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A&K NS15 M4 GR-300 Carbine Full Metal Airsoft AEG - Short

14 Customer Reviews

by Daniel G. on 09/27/2016
"I have always been a fan of A&K but and as usual this gun very good
But the only problem that I have with it is how to get the hop up. looks
awesome unusual handgun cool stock
by Mason B. on 02/03/2016
"Had this gun for 2 years now and it has worked great! easy to tune up and has a wide space for a battery. Only downfall is it does not come with rails. still a great and accurate gun
by Aris G. on 09/08/2015
"so far its great I almost would say I got the best rifle for beginners its really good
by Bobby M. on 07/23/2015
"Ive had this gun for over a year and i love it insane accuracy and amazing range makes it amazing.
by Mike M. on 05/06/2015
"Got this out of the love for the gun in STALKER, gotta say, i was super impressed. theres no manual to tell you anything about how to take off the handguard and whatnot but just twisting the handguard a bit will let it slide off smoothly. Came with the tool to tighten the nut on the base of the stock, a small flathead, a hi cap mag, and two QD sling mounts.

-suprisingly high quality metal body
-well-constructed wiring
-decently high torque motor installed already
-more space than an M4A1 to slide the wires into/out of the handguard

-total pain to reassemble if you dont have the perfect tools (lots of Allen keys)
-Out of the box, was shooting 400 FPS with a 0.25g BB (not field legal at any CQB field in New England
by Ross P. on 12/10/2014
"Okay, let me start by saying this thing is the shizz. I brought this and a king arms m4 to the Rhodesian revolt in the sand box. The name says it all. Sandy, 100 degrees then below freezing. Tbh e king arms seized up right in the beginning, and this little guy held up for 24 more hours straight. I got mine on a trade for a busted m14, but had to let you guys know it's a great lr300 replica. Fair warning though, as with any stock gun, 24 hours straight wears the piston out. FPS dropped, but this mofo still stays accurate enough at 200 feet out. And I'll tell you, the barrel is not tight bore and the brand is a&k. This thing is awesome. Plus it fits a reflex and the tracer/mosfet/chrono set on here.
by Casey C. on 11/05/2014
"Thoroughly impressed by this gun. It's a really great platform for the price and it's an all metal main body that shoots around 390 fps. I recommend this gun to everyone Because of the price and build. The only thing i can complain about is the magazine well but even then it's only a little wobbly. Use an 7.4v battery ONLY! 12v battery will strip your gears.
by Matthew L. on 09/11/2009
"this is the best gun i have ever gotten really i recomend it to any one who wants a good gun
by David N. on 07/02/2009
"This gun has the lightest metal receiver amount the China made metal receiver(compare to metal receiver made by D Boys or AGM).The whole gun minus the magazine is only about 5 lbs which will not slow you down in long outdoor games.Good base gun for upgrade because of its 420mm inner barrel potential.Very solid and no wobble.High 400+ FPS ;High rate of fire with upgraded battery.
by Josh K. on 04/25/2009
Very accurate

high powered

Solid stock and rails

iron sight is just ok. I have a 9x32 scope for it and it works like a charm.
other than that, great buy.
by Levi G. on 05/08/2016
"I received the A&K LR/GR-300 for Christmas, for I asked for it. It is a fantastic AEG. The motor is quite loud, like most other A&Ks, but with some tuning, my rifle is shooting at a great RPM. (I don't want to give an inaccurate guess.) For a little under $200, you'll be getting yourself a fantastic AEG. My pros and cons include:

⋅fully metal
⋅folding stock (good for storage)
⋅totally customizable and upgradeable

⋅low rail space
⋅front wired (personal opinion)
⋅needed some tuning
by Demetrius J. on 08/23/2015
"I've had this gun for a little while, but I'm no stranger to A&K guns. Firstly the externals on this gun are great. Very solid, with zero wobble. The stock is great as well, the only issue I've seen is the ring that goes around the buffer tube can get loose causing the stock to wobble. If you use the provided tool to tighten it, the stock stays put. The front handguard is a different story. When I bought it it was super wobbly, and made the plastic feel super thin and cheap, but I put some duct tape around the base that it sits over, and voila, it's solid and feels really sturdy and strong. To remove it, stick your finger or a small object into one of the holes in the top portion of the handguard and pull down and rotate to remove it, and it'll come off perfectly every time.

The internals aren't bad individually, but the stock performance wasn't great. Though with a little TLC I have the gun shooting very well. First was the spring, it was shooting 420fps out of the box. Next was the hopup, the dial didn't rotate very well and the nub was either too soft, or didn't contact the bucking at all. Thirdly was a shim job, but that's preference I guess, because I like to run 11.1 lipo's. Otherwise the gun is completely stock, and it gets out to 150-180 feet consistently with just a change of hop-up chamber and nub.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. For the price, some issues were expected, and were luckily very quickly rectified. If you want a gun that'll perform very good out of the box, I'd suggest another model, or brand. As A&K seems to be on the lower spectrum in terms of performance, but for the price, and what you can upgrade immediately without breaking the bank, these guns are very attractive.

Solid Externals
Crisp Trigger Response/ROF Stock
Folding Stock
Space for Nun-Chuck/Butterfly Batteries

Shoots too hot (420fps)
Stock Hop-Up
by Neil H. on 04/16/2015
"I have had this gun for a few years now and i love it. It has held up really well and i recommend it. However, i bought this on a different site for around 140. I would look around because 180 is not the best deal for this gun on the market. I rate it 4 stars only because of the price.
by Tim B. on 04/17/2009
"This is a pretty solid gun, for the price. Out of the box mine shot around 340 with .25 bb's. Comes with two sling mounts, a 9.6v small type battery, charger and a 400 round hi-cap mag. The gearbox however is not reinforced and only upgradeable to a small extent. When I took the gun apart the inner barrel was stuck in the outer barrel, to solve that you have to loosen the front sights and then loosen the outer barrel extension and then tighten the front sights again, problem solved. Then I shot it some and the hop up that came in the gun was junk and didn't work or came broken, but put a G&P hop up in it and it works fine(remember to put the spring that is on the stock barrel or it wouldn't work right). Even though the guy that bought the long barrel type of this gun (see A&K g300 long type reviews) said that his MAG mid-caps wouldn't work in his gun, I found out that my MAG mid-caps do work in this gun.