Reviews: AGM / Dboy Full Metal M4 RIS Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ PEQ2 Box

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Model: AEG-MP032A

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by lyph s. on 2013-02-27 17:45:54
"I just got the gun today and its awesome! My first AEG..i plan on upgrading it internally. WARNING do not get elite force m4/ m16 mags unless u want to spend 4 hours fileing and sanding them down to fit (that sucked) but the gun works great.i plan on doing a future review to tell u about how its holding up
by vray b. on 2013-02-11 17:53:41
"Its a good gun in general. I live in Canada so to import it i needed a spring upgrade ( 50 bucks ). That was a small pain i had to deal with but this gun was definitely worth getting. even after the upgrade the rate of fire was good and the semi auto was crisp and clean.

- gun is affordable
- full metal
- Feals nice and sturdy
- adjustable hop-up
- threaded barrel for barrel attachments
- Fully upgradable

- Battery is housed in the peq box ( you can just get a hand-guard to house the bat in the gun )
- the magazines i bought where REALLY tight
- The muzzle was glued on
- plastic stock
- peq box it plastic
- easy to scuff

Yea the gun was lovely and i love shooting it. most of the cons you can fix. I would conciser this a good buy.

I hope my review was helpful to you, Happy shooting :D
by Jeremiah C. on 2012-03-12 20:04:34
"Short review. This gun is great, being full metal, accurate and precise as well as fast rps. Only major set back is the stock, it is broken and wobbly on mine. The stock broke on the first day of using it. I am now stuck on one position as of right now. Good price for the gun. Recommend to friends and family as well as new and veteran players. Only set back is the stock, major thing.
by Michael S. on 2012-01-02 13:33:13
"I won this gun in a box of awesomeness, and it seems to have been a decent gun to win, but if I were actually purchasing a weapon myself, this would not have been my first choice.

The gun has a decent amount of metal on it
It shoots pretty well once you adjust the hopup
Rail system
Some parts of the gun are wobbly
The stock of my gun broke 3 days out of the box, and all I was trying to do was extend it. It hadn't even been used in field conditions yet.
I got the Javelin version of this gun, and it shoots a bit hot. It chrono'd at 430-435 which is too high for a lot of fields.
Rate of fire isn't anything to write home about.
The magazine is difficult to seat in the mag well. I have to push pretty hard on it before it will click. Maybe it will loosen up with some use? Not sure.
by Leenda A. on 2011-10-08 19:49:56
"I will have had this gun for a year soon and I still have all the original parts inside it performs well im on an airsoft team and this is the gun I use.
- in expensive I bought it when it was $200 and i still think its worth that.
- metal
- adjustable everything, from the stock to the iron sites to the hop up
- feels like the real thing
slow fps
overall i think this is a great gun for begginers and experts 10/10
by david d. on 2011-03-14 05:56:20
"I have had this gun for almost 2 years now and it has not failed me yet. the iron sights are a little loose but i have only noticed that when i was taking it apart so it didnt bother me when we were actually playing. the 8.4 volt battery that comes with it is fairly decent, the only thing wrong is the ROF. When i put a 9.6 in i was emptying the clip no problem. also the mag that comes with it feeds well and i have never had a problem with it. The sling is fell off once but i fixed that by pinching down on the joint so it van handle more stress and now it works fine. Its easy to take apart and even easier to upgrade. the vertical grip is plastic, but solid. no wobbles at all. the stock is well built and doesnt wobble. All and all I LOVE THIS GUN!!!
by Joseph D. on 2010-01-28 13:01:52
"I got this gun and am wondering if a new version is coming out or something, and if a new one is whats different from the original one?
As for a review this is a VERY nice air soft gun! Its mostly metal and shoots hard and far.It is also very accurate straight out of the box with no upgrades.the gun feels very high quality when when you hold it. I held it up to a classic army m4 and could barley tell the difference between the two the only thing that wobbles is the stock a little bit.
not a big deal doesn't interfere with the performance.Also the sling it comes with is a compete piece of trash get a new one as for the mags JG mags fit perfectly in it with no wobble at all.
the only thing i don't like about it is its rate of fire is to slow and, most batteries wont fit into the fake peq box it comes with. also this is completely irrelevant but i have noticed that a magnet is in the pistol grip i noticed when i put my full metal clip that came with the m4 (also high quality) behind the pistol grip of the gun in the case. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER GUN FOR THE PRICE BUY THIS!!!
shoots hard and far
mostly metal
very accurate
looks and feels real
high quality 300rd high cap mag
over all great gun for the price

