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Double Eagle M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: Retractable Stock)

139 Customer Reviews

by Charles M. on 01/24/2011
"I recommend this shotgun to airsoft players both old and new. I tested this gun and all I can say is that the gun has some serious power. You can just feel it by holding it (At least in my opinion). I have yet to use it in a battle because I simply do not play airsoft in winter.

Heavy Weight
Feels Solid (Doesn't wobble)

The stock, while adjustable, can be pulled off easily. I'll give it time to grow on me but that's the only problem I have with it.

I recommend this for CQB and field battles.
by KENNETH d. on 01/18/2011
"I recieved this gun for christmas, and i can honestly say i am truly impressed. Its all plastic body but its VERY sturdy and the grips are a comfortable and durable polymer. The Quality impresses me to this day. It shoots a 3 round burst and the grouping is impressive. the only complaint i can think of is its rough to cock at first, but it loosens up. AND its slamfire, meaning hold the trigger and just pump and itll shoot as fast as you can pump

5/5, a steal at 60 dollars for the gun, 2 shells, and loader
by jackson h. on 01/15/2011
"I just got this gun and it is definitely worth the money. i was just using it and it has good power and range, but the only thing i did not find great about this gun was that it is kinda hard to cock. But other than that a great gun for the price, altho there is a smaller version of this gun made by the same company, the M56C that is a smaller version and is $5 cheaper, that I'm guessing would work as a secondary better than this gun.

rail mount
good iron sights

hard to pump
flimsy stock
by Scott P. on 01/15/2011
"This is a great shotty, probably the best springer shotty as of 2011. I love mine and have owned it for two and a half years without it breaking or ANY problems. I have used this in several skirmishes and it has saved my butt numerous times. if your lookin for a shotty but dont want to spend on a fourtune on the tm or marushim this is your gun.i would highly recomend getting extra shells because each shell only holds 30 bbs (ten shots)

3 shots
good range great for cqb

shells only hold 30 bullets
by William D. on 12/22/2010
"I've had this gun for about a few weeks now and I am impressed. once i picked it up it had a very nice weight and feel to it. I do really recommend it to anyone beginning airsoft.


Nice weight and feel
uses shells
shoots more than one bb

hard to pump (but youll get used to it)
low mag capacity

overall this is a great gun for CQB, or a sidearm for a sniper
by quincy r. on 12/11/2010
"I love this gun! When ever i play i always bring this in case one of my AEGs breaks. first off i want to say i recommend this to anyone like nice sturdy shot guns. Its a great secondary, and a power weapon for spring wars.

a good surprise to anyone who hasn't seen it before
3 shots
good sights
kinda accurate
comfortable and cool to have...
good price

small clip (large for shotguns but still)
very hard to cock
not very accurate

if you want a very good starter gun or secondary choose this.
you should get the extra mags because i lost one the first month
by Sonny V. on 12/10/2010
"I've had the gun for some time now to know it well and it's a very good gun. It's very sturdy and reliable, unlike others i've had in the past. It does have it's "goods" and it's "bads." The range is good until about 60 - 100ft then i've noticed the bbs kind of curve away in opposite directions. It is very effective at close range.

shoots 3 bbs at once
Has some metal and plastic which evens it out and makes it lightweight
Has a spot for another shell if your playing a lot with people and you need to quickly change shells.
Good grip( doesn't lose its feel or gripping)

HARD TO COCK(unless its lube)

Overall I do recommend this for beginners AND also people with some experience because it is not any ordinary gun. Soooo if you do want to buy it I suggest so.
by John S. on 12/03/2010
"Very sturdy gun. Received with no wobbley parts. Pistol grip and pump slide are covered with a rubber material for a solid grip when racking it up for a shot. Has a spot in the pistol grip to store an extra shell. Nice tight spread of bb's when shot for close range. Expands even greater with range. The outside of the box indicates it has a hop up but I have yet to find it. Overall quite happy with it.
by Brent P. on 05/23/2010
"Used this at a match and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! really good with 0.20g bbs. was in a ditch and saw a guy behind a tree trying to snipe me and he was atleast like 15-20 feet away and only took 1 shot to hit him right in the FACE. the bbs dont spread out till a good long distance all 3 bbs hit him while all together. if u think this gun sucks, it doesnt. GETTTTT ITTTTTTTTTTTT


really good for 50$

awsome handling

bbs are very accurate

good for starting players getting into Airsoft

easy to carry



if u get shells make sure u get a speed reloader or else it takes forever to reload shells.

