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CYMA Full Metal Receiver M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

12 Customer Reviews

by Dexter A. on 07/16/2014
"While other guns of this caliber can cost you 200 - 300 dollars, this AGM M4 breaks the mold. It shoots incredibly accurate and can easily shoot up to 80 yards. It is Li-po ready and can even work with a 7.2 Li-po battery. Its FPS is NOT CQB capable as this can easily shoot through the bottom of a soda can and almost through the top in one shot (I approx. about 420 -440 FPS). Very sturdy with its full metal body and feels good to hold. I would use this as my daily "driver" when it comes to outdoor fields and I could see this easily out shooting more expensive guns.

- Sturdy
- Hard Hitting
- Accurate
- Reliable

- Hop-up adjuster is loose but its nothing to complain about.
by Robert L. on 07/06/2011
"This is one of the best guns on the market for the price!!! A few weeks ago my friends and I played in an elimination match. My friend and i were the only ones left. He had a kwa m4 whhich is $300 and my agm outshot his gun and all of my friends were very impressed. The gun is solid metal and is extremely accurate with a .23gram bb. This is a must have. Plus, its only $150! So hurry up and add it to your cart!!!

* 400 fps
* metal construction
* had threads to apply a silencer
* removeable carry handle
* metal internals
* out performs more expensive guns

* absolutely none!!!!
by Bob H. on 10/13/2010
"This is an amazing gun, and i defiantly recommend that you buy it. Since I received the gun in the mail about a week ago, i have played about 10 hours of airsoft wars. This gun is amazingly accurate and has a good rpm. To tell you how good this gun actually is, I will give you an example of a tournament I was in.... One man was hiding behind a wheel barrel, about 50 feet away with 5 inches of his chest showing... I aimed a shot him about 5 times right in the chest through an open branch in a tree. That shot ended the war and everyone on my team said," how did your M4 possibly do that."

Fully metal with sturdy parts
high FPS, but low enough to use in a turniment
Best AEG I ever bought

by SNS I. on 02/25/2010
"Very good AEG, solid, upgradeable, realistic weight, all metal (where it counts) as advertised, including metal hop-up. Our AGM M4 shoots a solid 410 FPS out of the box with TSD .20g. Version 2 gearbox with metal bushings and steel "xyt" gears. We found the ROF to be acceptable with the supplied 8.4v battery (we don't need a exttremely high ROF to "spray and pray", we have a bit more skill than that and make out shots count). However, a 9.6v 8 cell small battery does fit nicely and does give a small increase in ROF... IF you trim or twist out the two small tabs in the lower handguard nearest the delta ring with a pair of pliers... yes.. even YOU can do it without messing it up. :-)

$150 is money well spent on this M4, which could be priced at $200 and still be a good VALUE for your money. We would purchase another one and highly recommend it to others.

Did you add it to your Shopping Cart yet ??
by Mark T. on 01/22/2010
"This gun is pretty damn amazing.
I already had a great gun before I bought this (I intended for this to be my loaner gun for my friends who wanted to try airsoft) but I ended up envying my friends and used this one. I chronoed this and it averaged 415, and it hurts. Very solid construction, full metal everything except handguard and stock.

410-420 fps
descent accuracy

get a nunchuck 9.6 V, I don't even use use auto w/ an 8.4 V, I can practically fire as fast on single
Ned some sort of way to raise your scope if you want to use one(high weaver, carrying handle scope, carrying handle RIS, or RIS raiser)
by Tyler G. on 01/06/2010
"This is a great solid gun. Got it this Christmas and I love it. It is way better than a JG because it will last longer with metal body and better internals. The battery compartment is really cramped and you have to move the clear thing in the handguard over to the side to fit in the battery. Great intermediat gun.
by Frederick N. on 08/24/2009
"Great gun. This gun is great right out of the box. The only problem i had was the hop up got stuck once, but easy to fix.

