Reviews: Matrix AR-15 Type PEQ2 Battery Housing Vertical Support Grip for Airsoft RIS

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Model: Grip-C68

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by Michael W. on 2016-04-26 23:15:33
"I bought this to use with my KWA SR-7 for extra battery space. Over all it is a solid product, however it can get uncomfortable after long stints in the field. I would recommend this to friends.
by RM O. on 2015-05-02 12:47:00
"The MP5 I originally bought this for is severely lacking in battery space, so I needed some way to externally house a 8.4v battery. This grip thing does just that, but that is about it. I found the grip itself to be large and clunky looking on the MP5, and because of the angle it sits on the rail and the protruding finger rest, it is pretty uncomfortable to hold as well.
The grip seems pretty sturdy, the plastic the handle part is made of seems tough and the mounting hardware is all metal, however, I have not actually used it in battles much and it mostly not just sits in a cabinet.

Plastic seems tough
Holds Battery
Metal mounting claps and large metal screw
fairly cheap

Looks pretty dumb
You probably will not actually use it
Its just plain ugly
by jacob w. on 2014-05-03 22:56:43
"I have 2 of these. They work well for about 1-2 games (approximately 8-10 hours), but then they started to come apart if any amount of backwards pressure was applied. I'm working on a way to circumvent this issue, and will write back if/when I do.

I am still running this as a PEQ on one of my weapons (KWA G36C) because I personally think it looks better than any other PEQ box. I simply do not use it as a functional vertical grip.

Overall, this is a good product, when it works. Since I am still working out how to make these functional again, I can only give it 3 of 5.
by Keith O. on 2014-01-02 15:47:42
"This grip is exactly what I needed.
It fits my SIG Sauer 552 perfectly. I did not like how the 8.4 1600mAh brick battery (small) fit into the for-grip of the gun.
It was a pain to remove the top and lower part of the for-grip just to charge or swap battery's . This grip makes it a lot easier and the small 8.4 fits perfectly.
Not modifications are necessary . there is a small grove in the grip that allows the wires to exit out under the grip at the rail .
I did not want a PEQ box on my CQB gun and this is a perfect solution.
Perfect fit
Good materials
Easy to un/install
Looks good on the gun.

by David N. on 2009-02-14 20:45:44
"This is the hand grip that used to come with the JG mp5 Navy with the rail hand guard and collapsible stock .This can accommodate a mini 8.4V or mini Li poly 11.1V or 7.4V battery.For ease of connecting to the AEG's wire I used Dremel drill to make a small hole for the battery wire to come out on the rear side where the handle meets the rail so that it is very easy to charge the battery without the need to remove the whole hand guard to access the battery.This will add life to the handle since you do not have to loosen it every time you need to charge the battery.Overall quality of the handle is good because it is made of strong non brittle material.This is a great option for people that do not like to put PEQ battery box on small AEG.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)