kinda hard to open where u put in new shells but its easy after a while.

by Frank B. on 05/14/2010
"Got the shotgun in a cool box. Nothing was missing and the shotgun looked amazing. Put the shell in and I noticed it was very hard to cock especially when the stock is wobbly. get the original tokyo marui shells as the spare magzine holder inside the handle of the shotgun won't hold the cheap $10 tokyo marui shells in a 4 pack. The ones that work are the tokyo marui $25 dollar ones that come in a 3 pack. They actually hold 30 rounds and the shiny part (don't know what its called) is actual metal o it ooks cooler and get better feed. I liked how a RIS was already installed and the sight resembles an m1014 (for those of you that play MW2)(the best game ever!!!!!) except theres no neon green dots painted on.

In battle____
It as a great gun some guy fired at me with a P90 by echo1 and i ducked in a doorway. Cocked my shotgun. Waited till he stopped firing. Looked around the corner.... BAAMM.. (not really but you know) I fired my shotgun, all of the BB's hit the guy at about 50 ft. I was impressed... I also like that when you press the lever to open the shot inserter thingy it will eject a shell that was already in there.. All in all this is awesome shotgun
by Jake L. on 05/08/2010
"this shotgun is a blast. you get the firepower of a shotgun with the bb spread of a shotgun.
Realistic accuracy
adjustable sights
good magazine capacity
badass with a shotgun scabbard
adjustable stock
little wobble in stock
just a little long
and the pump can be hard at first

when buying extra shells, make sure you buy the 30 round shells instead of the 14 round shells
by Richard S. on 04/28/2010
"This is a great shotgun in my opinion. The three shot burst is an excellent feature, it has allowed me to get three kills with one shot before! At close range, its devastating, nobody wants to take three in the chest from this beast. At longer ranges however, accuracy dwindles, but come on, its a shotgun. The shot shell magazines are cool, i recommend getting more as you'll burn through them quickly. It's a sturdy gun, especially being plastic. I've put mine through plenty of abuse and it operates great. The only problem ive ever had is occasionally loading 4 bbs in one shot instead of 3, not a big problem though.

Three shot burst kicks a**
For abs plastic, nice construction
shell mags are neat
very effective at close range
excellent backup weapon

A bit hard to pump
doesnt seem to have any hop up, but what does it matter....its a shotgun
mag capacity is a bit low (10 shots/30 rounds)

I'd recommend this gun to anyone who wants a great backup weapon or a mean cqb weapon.
by james r. on 04/08/2010
"I recently got this gun just to put in the scabard i keep on my back. This gun has saved me alot when my m4 runs out and i remember its on my back! for $50 this is a great gun to use.
by steven f. on 03/02/2010
"WOW!!! This gun is truly amazing! I picked this gun up a couple of weeks ago for a bbq and spring gun only game that our team host in the backyard every 2 months. I stood out above everyone else and the gun definetly performed a lot better then I expected. In fact this gun will be on a scabard on my back during high end games. I shoot .25 out of mine and the bbs stay together in a very tight group. I was amazed at the distance this gun shoots. My suggestion, do not waste your money on expensive shotguns. This gun may not be full metal, but it performs just as good or better then the high end ones. I would rate this as a 10 out of 10! Just make sure you order extra mags. Get the 6 pack.
by johne g. on 01/28/2010
"shotgun is AMAZING for durability, as said before, built like a tank, sounds awesome when wired, great spread, great power.