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Model: SG-M56DL

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by connor b. on 2011-12-25 21:36:12
"this is an awesome shotgun hurts and has a good range . it has a very good spread at 45 feet but is still accurate recommend .23 gram bbs because they fly perfect and hits in tight spreads with this weight buy it it wont be a mistake!!!!!!!
by Jonathan D. on 2011-12-02 18:34:12
"I call this gun "Lucky." First airsoft war I have with this gun, and I got seven people out, spread out over 9-10 battles. Lucky number 7. It does not have the best accuracy, but is great for CQB, especially indoor combat. It is O.K. for playing fields, but only if there is sufficient cover. I went up against guys with 100-200 dollar AEG's, and gas pistols. It is quite simply, a weapon meant for p'wning.
Shell magazine
Adjustable stock
Great sights
rail system

Cons:(if gun is properly treated, cons will not effect you in skirmishes)
Stock/pistol grip is a little wobbily(grip can be fixed with duct tape)
sometimes hard to cock

Overall: great gun, for a newbie or experienced airsoft player.
by Noah A. on 2011-10-12 12:17:24
"This is probably the best of all the tri-shots because of all the stuff you can do. I put my EOTECH on the the rail and use the turning ability of the stock to my advantage when I "Slice the pie" Mine was a Double Eagle and I think all of them are


Retractable and turnable stock
Surprisingly easy to cock


Inner Barrels stop before the end of the outer barrel
Not alot of range
A little too much spread for me (might just be my gun)
Stock and pistol grip are REALLY wobbley (needs a long philips screw to tighten it)

Id give it a 4/5
by jackson h. on 2011-01-15 19:54:51
"I just got this gun and it is definitely worth the money. i was just using it and it has good power and range, but the only thing i did not find great about this gun was that it is kinda hard to cock. But other than that a great gun for the price, altho there is a smaller version of this gun made by the same company, the M56C that is a smaller version and is $5 cheaper, that I'm guessing would work as a secondary better than this gun.

rail mount
good iron sights

hard to pump
flimsy stock
by Sonny V. on 2010-12-10 18:05:13
"I've had the gun for some time now to know it well and it's a very good gun. It's very sturdy and reliable, unlike others i've had in the past. It does have it's "goods" and it's "bads." The range is good until about 60 - 100ft then i've noticed the bbs kind of curve away in opposite directions. It is very effective at close range.

shoots 3 bbs at once
Has some metal and plastic which evens it out and makes it lightweight
Has a spot for another shell if your playing a lot with people and you need to quickly change shells.
Good grip( doesn't lose its feel or gripping)

HARD TO COCK(unless its lube)

Overall I do recommend this for beginners AND also people with some experience because it is not any ordinary gun. Soooo if you do want to buy it I suggest so.
by Cameron J. on 2010-11-30 19:43:24
"This is a great gun, definitely recomend buying it. Got a full body shot from about 60 feet away with all three rounds :D

-hefty about 5 pounds or so
-powerful (mine shoots right through cans most of the time)
-great range and spread with .2, but if your going for accuracy you should probably use .23 or so
-awesome look
-big (about 3 feet long)
-just all around AWESOME
-adjustable rear sights
-metal barrel tubes

-Evike sent me mine with only 1 shell :'(
-also one screw from the adjustables sights was missing :/
-eats ammo like you wouldnt believe, pro or con i guess (get extra shells!!!)

So yeah, definitely buy this, 4/5 stars cuz my gun was missing a screw

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Chris W. on 2010-06-01 20:31:14
"Wow. That sums it up. This is a great gun for beginners who want to play low FPS. It's sturdy and has great range with a tight shot formation. It is a hard pump shotty but you just have to be a man about it and push forward with the pistol grip and back with the slide.

Pros: Sturdy, triple shot, pretty much full metal, good accuracy.

Cons: I know it's a retractable stock but it's seriously loose, the pistol grip shifts a lot (I can almost remove it by pumping the gun).

