a bit but its not noticable unless you look for it
dont use the sling it comes with

WARNING not a back yard gun to use with your friends, this one i have is way to powerful, only use on an airsoft playing arena
by Sam S. on 11/18/2011
"Just got this gun in the mail today and it's great. I put a carry handle mounted scope, mock suppressor and a 650mm angel custom tight bore on it and I love it. This thing definitely is gonna be my primary field gun. I've heard people say that this gun is top heavy with a carry handle scope, but I found that the 450 round hi cap filled with .25g BBs balances it out perfectly. The only thing I plan on doing to it now- at least until I can afford li-poly and m160 upgrades, is add a very small amount of weight to the stock to balance out the mock suppressor. All in all, 6 out of 5 stars.
by jordon b. on 11/08/2011
"I love this gun everyone says that agm dosent make good guns but this is so accurate i used .20 in it which is pretty good but il be moving up to .23 just stay away from crosman bbs in this gun because i had a bb explode in the gun and it made my gun so unaccurate and i didnt know what to do. so i cleaned the barrel out and it made it like new again. Right now i have a diamond tactical red dot on it and grip and with a flip up front sight and the gun is amazing!

Almost all metal
Easy to work on

Barrel wobble *fixable with electrical tape*
Stock scratches easily
by Steve W. on 01/27/2011
"this is an amazing gun i love it so much. the range on this thing is fantastic. almost as far as a sniper or farther. i use .23 gram bbs for this gun and it is great. alot of people say that they like .25 gram bbs better in this gun but i like both. i have a classic army m203 in this and it looks so beast. and its actually lightweight to me even with the m203. but thats just me saying that other people think its a little heavy. this is definitely a field gun i dont suggest picikng this 1 if you want a cqb gun but most people dont pick any m16 for a cqb gun.


amazing range, great fps, great accuracy, lightweight, perfect for field/woodland


doesnt really have any except the motor was a little lose but i fixed that with a screw driver.
by Mike D. on 05/21/2010
"This is an awesome gun! All metal except for the parts which you expect not to be--the hand guard and the stock. With .25g bbs it is amazingly accurate and hard hitting. And the iron sights it comes with are pretty good too. If you get a scope make sure it is high-profile so it can clear the front aperture (unless you plan on removing it). Not much stock wobble, and there's a minute amount of mag wobble, but that does not affect the performance of the gun. Also, the high cap that comes with it is a very good mag which has yet to misfeed on me. I can't tell you the exact FPS on it yet because I haven't had it chronoed yet (tomorrow I should have a chance to). The only real problem I have with this gun is the battery compartment. It is difficult to fit the battery in there. Also, be sure to buy another battery when you get this gun, because the junk stock battery is not very good (but this is a problem with most AEGs). All in all, this is an amazing gun which you should look to buy!

Hard Hitting
Metal = Good
Stock Sights are Good
Hi-Cap Mag is Awesome
Not a lot of wobble in stock or mags.

Battery Compartment
Stock Battery
by scott l. on 03/20/2010
"awesome durable gun. ive slammed it on the ground and nothing broke. my stock broke though cuz i had a P.O.S. sling and the stock hit a an angle and stripped the screw in it. so if you buy this gun get a good thing with strong metal hooks so they dont break off. i recommend this for anyone waning to shhot airsoft
by Nathan F. on 03/16/2010
"First Review!

Ok, this gun is very cool if you want a good gun for this price buy it.

Pros: Metal body,good weight,realistic feel, the battery it comes with, power.

Cons: Plastic hand gard,the battery it come with is had to get in,the sling is ok.

I haven't offcialy tested it for acuracy yet.
by Brandon C. on 03/03/2010
"Finally got the gun, must say, AGM out did themselves this time. The gun is NEARLY full metal, the Rate of fire is GREAT if you upgrade the gun the a 9.6V 1600 MAH battery. FPS is amazingly good, leaves welts all over the person your firing at. The only thing I did find wrong with the gun is that the handguard isnt metal like the description says it is. But even though, the gun is nearly flawless. I recommend this gun to anyone with the money and with the experience.

PS: Upgrade the piston to a silencing one, this one is pretty noisy =(