slow rate of fire
stock wobbles a little bit
by Aaron K. on 2010-01-20 14:14:05
"This gun seems like it has a lot of potential, thats why i bought it about 5 days ago. im pretty new to airsoft and i want to learn how to customize my own gun...another reason why i bought this gun. i have 2 question, what would be better battery to give me a higher rate of fire but not destroy my internals because of it. what size MM is the heatguard rails? because i was looking to instal some different colored heat guard protectors and the ones im looking at on this website are for standard 20 MM rail cover, i was just wondering if that will fit this gun. can anyone help me out with this? thanks.
by Sebastian G. on 2010-01-18 12:01:22
"This gun is great. Very accurate and perfect for CQB or mid ranged battles. It's full metal, and very high fps. Mine was deliverd and the sheet said the company measured it at 446fps when it's only suppost to shoot 400. I've had mine for about five months and it's shows no wear. If you want to put a red dot or scope on it you have to either remove or saw off the front sight, it can get really annoying if you don't. Just use a dremel kit to saw it off.i also recommend s getting a 9.6v battery because the rate of fire isn't that great.If you want a good m4, this gun is great for it's price.

full metal
accurate to 100-120ft
great fps
comes w/ ris
internals are great

rate of fire
front sight is annoying to get off.
by alex h. on 2009-10-11 20:55:09
"This is one of the BEST guns you can get for under $200. Its is SOLID as a rock, no RIS or barrel wobble at ALL. The Stock and pistol grip (only plastic parts) are made of the HIGHEST quality plastic I have ever seen in an airsoft gun (that includes plastic on G&G, KWA, Echo1, and CA guns). This gun is not a quiet M4, though, it is pretty loud (but really not that bad). When I got this gun, I thought it would have JG quality internals, boy was I wrong. It came with metal bushings and a metal spring guide. It was also very well shimmed. And after around 10,000 rounds the piston and gears showed no wear. All you have to do to the gearbox is re-grease it (it does have a tasteful amount of mustard-grease in it). Also, the contacts have very good responce time. The only down side of this gun is that the ROF is only around 15rps. If you are looking for a good m4, this is your gun.


Comes with RIS, a PEQ of decent quality, and a battery
High quality Pistol-grip and stock
Very nice internals (especially for a chinese clone)
Good trigger responce

Loud (could be pro for some)
Shoots hot for most fields (415-430 for mine, stock)
Mustard grease

The PROS HEAVILY outweigh the CONS, so if you are considering a Echo1, JG, or other clone/sportline gun, this is the best you can get.
by tim t. on 2009-09-29 21:52:55
"This gun rocks we(my friends and I0 just opened it and went crazy because it totally kicked our jg m4's butt. Yadadad who cares if it is full metal but the stock but oh well the only bad thing is that the charging handle on mine does not make as good of a sound when you pull it back so maybe thats just mine.

Full Metal
400 fps
Tats it not much?

Bad Charging handle(only mine?)

and a 4/5 because we havent field tested it yet hope it is a five.
by Matt S. on 2009-09-28 22:21:47
"I own this gun as well, I didnt buy it off this site, but people looking here need to know that this is an outstanding airsoft gun. This is definatly a case where the low cost does NOT always mean low quality.
My gun came out of the box shooting 430fps! with a .2 bb, which was slightly higher then allowed where I play (400 for AEG max) .25's kept me just under 400fps and after learning more about this gun, after a few hundred BB's through it, it slows down slightly... After 500+ bb's later its shooting 390-400fps with .2's, and it hasnt dropped since. My gun has about 2000 .2's through it, nothing has changed, its very accurate and I have had 0 - ZERO problems with it. FYI mine is 100% stock, just a few external things, like scope, flashlight.... Great looking gun, almost everything for ar-15 based guns is compatible with it (I dont know what isnt, but I havent found anything yet) For the price, I would give it 6 stars if I could.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 26 reviews)

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