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M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Riot Shotgun - Retractable Stock / CQC Barrel

43 Customer Reviews

by Sean A. on 04/11/2012
"Very solid gun, has a nice spread , also, many people say that it is too hard to pump, it's not. I'm not Evan that strong and it's fine , so ya it's an awsome shotgun, very light but if you drop it or smash it..... It's not going too break. So get it, It builds skill.... A very fun weapon
by Chris J. on 04/02/2012
"I got this gun today and I have to say its more than I expected, Its got nice Fps, range, and bullet groupings

Metal Barrel
Top Rails and Sights
Quick shell Release
Good Fps
Good range for a Shotgun
Multi shots
Bullet grouping is impressive

The hardest thing to cock
Stock may slip off when retracting too far
Thats it

Other than that, this gun is awesome... I recommened this to anyone who wants a powerful spring gun for a quarter of a price of a good AEG. But I wouldnt suggest this for beginners due to its difficult cocking action, but it is still an amazing gun
by Matej R. on 02/20/2012
"just get it today and i must say - it is good. Range impreased me.

some rubber parts
good qality plastic
is heavy

hard to pump
a bit too long
by Jonathan D. on 12/02/2011
"I call this gun "Lucky." First airsoft war I have with this gun, and I got seven people out, spread out over 9-10 battles. Lucky number 7. It does not have the best accuracy, but is great for CQB, especially indoor combat. It is O.K. for playing fields, but only if there is sufficient cover. I went up against guys with 100-200 dollar AEG's, and gas pistols. It is quite simply, a weapon meant for p'wning.
Shell magazine
Adjustable stock
Great sights
rail system

Cons:(if gun is properly treated, cons will not effect you in skirmishes)
Stock/pistol grip is a little wobbily(grip can be fixed with duct tape)
sometimes hard to cock

Overall: great gun, for a newbie or experienced airsoft player.
by jackson h. on 01/15/2011
"I just got this gun and it is definitely worth the money. i was just using it and it has good power and range, but the only thing i did not find great about this gun was that it is kinda hard to cock. But other than that a great gun for the price, altho there is a smaller version of this gun made by the same company, the M56C that is a smaller version and is $5 cheaper, that I'm guessing would work as a secondary better than this gun.

rail mount
good iron sights

hard to pump
flimsy stock
by Sonny V. on 12/10/2010
"I've had the gun for some time now to know it well and it's a very good gun. It's very sturdy and reliable, unlike others i've had in the past. It does have it's "goods" and it's "bads." The range is good until about 60 - 100ft then i've noticed the bbs kind of curve away in opposite directions. It is very effective at close range.

shoots 3 bbs at once
Has some metal and plastic which evens it out and makes it lightweight
Has a spot for another shell if your playing a lot with people and you need to quickly change shells.
Good grip( doesn't lose its feel or gripping)

HARD TO COCK(unless its lube)

Overall I do recommend this for beginners AND also people with some experience because it is not any ordinary gun. Soooo if you do want to buy it I suggest so.
by Frank B. on 05/14/2010
"Got the shotgun in a cool box. Nothing was missing and the shotgun looked amazing. Put the shell in and I noticed it was very hard to cock especially when the stock is wobbly. get the original tokyo marui shells as the spare magzine holder inside the handle of the shotgun won't hold the cheap $10 tokyo marui shells in a 4 pack. The ones that work are the tokyo marui $25 dollar ones that come in a 3 pack. They actually hold 30 rounds and the shiny part (don't know what its called) is actual metal o it ooks cooler and get better feed. I liked how a RIS was already installed and the sight resembles an m1014 (for those of you that play MW2)(the best game ever!!!!!) except theres no neon green dots painted on.

In battle____
It as a great gun some guy fired at me with a P90 by echo1 and i ducked in a doorway. Cocked my shotgun. Waited till he stopped firing. Looked around the corner.... BAAMM.. (not really but you know) I fired my shotgun, all of the BB's hit the guy at about 50 ft. I was impressed... I also like that when you press the lever to open the shot inserter thingy it will eject a shell that was already in there.. All in all this is awesome shotgun
by Jake L. on 05/08/2010
"this shotgun is a blast. you get the firepower of a shotgun with the bb spread of a shotgun.
Realistic accuracy
adjustable sights
good magazine capacity
badass with a shotgun scabbard
adjustable stock
little wobble in stock
just a little long
and the pump can be hard at first

