Reviews: Magazine for Tokyo Marui JG WELL Scorpion VZ-61 UZI Airsoft AEG Rifle (80 rounds )

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Model: MAG-VZ61-80
Location: D11-326

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by MATTHEW P. on 2009-03-01 17:51:34
"These mags are great for the Well Scorpion. They fit perfectly, and double as a foregrip. Ive had no feeding issues. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone looking for extra mags.
by Paula B. on 2009-02-25 12:37:30
"good mags, i'll definatly be stocking up...but they only hold 35 rounds not 58
by MATTHEW P. on 2009-02-13 13:38:44
"These magazines fit the Well R2 Scorpion perfectly. Even though the package comes with a drum mag as well as a standard mag, I purchased 2 of these to have spares. Snug fit, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone purchasing the Well R2 Scorpion who is looking for extra magazines.
by Paula B. on 2009-02-13 08:21:47
"Ill definatly be buying one of these, the skorpion is awesome and the more mags the better. although im pretty sure they only hold about 40 not 50...

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)