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Replacement Body / Stock for P90 series Airsoft AEG (JG Echo1 Marui FN Herstal King Arms CA)

2 Customer Reviews

by alex h. on 07/17/2011
"great thing this is. just ordered it. from my research it's good for two things. multiple paint jobs on your p-90, and replacing cheap non-trademarked stocks with good ones. great pricing, best i've found actually.
by Gail H. on 12/09/2013
"I might as well give this 5 stars since it's not like you're going to find it anywhere else anyway. Basically, it does it's job. Quality control in the details is non-existent, but its overall build quality is slightly better than the JG/E1 P90s (some parts in the back are re-enforced/ glued. When they say this is a replacement body, they mean it. the only parts of the stock receiver that come with it are the fire selector, trigger, mag catch, and the two metal bolt pieces in the back; it doesn't even have the fake ejection port for Pete's sake. Not too much of a problem if you remember to salvage the following parts off of your old body (unless you want this for paint jobs): the butt plate, the fake ejection port piece I mentioned (on the bottom behind the grip), the hop-up access door, and the metal trigger bar (the one that connects the gearbox and the actual trigger). Going back to what I said about the quality control in the details, there were several. First, (a downside of the re-enforced-ness) a regular 8-cell airsoft battery didn't fit into the battery section anymore due to a piece of re-enforcement plastic that sticks out in the back (going to have to switch to the "L" type/ P90 specific batteries). The mag catch didn't fit completely with my mags because it was too thick in some areas (take dat Xacto knife to it!). the fire selector didn't make as positive a "click" when used (again, Xacto knife!). Finally (and probably the biggest problem) the notches in the fire selector that decide how far back the trigger goes (and whether or not you're firing full or semi-auto) is cut differently from my stock one. It doesn't let the trigger go far back enough for semi auto. The solution to this should be simple (if it works, I haven't tried it). Try to wrap duck tape around the end of the metal trigger bar thing to make it longer.

That's the gist of it. Sorry for making this a review/solution segment, but again, you can't find this (or reviews for it) anywhere else so I tried to be as helpful as possible. I hate how people take advantage of how hard it is to find P90 stuff.