Reviews: King Arms G3 125rd Special Edition Mid-Cap Magazine.


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Model: MAG-KA-MAG-33x1
Location: U5-137

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by Scott B. on 2014-12-22 16:14:57
"Absolutely fantastic. Very heavy, high quality magazine. I ordered 4 and will no doubt order more. I'm building a Norwegian AG3 and waffle magazines are a must.

What's most surprising is they include the proper HK G3 trademarks stamped onto the correct location. I wasn't expecting that, but was very pleasantly surprised. I can't wait to put in my order for more.

However, one fault, is that the lip that holds the front of the mag into the magwell looks like it isn't as strong as the regular plastic King Arms mid caps, but it probably won't break unless you are rough.
by Jonathan T. on 2014-11-07 21:16:32
"Yes it's full metal, everyone. It is very sturdy and well crafted, only a small amount of wobbling with in the magazine well. This seems, even out of the box, to hold the amount of BBs it portrays, even before applying Silicon Oil to the spring inside. would recommend to anyone with a G3 since I own two of these! Great work, King Arms!
by Zan M. on 2009-01-26 18:31:57
finally a waffle style mag for the G3!!!!!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)