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Stubby RIS Tactical Vertical Support Fore Grip For Airsoft (Dark Earth)

8 Customer Reviews

by Juan B. on 05/19/2015
"Snug fit, no wobble. Love the snap in installation and extra storage for laser/flashlight batteries.

by Linda S. on 06/15/2014
"Solid, doesn't snag on your gear, looks great, and is very comfortable. I found it easy to put on - hold down the notches with your index and middle fingers and push down with your thumbs.

No modification was needed to fit any of my railed rifles, but kids and weaker guys will have trouble getting this on.
by Brendan C. on 03/09/2014
"Great grip! Feels nice and looks nice. The only problem I had was that it was very difficult to put on. I had to sand down the sides to fit it on easier and the four springs are a little hard to push down but overall it was a great buy!
by Louie H. on 12/28/2012
"Don't be fooled by price, this is a really nice grip and trust me when I say there is no wobble what so ever, I currently have this on my kwa Sr10 and it is well worth the price trust me if you like the stubby grip look GET THIS!! You will not be disappointed.

-Holds smaller type batteries

Only con I have is that there are these two plastic stubs in the middle of the top where you slide the ris through which holds a metal plate down and I had to sand them down because they were a little too long so keep that in mind if you have fitting issues!
by Austin L. on 04/24/2014
"This is a nice, cheap grip, but like the other reviews said, it is a real pain to put on, and once you put it on, it's fifty times harder to take it off. This difficulty is mostly eliminated if you have two people, but doing it by yourself is quite the challenge. If you wish to do the work, you can spend about twenty minutes filing to make it fit easier.
by Richard Y. on 08/14/2013
"This is a very nice foregrip. Its comfortable, made of sturdy plastic (pretty much real steel grade), and it even has a storage compartment. However, there is a major con which prevents me from giving it 5 stars. Putting it on is an absolute pain. you have to hold down the tabs on both sides which is kind of difficult because the springs are really stiff, and the foregrip itself sits extremely tight on the actual rail. After you have it on though, the problem isnt really relevant anymore, but its something you should consider if you own more than 1 primary and plan to use this one foregrip for all of them.
by jacob w. on 09/28/2016
"I was very saddened with this grip. Its a great grip, solid, sturdy. But Its a bit hard to get on, and after taking it off to practice, and never seen combat, when I went to put it back on the metal "spring" of sorts broke, rendering it useless. I used some old spring I had and fixed it, but im still disappointed.
by Lisa P. on 11/01/2015
"Its a good grip but hard to get on, and if you want to buy it for lancer pdw dont. Unless you're prepared to dremel the grip. Which was my mistake.