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Flip-up QD Scope Lens / Sight Shield Protector (Weaver / Rail Mounted) by Matrix (2 lens) - Black

46 Customer Reviews

by george b. on 05/06/2012
"I have a $35 Barska red dot, nothing fancy like a holographic or ACOG. I was out at Desert fox and it got shot and the lens spider webbed. I was able to return it tho! I had it for about a year and airsofted regularly every weekend with it. Another time at Desert Fox I was in a building and the kid next to me got his brand new holographic shot out. What I'm trying to say is your optic is never safe in airsoft!

The protector is great. comes with Two lenses. One clear and one yellow one. Both come with clear removable protectors on both sides so do not worry about them coming to your doorstep scratched. They are not glass they are made up of a strong plastic. both lenses do not obstruct vision and can be angled to accommodate different types of optics. A must have if you want to decrease your chance of having to worry about buying a new optic soon!

-fits rails firmly
-Two lenses included, Clear and yellow.
-good quality
-pretty cheap

-only protects from the front. A bb can hit the rear of your optic or it can hit the front of your optic if shot at the right diagonal angle. But getting hit in the rear of the optic is highly unlikely and the diagonal angle shot is also unlikely too. This protector greatly reduces the % of your optic getting hit.

Highly recommended!
by Austin G. on 02/05/2012
"Ive used this every time ive played to protect my $110 ACOG and i'm thanking Jesus i got this thing... The first time i used it, it got cracked dead center from a bb. A week later i used it and it stopped the bb only to shatter into 3 pieces. So now i use the Yellow lens, which is kinda hard to see through indoors. If you have a nice scope this is DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE
by Patrick K. on 10/01/2010
"Very Good Scop defender looks cool and protects good

Super fast shipping !

Thanks to

Greetings from Germany.
by Marick M. on 09/17/2010
"This is definitely a good investment to protect your optics. Although my Red Dot is very small, this thing gets the job done 100%. It is a very good thing to have as it will protect your optics from being struck by BBs.
by marc m. on 06/04/2010
"OK so if you have a halo sight, scope, acog, any sort of optic that has a lens BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! You won't regret it and it will save you a lot of $$$ for replacing your sights. I have used it in many battles and it helps me from worrying about my sights. One big thing i have people ask me is that it makes everything you see much darker and can be hard to see through. FALSE!!! When I play I sometimes forget I even have it on. Trust me there's no difference what so ever.

saves you sights
folds down if your using an iron sight
saves you money
comes with two lenses, one clear, one yellow tinted

looks a little lame but whats worse, something looking a little not as cool, or looking like a moron for breaking your EOTech???!!! exactly.
by Ethan E. on 10/07/2009
"Its great. I got it too save my new Red/Green Dot Acog Scope. The lenses come with protective clear plastic film over both sided, however my clear lens still had a knick on it through the film. It looks like it happened in shipping where it rubbed the frame its on.

Pros: 1. Saves your scope!
2. Looks cool!
3. Folds Down!

Cons: I'll get back too ya on that one.
by max m. on 09/17/2009
"ok, i just got this and i love it, it protects my expensive acog and it looks kinda cool. it comes with a clear and a yellow sheild. it also flips down so you dont have to take it off everytime you dont wanna use it. i dont know what kind of material it is but it is nice and thick and strong. dont take any chances with your optics, buy one of these.
by Simon S. on 09/22/2017
"I ordered two of these scope lens protectors for our two rifles. I installed one first. Simple to install. Just remove the plastic on both sides. It's best to unscrew the two screws to remove the plastic completely. Do not over tighten the screws. After the second scope arrived, I opened the second box of protectors and found one of the two screws missing. You can tell from the wrinkling on the installed screw on the plastic Coating that the second screw wasn't installed from the manufacturer.
I called up Evike and sent a pic via email to the rep I spoke to, so he could verify the issue. All I asked for was for one missing screw. But I think they are sending me a whole new box. Do not install and use if one of the screws are missing. You can Crack the lens from pressure being placed on that single screw. I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 due to manufacturer missing the screw and shipping it off without being checked.
by Mason R. on 03/02/2017
"Works great. It's a little wobbly when flipped up, but it get's the job done. Came with an extra clear lens, and a clear lens on it. So that's nice. Survived 5 hours of skirmishes, so we'll see how it holds up over time, and in some rougher ops.
by Hyunjoong H. on 07/06/2016
"Works the way it is supposed to. Very nice. But the mount is not as solid as some other ones I have used.
by Carrie M. on 04/18/2016
"It is worth noting that the foggy look is because of a plastic protector on the lens that can be removed so it's clear. It does its job but the lens broke on me pretty quickly. It may have been caught on something, i don't know, but its worth it to protect your sight.
by John S. on 07/11/2015
"This product does what it was intended to do: absorb some bb shots and eventually break. I think this product would work more efficiently with lexan instead of acrylic, though. Since this is the only cheap scope protector I have found on the market, I advise you buy this to protect your scope instead of finding out you should have got it beforehand.
by Zach F. on 01/03/2015
"Its a very well put together BB shield, the part that attaches to the rail is FULL MATAL, it feels really well put together. The glass However is GLASS and not plastic, However it does come with a clear and a yellow one so when one gets shot out you can replace with the other one. I do recomend this, However I more-so recomend you get the SPEED B shield, it is pricey but TOATALLY worth it. By the way this fits most sights like my replica Eotech.
by Bradley B. on 06/06/2014
"So far, I have not had a BB hit this yet. So I really can't tell you if it works as it is supposed to or not. BUT, I use it every game and It makes me feel a hell of a lot better that it's on as I really don't want to pay $80 for a new red dot site. I would recommend to anyone to get one of these.
by Steve M. on 02/08/2014
"Definitely recommend this to protect your optics! But as mentioned the stock acrylic lens aren't the best. My first game a hit from about 30 feet cracked the lens, it did it's job but wouldn't stand up to repeated hits. You can find polycarbonate replacements online or attempt to make them yourself, they are 30x stronger then the stock lens!