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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Retractable Stock / CQC Barrel

43 Customer Reviews

by ian s. on 06/19/2013
"okay to start out this gun is fricken amazing! when i purchased this gun the handle was loose and then later the stock brock off and the gun wouldnt shoot anymore.


awsome fps

fantastic accuracy

3 round burst

great feel


good for cqb and long range fights


paint peels

loose handle.....

uhh thats it for the cons :)

remeber these are my opinions so your gun might be different i highly recommend this gun!!
by Francesco D. on 02/26/2013
"I got this gun today, and decided to do a quick review

3 shots
Comes with a sling
Not very heavy

Very wobbly stock, still trying to find out how i can tighten it
Pumping it takes some effort
.12 grams fly up about 20 feet, use .20 or .22s

Overall, this gun is worth it, again, im still getting the feel for it, and i have nothing against the gun, just the stock.
by Tina C. on 02/16/2013
"I got this gun just recently, and I love it.

The shotgun is actually durable, despite being plastic, unless you're dumb with it and whack people with it or something. It also comes with a rail, so if you want an optic on it you can go ahead and put it on. I have an red dot on mine, because I don't like aiming down the sights.

The sights are okay, and are adjustable via Allen key, but they tend to be a little hard to aim down if you have a metal mesh mask like I do. But it's a shotgun, who needs sights? The pump is very hard to pull back at first, but once you get a feel for it you could shoot the whole shell in 5 seconds. The shell holds 30 BBs, and is okay I guess, I don't see much wrong with it. Remember, the gun shoots 3 round burst so that means 10 rounds per shell. The shells can be refiled with a speed loader.

One BIG thing, if within a day or so of shooting the stock and pistol grip gets really loose, it can be fixed easily. Just remove the stock, like you would an M4 or something, and get a long, big Allen key and screw in a screw that keeps it all in place. If you tighten it, you wont have that problem for a while.

Awesome feel
Adjustable sights
(somewhat) Durable
Stock is adjustable and easy to adjust
3 round burst
Came with a sling which was pretty cool

Wobbly stock and grip at first, until you tighten
Virtually only 10 shots per shell, but shells are pretty cheap
Pump requires Schwarzenegger-tier strength the first couple of times until you get a feel for it
by kennedy g. on 11/01/2012
"I bought this gun last weak and it came in the mail today. My friend has this gun and i played with it and i had to get one! I have two minor complaints. One the pump is hard to pull so if you are a smaller person i would not suggest this gun for you. The other complaint is the stock. The buffer tube gets loose. it wobbles and the tube holds the pistol grip on so when the buffer tube gets loose so does the pistol grip. The screw that holds the buffer tube is inside the buffer tube so you need a 9 inch hex key to tighten it. So if i were you i would get the full stock.


Good quality

nice fps for cqb

durable sling mounts

decent range

good iron sights


Buffer tube gets wobbly

hard to cock for smaller persons

mine did not come with a shell
by Clay S. on 04/16/2012
"This is a great gun for indoor/CQB if you are looking for something different than just a pistol or semi-firing and AR or SMG, Though it is true, it is a little bit hard to pump, I'm scrawny and I got used to it fairly quickly. I suggest getting extra shells with your purchase- you are going to need them. It has great performance in CQB, once I got good with the pump, that is, I was racking up kills like it was nobody's business. Personally I think that this gun works best while playing the objective if you are not a person who is afraid to rush. It is a little bit long, but with management, it is a very nice tool for rushing in, poping off a few shots, then leaving with the enemy flag or something like that- at least that is how I used it most effectively.

This is not a camper's tool! You will be disappointed if you try to sit back with this in a CQB environment. Is great if you want something with a unique feel yet you still want to be effective.

One thing however, don't try using this as your primary weapon in field. I did this to experiment, and you will get outranged and outclassed by everyone else's AEG's. I will however, test this out as a secondary weapon that I'm going to hold on my back next time I go to field.

Recommended purchases: I suggest extra shells, as you only get 10 shots with each shell, and a shotgun bandolier that will hold your shells is not a bad idea, It makes you look like rambo, while holding your shells effectively. IT WILL fall off when you run, however if you don't secure it. I secure my bandolier simply with two safety pins, and then I'm good to go.