Overall it's pretty good beside those cons its a great gun.
by Frank B. on 2010-05-14 21:22:17
"Got the shotgun in a cool box. Nothing was missing and the shotgun looked amazing. Put the shell in and I noticed it was very hard to cock especially when the stock is wobbly. get the original tokyo marui shells as the spare magzine holder inside the handle of the shotgun won't hold the cheap $10 tokyo marui shells in a 4 pack. The ones that work are the tokyo marui $25 dollar ones that come in a 3 pack. They actually hold 30 rounds and the shiny part (don't know what its called) is actual metal o it ooks cooler and get better feed. I liked how a RIS was already installed and the sight resembles an m1014 (for those of you that play MW2)(the best game ever!!!!!) except theres no neon green dots painted on.

In battle____
It as a great gun some guy fired at me with a P90 by echo1 and i ducked in a doorway. Cocked my shotgun. Waited till he stopped firing. Looked around the corner.... BAAMM.. (not really but you know) I fired my shotgun, all of the BB's hit the guy at about 50 ft. I was impressed... I also like that when you press the lever to open the shot inserter thingy it will eject a shell that was already in there.. All in all this is awesome shotgun
by Jake L. on 2010-05-08 21:36:08
"this shotgun is a blast. you get the firepower of a shotgun with the bb spread of a shotgun.
Realistic accuracy
adjustable sights
good magazine capacity
badass with a shotgun scabbard
adjustable stock
little wobble in stock
just a little long
and the pump can be hard at first

when buying extra shells, make sure you buy the 30 round shells instead of the 14 round shells
by Davis L. on 2010-02-10 22:06:19
"I bought this gun for $15 more than Evike sells it for :(

Pros: Tight groupings with the 3 shot burst, the bbs kinda curve away from eachother once the range hits 60-100 ft.

4 free shells and a shell holder

Hasn't jammed on me once and I've been quadruple-feeding the thing on purpose.

Slam-firing doesn't hurt the gun at all...

Great fun to shoot

Has a rail that ACTUALLY fits optics on it! :D

Retractable stock is awesome, looks nice, is entirely rubberized, and smells like BBQ when new. I just love smelling the gun because of that. Mmmm....steak.

Cons: Hard to cock (the pump is not lubed at all, if you lube it it will be 3x easier to cock the gun.)

A little weird using a airsoft version of a shotgun meant for auto/semi auto firing as a pump action

Once you go past 60-100 ft, the bb's just kinda curve away from your target or drop.

My sling holder in front of the pump got loose and just slides around. Nothing a little loctite wont handle.

Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to open this thing up past the barrel & pump. Its like the entire shotgun outside of the barrel is molded together....not good if you want to fix the gun or upgrade it.

No conceivable hopup

Back sights are loose and have come out on me before. I think the manufacturer tried to make them adjustable...but failed.

Retractable stock is prone to "retract" back to its shortest position if too much pressure is applied to it.

Overall, it was a good buy. I would buy it all over again, if it was as cheap as Evike's prices.
by Taylor D. on 2010-01-31 22:45:18
"I bought this gun and it is amazing being able to shoot three shots at once is a great thing to have with a shot gun. There was a small flaw with my gun though but it is easily fixable its within the adjustable stock its that after a period of time the screw inside the metal rod comes loose ever so slightly but it can easily be fixed with a long phillips head screw driver. Other then that the gun works beautifully and i would highly recommend this shotgun.
by Ehtesham Q. on 2010-01-27 15:54:22
"Ill start in the beginning i originally bought this shotty as a cqb weapon and i must say its amazing. It came yesterday in the mail and i fell in love with it. First 2 things i noticed was they included 4 shells which is weird cuz it said only one "spare" shell was in there. I was happy then i noticed another good thing it had that shell holster. Im glad i got this gun although there are somethings you should now.
4 extra shells
tri shot feature
looks amazing
matte black
HARD TO COCK(takes some getting use to)
cheap plastic sights
crappyer then hell sling(no surprise there)
OVERALL i think this is a great investment just be gentle with it there are plastic parts on it. Get extra shells and well thats about it...

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