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Condor Tactical Open Top Triple Stacker AR15 / M4 / M16 / 5.56 NATO Magazine Pouch (Color: Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by FLY 79953 Sebastian Bustamante P. on 10/26/2017
"If you like to play with a vest and play with MilSim Style, this pouch is for you!!

Really high quality pouch, of course from Condor; but also really tight elastic band to have all the mags inside the pouches. In my case I use a CIRAS vest, so I have all my mags in front of me and is really comfortable for me.

Condor quality
space for 6 mags (a lot of ammo if you use mid cap)
really tight elastic cord

by JOSEPH MICHAEL D. on 08/29/2017
"Somewhat good news for AK fans. This product is good, it is sturdy and well made product not only it will accept AR mags but also AK mags the AK 74 type mags BUT for AK 47 mags it is a tight fit. Just leave the AK 47 mags in the pouch so it will allow for the material to stretched. The bungee cord on the rear pouch I can latch it on my AK mags but the front bungee cord it wont latch on the AK mag so I have to adjust the bungee cord to enable to latch on the AK mag. Overall this product is amazing not that bulky its almost like a low profile type of mag pouches. I would recommend this product for your plate carriers.
by Aaron C. on 03/04/2016
"I love these mag pouches for several different reasons. The straps on the back are stiff, so it a lot easier for me to thread them through the MOLLE webbing on my plate carrier then ones that use flexible rubber or cloth straps. However, they have enough flex that I can thread them through the MOLLE on the back of the pouches and then the MOLLE on my vest so they are super tight. These do exactly what they say they do and they do it well. My mags stay in until I need them, and I can easily and quietly change mags when I need to. Just make sure to tighten all the bungee cord knots before you use these pouches.
These pouches are meant for M4 mags, but with a little effort, I can also fit my Magpul Masada AKM mags into them. (Magpul PTS 160rd PMAG Mid-Cap for Magpul Masada AKM Series Airsoft AEG Rifles).

Mags are held firmly, but are easy to remove quickly.
Good straps & MOLLE webbing
Well made/good materials.

by ryan w. on 10/17/2015
"They are great.if you need to run 6 mags just get them and you won't regret it.they quality is really nice and it's very secure to your plate carrior because it has 6 mills straps that fasten it to the vest. Over all it's great so give it a try.
by Ray A. on 12/05/2014
"I like overkill. Naturally, I bought the pouch with the maximum number of magazine capacity. I integrated it into my system, realized how ergonomic and compact it was, and made the executive decision to buy at least one more and integrate it right onto the pouch itself. 10/10 would buy again.
by Ben C. on 10/23/2014
"I currently run 6 midcaps and a couple backup hicaps. This pouch is great for people who have a high speed loadout and people that use 6 mags like me. I can reload really fast with the bungee retention system. I have never been threatened by a shooter while reloading. And if you don't like the bungee, you can take it off. I took the 1st pouch's bungee off for super fast reloading. The tan color also matches my vest well.

Bungee Open Top System
Fast Reloading
Holds M4 Mags Well
Looks Cool
Good Coloring

by Dylan N. on 08/22/2013
"Extremely durable and fast trying, perfectly holds six M4 magazines. Can also fit AK magazines. I've had mine for a year or so now on my rig. I've sent this pouch through rain, mud, snow, dirt, dust, leaves and rivers and not a single rip or tear anywhere on it. I have never ever had a problem with magazines falling out of it either. The little bungee cords are adjustable in tightness, which you can change by untying the knot at the end of them, pulling the cord tighter or looser, then retying the knot. Absolutely love this product.
by Chris M. on 05/13/2012
"these things are amazing! i have had no issues with them what so ever. the strings on top are removable and your mags will not fall out. ive tested them, and unless you are dangling from a tree, during an earthquake, they will not fall out. i played at least ten game without the strings on, and i still have all my mags. and yes. the pmags fit in these.
by Debbie B. on 02/14/2012
"Fits 6 M4 magazines just like it says. It has bunjee cord straps to hold the mags in, but you don't really need them because the magazines fit pretty snugly in the slot. In fact, they are really tricky to get in at first, but after a few uses they wear in and become easier to fit. If you are someone who puts empty mags back into the magazine pouches, then this is a good pouch because you can see which ones are loaded and which ones aren't.
by Blake C. on 08/30/2011
"Alright guys and dolls let me just say that this is perfect for standard m4 mags. I have not tested ak mags, mp5 mags, magpul mag or something like that, but I have tested thompson stick mags. Even though they are a bit looser then the m4 mags, they still fit in snug enough to not bounce around when running. Back to the m4 mags, now for pros and cons.

Cons: the only thing I could find is the fact that it was really tight at first to get the standard m4 mags in, but then loosened up.

-Good quality
-Alright pricing
-Reduces sound made when pulling on mags(unlike velcro)
-Easier to pull out mags
-Will stand up to the test of time(mine has)
-Provides realistate"Place to hang more stuff" on the front of it
-Good for airsoft and real m4 mags
-Looks good on vest
-Last but not least can hold things like pistols, batteries, pistol mags, candy bars, soda pop, walky talky, dead rag, ipod, phone, knife, a sandwich, M&Ms, and much more useful and delicious things.

So overall would I say get it! You better believe it.
by Alex B. on 12/22/2010
"Great pouch, useful, space saving and holds 6 mags in a very small amount of room.
by Alex B. on 12/22/2010
"Great pouch, useful, space saving and holds 6 mags in a very small amount of room.
by Jake S. on 08/03/2016
"Great cheap pouches. Good quality, holds mags tight, and stays on MOLLE securely. What else can you ask for?
by darby g. on 10/17/2010
"i bought these for one of my two vests a while back and had the same problem with getting magazines in, but after keeping the mags in there for a couple days they loosened up and became much easier to use. i never had any issues with the stitching on this product and the pouches all even. they were of good quality when i bought them but that was a while ago, so thing may have changed by now.