Overall a great gun to use in CQB if you want to rush/play OBJ and very affordable.
by connor b. on 12/25/2011
"this is an awesome shotgun hurts and has a good range . it has a very good spread at 45 feet but is still accurate recommend .23 gram bbs because they fly perfect and hits in tight spreads with this weight buy it it wont be a mistake!!!!!!!
by Noah A. on 10/12/2011
"This is probably the best of all the tri-shots because of all the stuff you can do. I put my EOTECH on the the rail and use the turning ability of the stock to my advantage when I "Slice the pie" Mine was a Double Eagle and I think all of them are


Retractable and turnable stock
Surprisingly easy to cock


Inner Barrels stop before the end of the outer barrel
Not alot of range
A little too much spread for me (might just be my gun)
Stock and pistol grip are REALLY wobbley (needs a long philips screw to tighten it)

Id give it a 4/5
by Cameron J. on 11/30/2010
"This is a great gun, definitely recomend buying it. Got a full body shot from about 60 feet away with all three rounds :D

-hefty about 5 pounds or so
-powerful (mine shoots right through cans most of the time)
-great range and spread with .2, but if your going for accuracy you should probably use .23 or so
-awesome look
-big (about 3 feet long)
-just all around AWESOME
-adjustable rear sights
-metal barrel tubes

-Evike sent me mine with only 1 shell :'(
-also one screw from the adjustables sights was missing :/
-eats ammo like you wouldnt believe, pro or con i guess (get extra shells!!!)

So yeah, definitely buy this, 4/5 stars cuz my gun was missing a screw

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Chris W. on 06/01/2010
"Wow. That sums it up. This is a great gun for beginners who want to play low FPS. It's sturdy and has great range with a tight shot formation. It is a hard pump shotty but you just have to be a man about it and push forward with the pistol grip and back with the slide.

Pros: Sturdy, triple shot, pretty much full metal, good accuracy.

Cons: I know it's a retractable stock but it's seriously loose, the pistol grip shifts a lot (I can almost remove it by pumping the gun).

Overall it's pretty good beside those cons its a great gun.
by Davis L. on 02/10/2010
"I bought this gun for $15 more than Evike sells it for :(

Pros: Tight groupings with the 3 shot burst, the bbs kinda curve away from eachother once the range hits 60-100 ft.

4 free shells and a shell holder

Hasn't jammed on me once and I've been quadruple-feeding the thing on purpose.

Slam-firing doesn't hurt the gun at all...

Great fun to shoot

Has a rail that ACTUALLY fits optics on it! :D

Retractable stock is awesome, looks nice, is entirely rubberized, and smells like BBQ when new. I just love smelling the gun because of that. Mmmm....steak.

Cons: Hard to cock (the pump is not lubed at all, if you lube it it will be 3x easier to cock the gun.)

A little weird using a airsoft version of a shotgun meant for auto/semi auto firing as a pump action

Once you go past 60-100 ft, the bb's just kinda curve away from your target or drop.

My sling holder in front of the pump got loose and just slides around. Nothing a little loctite wont handle.

Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to open this thing up past the barrel & pump. Its like the entire shotgun outside of the barrel is molded together....not good if you want to fix the gun or upgrade it.

No conceivable hopup

Back sights are loose and have come out on me before. I think the manufacturer tried to make them adjustable...but failed.

Retractable stock is prone to "retract" back to its shortest position if too much pressure is applied to it.

Overall, it was a good buy. I would buy it all over again, if it was as cheap as Evike's prices.
by Taylor D. on 01/31/2010
"I bought this gun and it is amazing being able to shoot three shots at once is a great thing to have with a shot gun. There was a small flaw with my gun though but it is easily fixable its within the adjustable stock its that after a period of time the screw inside the metal rod comes loose ever so slightly but it can easily be fixed with a long phillips head screw driver. Other then that the gun works beautifully and i would highly recommend this shotgun.
by Beth Dean M. on 07/18/2015
"I got this gun a little wile back. I really like the feel and look of it. Does not seem like it will break any time soon. But there are a few 'big' problems with it. The stock and pistol grip get loose really fast and is really hard to tighten. I would DEFINETLY recommend getting the full stock version. I wish I did more research and chosen that one. also on mine one bb only goes 15 feet. really messed up so now its a 2 shot. but over great gun shells feed nice and easy to reload. as for the pumping problem its not that hard to pump after a few times.
by Nicholas P. on 10/25/2013
the sights are nice
good fps
rail on top

retractable stock wobbles (fixable)
barrel is too long+the inner barrel does't even go to the end of it it stops like 5ins before the end of the outer barrel

over all i would not buy this gun again but I would buy the one with the shorter barrel and fixed stock.