when buying extra shells, make sure you buy the 30 round shells instead of the 14 round shells
by Ehtesham Q. on 01/27/2010
"Ill start in the beginning i originally bought this shotty as a cqb weapon and i must say its amazing. It came yesterday in the mail and i fell in love with it. First 2 things i noticed was they included 4 shells which is weird cuz it said only one "spare" shell was in there. I was happy then i noticed another good thing it had that shell holster. Im glad i got this gun although there are somethings you should now.
4 extra shells
tri shot feature
looks amazing
matte black
HARD TO COCK(takes some getting use to)
cheap plastic sights
crappyer then hell sling(no surprise there)
OVERALL i think this is a great investment just be gentle with it there are plastic parts on it. Get extra shells and well thats about it...
by Jack K. on 01/09/2010
"I personally love this gun. It's nice and solid, and makes for a good general combat weapon. This version is a big for cqb, but if you want it smaller that's what the other versions are for. The shell is a little hard to load by hand, fortunately the gun comes with a speed loader. One feature that I like is that you can put a second shell into the grip so its close when you need to reload. The one thing I dont like is that I found it a little difficult to work the slide.
by charlie h. on 12/23/2009
"i bought this gun from a different retailer for $75 and loved it. it was my first gun. the only external problem was the front slig mount broke but no big beal it looks beter with out it. it is a very durable bun i have thrown myself on it many times. the shells are very strong too i am not afraid to drop them. the only real prob is that i gave it to someone to use and they wernt strong enough to pump it and it was pumped halfway them let go and it didnt work. so i took it apart down right before i got to the spring and didnt see anything broke so i put it back together and it fired so i dont know. it works now and i just sold it today.


hard to pump
shells expensive
by Bryan B. on 09/25/2009
"I got this from another distributor for $5 less, and I wish I had gone with evike. The one I got from the other site had no spare shell, and the stock set screw was missing. I ordered it on March 5th and it is September 25 now. I asked them for help on it and they said they would put it on back order and I still don't have it. Now my stock is ruined because the wiggling has worn down the metal. It is still an excellent shotgun, though. We played a shotgun only war and I was the only one with a tri-shot and I was envied by most other players. The fps was measured using only one bb, (which shouldn't change anything because each barrel has it's own air chamber), and it was measured to, (I think), 280 fps. I measured it at my house today using sound recording and software and I got 285 fps and 279 fps. This might not seem like much when other shotguns that shoot 330 to 400 fps are on the field, but believe me, they duck for cover when someone is shooting three bbs at once at them. I have hit people just as often by just providing cover fire as I have with aiming. Get extra shells. This is an excellent shotgun.

three shots at once
cool looking/intimidating
adjustable iron sights
can effectively use red dot sight

a little heavy
by tom g. on 04/04/2009
"Just received the gun in the mail and had a skirmish. Out of the box, the plastic is very strong, comprable to a buddies g36c by echo1. Also, the pump action is very tough. Not stiff, but hard because of the spring, not because it feels creaky. Finally i got to the skirmish and on the first shot hit some one from 50ft with all 3 shots. Then my friend tried to shoot his 370 fps singleshot utg shotty at me and..... miss, then i returned fire and killed him. Overall good accuracey up to 100 feet, good power with 2.s, and a very unique look compared to the very generic looking full stock version.
by Murray W. on 02/18/2009
"This Airsoft Shot-Gun is from the Great xbox 360 game: Left 4 Dead...
This gun is amazing on the field...

It has given me no troubles once so ever...!
We play in a California WarHouse... (2 combined) and this gun allows you cut
around corners without scraping the edges of the Guns...

This gun really made the list by the FPS... the FPS only has went down by 15
in a total of 2 Years!

I highly recommend this gun.
by Lori B. on 02/03/2017
"When I first ordered it I put two magazines of elite force bbs through it before it broke, the pistons snapped off as they were flimsily attached. I called Evike and was sent another one right away without needing to send the broken gun back. The next week I got the gun and it works great. It feels good, if not a little flimsy, and the grip as well as the pump have a very comfortable rubber coating on them. The spring is a little tough to pull back, and I don't want to run it too hard for fear of breaking it, but other than that if you want a great shotgun for cheap, I'd recommend this, but if you have a little more room in your budget the cyma shotguns will probably be better for the extra $30.