HIGH fps
High quality metal
Full metal
The whole gun is nice and sturdy

Paint chips off kind of easily, but can be a good thing. It makes it look battle hardened
by Ian G. on 03/25/2014
"First off the gun is... for lack of a better word, odd
Don't get me wrong, this gun is supurb on the battlefield. It's light, durable, and its performance is on par with that of more expensive guns. This gun though has no markings or indication that it is an AGM, the internals actually more resemble a classic army. I can't explain that but it doesn't make it a bad gun.

great range
great accuracy
feels natural

a non marked gun
bolt catch falls off

*IMPORTANT* please purchase a new hopup and bucking, they are faulty and cause my gun to jam and strip my gears, buy a new hopup, bucking, and run quality bb's through it.
by A-Jay J. on 02/27/2013
"I got this on the Daily Deal for $100. It's a nice gun. It has issues, but overall it's worth the money.
Relatively Cheap
Has included battery and charger
Good build quality
Really easy to take apart
Wires are good quality
Will last a good long while stock
Has 300 round metal Hi-cap included
The packaging is pretty good

Hop Up is physically horrible. Bad build quality and broke within a few days, Buy a better one. Period.
No AGM logo on the side like in picture
The charging handle spring is bad, mine is ruined. Once it stretches more than a little bit, it's screwed.
Some pins fall out pretty easily
My front receiver pin was bent, bad. It was a big deal getting it out. Be warned
The FPS frame is bad. 320-420? Really? That's really bad because I don't have a chronograph.
The Front sight wiggles when it's risen a little bit.
Magazine is pretty loose you could stick a toothpick through it.
The dust cover is a pain to put back together correctly
Stock wiggles.
Dust cover never stays shut.
Paint is horrible quality, scratches really easily.

I have taken this gun all the way to the bushings. The AoE is pretty good, I'm impressed. Same with shimming. Not much to be done there. Trigger is a pain when the gearbox is apart. Be ready. Overall the gearbox is pretty nice and should last a good long while stock. I personally installed some AIM rails and it's alot better now with those.
If anyone is wondering, yes you can take off the front sight, and the flash hider.
by Jon S. on 12/23/2012
"I just accidentally deleted a much more in-depth review, and do not feel like rewriting it, so I will just say a few simple things:
Handguard is too small to fit larger battery than 8.4 volt standard type, or possibly 9.6v nunchuck
VERY easy to disassemble/reassemble if you at all know what you're doing
Had to do some rewiring to get it working when I unboxed it
Sturdy construction
Feels like real M4
Working bolt catch/release
Seemed to have subpar hop-up system; my frame cracked
Has metal gearbox
Has annoying high-pitch noise when firing, but only 400-dollar guns don't

Overall, great rifle, especially when it is metal and $150 compared to $400 guns- those don't seem to have much that this doesn't
by William G. on 02/23/2012
"Its a pretty good gun. Not fantastic it has a few flaws but worth $150. Where the BBS feed from the mag is wobbly. So if you slam a magazine in it wont lock into place. This can be fixed with a small wedge and super glue if you want. The rear locking pin to open the receiver is jammed. Ive tried everything to get it out but it wont even budge. As with all guns the battery is trash. It works and it holds a charge but if you want ANY kind of good performance out of your gun you need to get a new one.
Besides a few minor things its a great gun!

No side logos.
Full metal.
Nice weight (9lbs).
Nice feel.
Great new player's gun.
Good base for upgrades.

Sometimes magazine wont lock in.
Scuffs easily.
Rear lock pin is stuck.
Cheap battery.
by Mark T. on 09/24/2009
"This gun has a pretty well built body, but the rof is attrocious. It can only take the really small batteries (7cell) or a nunchuck (highly reccomended 9.6v)

Good fps
solid externals

very low rof w/ 8.4
only takes 7 cell battery (or nunchuck)

Webmaster: This battery will improve the ROF and it fits no problem.