Reviews: Classic Army Sportline CA90 P90 Airsoft AEG Value Package


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Model: AEG-CA-SP011P-1
Location: A4-063

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by Sharif A. on 2014-02-01 22:18:24
"I got the gun a week ago, and used it twice since. Nice and light, ideal for CQB. The area which I saw this gun needed most attention was the trigger response. The trigger response is absolutely atrocious. After pulling back the trigger on semi auto a few times it will stop firing, and you'll need to switch to full auto and back to make it work again, a problem that can be fatal in CQB (which this gun is built for). I would recommended getting a high torque motor for this gun and to use nothing less than 9.6v battery. The 8.4v battery that is included doesn't fit inside the battery compartment (you shouldn't be using an 8.4v battery when using this anyways). The rate of fire is ~11-13 with the 8.4v battery but exceedingly higher when a 9.6v battery is used (~17-18rps). Also I was quite disappointed when there was only one rail space on this thing, but I mean you have built in sights and a rail space to put any other attachment so I guess that's fine. Also be sure you get midcap mags for this thing, I can't tell you how annoying high caps are for this thing. I made the mistake of buying extra highcaps. Turns out that you have to take out the mag to wind the bbs.
To sum it up:

-light weight for cqb
-high ROF with a 9.6v battery
-built in RDS
-everything you'd expect in a sportline
-good beginner/intermediate gun

-Poor trigger response (needs a high torque motor)
-1 rail space
-battery it comes with doesn't fit when putting the buttcap on
-High cap mags need to be removed from the gun to wind them
by Diana W. on 2010-09-10 13:46:48
"this gun is good powerful and accurate.


very high rate of fire
looks cool

the 300 rd magazine is crap(get matrix midcap mags)
the red dot sight is crap(get a r.i.s.)
the only metal thing on it is the charging handle(I got a metal upper reciever)
decent accuracy

overall it's a good gun but they'erbetter ones out thier
by Blaise R. on 2009-12-29 16:07:06
Great rate of fire: Burned through a high cap and three mid caps in about three minutes
Good FPS: Around 350
Comfortable Gun
The sight is very accurate: I've hit targets from abot 200 Ft. dead on
Long battery life

Skips on full-auto every once and awhile with the high cap mag
Jams occasionally on semi
I'm having trouble removing the orange flash-hider (It includes a black one, too)

It's a good gun and worth the money.
Since it's the value package you get a pair of eye protection glasses and some targets (normal, deer, and ninja targets), whick is a good bonus.
by Amy k. on 2009-02-27 17:59:24
"this gun is good but goo get the e-90 its better it is lower price to

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)