Reviews: Flip-up QD Scope Lens / Sight Shield Protector (Weaver / Rail Mounted) by Matrix (2 lens) - Black


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Model: ACC-1464-B

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by John S. on 2015-07-11 18:49:08
"This product does what it was intended to do: absorb some bb shots and eventually break. I think this product would work more efficiently with lexan instead of acrylic, though. Since this is the only cheap scope protector I have found on the market, I advise you buy this to protect your scope instead of finding out you should have got it beforehand.
by Kane G. on 2015-07-08 20:09:37
"It's alright, the clear shield came off of mine in game, but I bought a sheet of lexan and made a new one pretty easily. If you get this remember to make sure the screws holding the shield on are tight.
by Sam W. on 2015-07-06 22:09:35
"For $13 its worth it to protect your $50-$100 sight. Ive had mine for half a year and it has not broken yet.
by Mike Y. on 2015-04-15 13:40:02
"broke it trying to put it back down. Constructed poorly. save your money and just buy a kill flash or something.
by sue h. on 2015-02-05 20:04:27
"it took the bbs like a champ not one crack or chip from 20 feet 355 fps
by Cody P. on 2015-01-22 15:44:05
"Barely bumped it and it broke the protector, cheaply made. I do not recommend it!
by Zach F. on 2015-01-03 16:02:16
"Its a very well put together BB shield, the part that attaches to the rail is FULL MATAL, it feels really well put together. The glass However is GLASS and not plastic, However it does come with a clear and a yellow one so when one gets shot out you can replace with the other one. I do recomend this, However I more-so recomend you get the SPEED B shield, it is pricey but TOATALLY worth it. By the way this fits most sights like my replica Eotech.
by Dean M. on 2014-12-29 09:58:18
"One bb Broke the shield and continued to break my red dot. This shield isn't worth the money. You can pick up lexan at a lowes or home depot and cut it into the shape of the defender and it won't break at all. Overall horrible experience.
by Ryan C. on 2014-11-17 18:51:25
"So I bought this thing thinking it would work well. Not going to lie, it did its job, but it only took one bb to shatter the thing so now I am looking at the SPEED scope defender. looks much better and is only $30. One thing that I found usefull about this defender though is that you can flip it down when you dont need it. Overall, I would just go with the SPEED one as it seems to be much thicker.
by Christian S. on 2014-07-13 14:07:08
"to be honest i would not recoment this product for anyone, and it not worth $15.

The protective lens keeps falling out because the screws are stripped and wont tighten.
by Jordan C. on 2014-07-12 16:21:14
"The polymer shield is of very low quality. It shattered after a single day when I very lightly bumped into a plywood sheet. Not impressed.
by Bradley B. on 2014-06-06 09:22:01
"So far, I have not had a BB hit this yet. So I really can't tell you if it works as it is supposed to or not. BUT, I use it every game and It makes me feel a hell of a lot better that it's on as I really don't want to pay $80 for a new red dot site. I would recommend to anyone to get one of these.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 31 reviews)

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