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UTG Universal Shooter's Bipod - Sniper Profile Adjustable Height Foldable QD

11 Customer Reviews

by Jordan D. on 11/08/2013
"Awesome bi-pod! I use it with an adapter for my L96, but it will work great for basically anything that has a tactical rail.
by Jin K. on 11/24/2012
"I bought this bipod because I like the aesthetic look of bipods with the 'skis' on the ends of each leg as opposed to the rubber tips. It looks great and works great on my Mauser SR sniper rifle.

Very sturdy and high quality metal
Easy to pull out the legs and extend them
Does everything you might want from a bipod
Works on the standard 20mm Picatinny Rail no problem.

It was difficult to pull out the legs and extend the leg lengths but only the first time.
by Davis F. on 04/05/2011
"This is truly a great bipod for the price. It extends up and down and is spring loaded, allowing you to shoot from different angles. It will take awhile to find a good height for you, but once you do, this thing is rock solid. The entire thing is full metal and feels sturdy. The bottom feet are like mini "Sleds" that allow you to maneuver forward and crawl with your rifle still at the ready. This feature is also great for turing the rifle without needing to pick it up or get the bipod feet stuck in the dirt.

The use of the swivel nut does require a large allen wrench that I did not have, fyi.

Overall, I would recommend this bipod for the money -- although there are nicer tactical bipods out there, this is the best deal for what you are getting.
by Jaydon B. on 03/14/2011
"I got this bipod a while ago and for $12 you cant beat it. Mine kinda turns where the bipod and the rail attachment piece connect but that isn't a big problem. I got it for my JG M4 Carbine and it works well, but do not put it on an AEG unless you know you will be laying down for a long time. Make sure to play a few more times before you get this so you don't spend your money on something you don't need. If you are a sniper then get this with out any second thoughts. is is compact but it will get the job done fast and easily. It wobbles a little but in a good way. If you lean forward in to it while mounted it will lean a bit so it doesn't break it or your gun.

moves around a bit

Doesn't work very well on an AEG unless you are using it to show it off.
by Russell N. on 02/19/2011
"First things first, great product.
For $12 some may cringe but you wont find a better deal anywhere. Some parts are metal while the others are a tough plastic that can withstand a beating. The legs can extend using a neat twist spring and can be adjusted at any level. The only (and i mean only) thing i didnt like was the way the mount sticks down while atached to the rail. it sticks out about a centimeter so you'll find yourself bumping it around corners and tabletops.
excelent quality
only needs one rail slot
quick detach

mount sticks downwards
for some rails that arent long enough, you may have to fold it outward instead of inward making it stick out towards the barrel
by Gabe M. on 11/30/2010
"Excellent bipod for $12. I mounted this on my TSD m14 socom spring sniper rifle.
I spraypainted the bipod brown so it blends in with the ground better. This bipod is absolutely outstanding. The entire thing is metal and the paint doesn't scratch off. The legs extend instantly when you loosen a piece. The legs fold up quickly, and I have been able to avoid enemy fire and fold up the bipod while running full speed.

-all metal
-legs have adjustable length
-legs can easily fold
-does not wobble when mounted
-can be used as a CQB bayonet when folded
-can be easily painted (no blue taping required)
-looks awesome when mounted

-Your friends will think you are cheap if you tell them the bipod cost $12

This bipod is awesome and I recommend it to any airsofter who is sick of using his/her magazine as a stand
by mike b. on 10/26/2010
"GREAT bipod, sturdy, does not move on RIS, I almost had it for 1 year now. no flaws, everything style works great. GREAT bipod for the price
by John C. on 06/02/2010
"this bipod is amazing i got it yesterday and put it on my kart m14 ebr. its very sturdy and very nice i would recomend it
by Robin B. on 04/13/2010
"This is a Fantastic Bipod that gives any gun the support it needs. Good for both snipers and Machine guners. It also does not take up very much room on the rails so you could put a grip on it or what ever you want I guess.


its a cheap bipod

looks sexy on any gun ( really sweet on an ak)

easly fits on any rail


VERY slight wobble, not a big deal but I know that a lot of people out there complain about that stuff. Its still very good.
by Pablo D. on 09/18/2009
"REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE! i mounted this on my echo1 mod47 ris aeg, and its awsome! mounts in like 5 seconds and is really sturdy! it helped me sight my scope for pin point accuracy after trying for 2 months without the bipod with no succcess! really awsome. high quality and price is amazing!
by Jim Z. on 01/30/2009
"this is a very good bipod. i got it a while ago, not from evike but it is the same one. it very, very sturdy. it can go on any standard airsoft rail. i have used it on aegs and sniper rifles and it works good on both. it is also a lot cheaper than most bipods, but is just as good. if you are looking for a cheap, sturdy bipod, get this one