Reviews: Custom Build Terminator Custom Full Size Airsoft AEG w/ Box Mag & RIS

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Model: CG-D03-046
Location: L8-054 L7-T20

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by ray c. on 2010-03-04 05:24:45
-Weapon: Shoots 390 out of box, easy to assemble,Lightweight, and Compact.
-The box mag is gravity feed,I have never had a jam. Recommend putting tape on the M4 mag or it might fall out.
-The look on the other teams face when you enter the field.

-Throw the stock battery away and get a Lipoly. This also increases the RPS, I am using a 7.4v Lipoly.
-The Box mag does make a lot of noise during movement, so dont try to be sneaky.

If you are looking for a unique weapon to take care or your mid-range threats, this is the gun. Highly recommend it. If you play at Blackstone Airsoft Field in VA you have already seen it, felt it, and you know who you are.
by Bryce R. on 2010-02-04 04:28:08
"Received this gun not to long ago and decided was about time for a review.
To start, the gun straight out of the box looks and feels great, the charging handle (unlike most other AEG's) is completely useless other than to realistically replicate the gun. Since the body is made of ABS plastic racking it back isn't as satisfying as say an M4, and since the hop up isn't concealed by it either, it literally has no use.

Other than that the gun overall just has a nice feel in your hands. Now the M4 mag that is provided isn't really that great and has feeding issues, once i replaced it with a standard a&k m4 mag it fed fine from the box. The 2 mid-caps that come with it feed perfectly and are nice to practice your speed loading with.

Unfortunately after just 1 test fire the gun had stopped working, I soon found out that 1 of the wires had gotten loose from the connector. A simple replacement tamiya connector fix and it was back to normal though. The internals overall are pretty good, like most AEG's if you plan on dropping a Li-po battery in it you will need to upgrade the usuals.

The only real major complaint about the gun is the RIS (came pre-installed by evike) There was no problem with the RIS itself more of how it was installed. Now this might have been done during the shipping process but i cant say for sure. The very front of the gun the metal in front of the mounting bracket snapped! The only way i could see this being done is if someone picked the gun up from the RIS and let the weight of the gun rest on the brackets. Since i had planned on replacing it with a built in red dot so it wasn't a problem for me, but you might want to ask them to let you assemble it yourself so theres no risk of this. The metal overall is sturdy and won't break on you unless you plan on using it like a hammer or taking a hammer to it.

The ROF is high as for fps i can't accurately tell without a chrono but I estimate around 340 fps with .20g at about 75 feet it can hit a coke can easy which is more than enough accuracy for a CQB PDW.

Overall a 4*/5 The gun is amazing, after you get past a few minor bugs it's a good CQB to kick down a few doors and storm the place with.

I hope this has helped make your decision in buying this gun in any way.

s1nGeD, s3kShUn8
by yur moms va j. on 2010-01-27 02:19:30
"ok this is a good gun but there pros and cons.

around 400 fps
Durable plastic
internals are metal
2 standard mags and 1 5000 rnd box mag+m4 300 rnd mag

my silencer was hollow and made it LOUDER!!!!!!!!
the box magazine blocks your sights :can be fixed with a red dot
my fuses blow out in middle of a match
the standard magazines dont fit very well fixd with a little cut cut
the frount oart of barrel broke off

this gun is good but the accecorys SUCK!!!!!!!! PS:i shot sum 1 5 feet away my bb got stuck in there face lol :)
by ray c. on 2010-01-19 10:28:45
"Perfect lil CQB gun. After playing in the field it shoots around 380fps not the noted 350.

Light Weight.
The 1500 high-cap modification is perfect.
Silencer gives it a fresh look and different sound

Battery,Recommend a 7.4v lithium.
by Cj B. on 2009-09-29 19:13:21
"Never Mind about the mag thing with the box its fixed but 2 things where can a sling go and i recommend buying 2 300rd mags still cause if ur a lefty like me its very difficult and irritating
by Cj B. on 2009-09-28 18:57:29
"this is a great gun but the box mag thing on mine is messed up it screws up my guns shooting performance by jamming it but the 2x 68rd mags work great but i recommend buying the 300rd ones cause you wont always have to replace your mags btw i recomend 2 of the 300rd but over all great gun and worth buying also the silencer actually helps silence it its crazy
by Zachary H. on 2009-09-27 20:50:59
"If you want to replace the barrel with a new one juts field strip the gun, take the barrel and hopup assembly out. The hop up easily slides off and under it is a rubber sleeve and one brass ring. just pay attention to how it comes apart and you will be fine. reinstall that on the new barrel and plop it back into the gun. hope this helped
by Jim Z. on 2009-09-15 14:41:31
"A GREAT gun ive had for a few months now and ive had absolutely no problems with it so far. A good ROF and pretty accurate. I put a reflex red dot on it and it shoots within the circle on it up to about 80 feet. Its still effectiveish at 120 feet about a 5-6 foot bullet spread not too bad for a CQB gun.

Just wondering how to replace the barrel for a longer one? I dont want to mess up my gun cuz i dont have enough spare money to get it fixed if i break it.
by Marianne C. on 2009-03-17 17:36:15
"This was a very good gun, very quiet. The only thing i would like better is the fps, if it was 400 its the most amazing deal you can get!!!

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