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Full Metal Universal M203 Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher Kit - Long

14 Customer Reviews

by joe h. on 06/23/2010
"i just got it and i love it. it fits perfectly on my dboys m16a4 if you take the barrel mount off. it looks great and is LOUD. i shot it for the first time today and i was shocked to hear it. cant wit to get it some action.

heavy (could go either way, pro or con)
loud (again could be good or bad)
fits dboys m16 perfectly

cant tell if the hand guard is metal or plastic, pretty sure its high quality plastic
kind of cheap paint, but it gives it character
like, firecracker loud
since its full metal its very heavy

overall i love it. it looks great on y m16 and you just cant say enough good things about this launcher. great price for what it is (:
by Tyler H. on 04/01/2010
"Just received this M203 40mm launcher. It arrived in a cardboard box and secured in a cut foam packing insert along with the alternate mounts for a picattinny rail. It has a curious foam insert for a single grenade shell (not included). It's kind of shiny and somewhat cheaper looking as the previous review states, but a quick paint job will fix that. The grip is plastic while the rest of the attachment is seemingly high quality aluminum. The barrel assembly is a bit wobbly. I hope it can be tightened or that it's supposed to be somewhat loose to ease the sliding action (as seen in a pump shotgun). It's more heavy than expected, which is a plus in my opinion. Lastly, there are some very minor scratches to the paint overall, but with a quick sanding and blast of paint that's a minor problem.

First impressions are good. It's about what I expected for the relatively cheaper price. Hope it lasts for a good while before I eventually will have to replace it with a more expensive model (_ 100$). Recommended to aspiring grenadiers as a first-step launcher.
by Steve S. on 05/31/2016
"Nice grenade launcher. Only complaint is that the front barrel mount won't fit heavy/fat barrels. For skinny pencil barrels it's fine (or a heavy barrel with a recessed area on the barrel it will fit). It didn't fit my standard JG m16A2 type, but i Ended up mounting it easily on a KWA Lm4 PTR. Fits good on that rifle. I use the grenade launcher to shoot foam balls and nerf rockets for the most part. Lots of fun and built well. Will last if you don't abuse it.
by Matthew V. on 06/11/2015
"Good quality for the price. It did not fit my Jg m16A3 without modification.
by Alexander C. on 02/21/2013
"Good over all, comes with three methods to attach, on a side note this launcher will not work with a classic army m15a1 the front part does not attach nor do ether back parts fit over the barrel other wise it is a fine launcher
by Nathan K. on 12/16/2011
"The whole thing in general, was good but after reloading several times the two metal tabs that hold the granade out snapped off, so I had to sodder on my own. It worked fine ever since.
by Matthew R. on 04/20/2010
"I got this a while back and I love it. Got somebody in the face with 120 rounds first time I used it...but he didn't call it. I don't know how he tried to deny that he was hit with 120 rounds, and everyone in the building saw it, but oh well. I've had three problems, but only one is for certain due to the M203. It IS full metal just like the name says, except for the handguard which is obviously going to be plastic. Great deal for the price, even though there is better quality out there. No regrets with this purchase.
1. The lock to keep the barrel from sliding all the way off broke off right off the bat. Cheap metal.
2. The peg to lock into the delta ring isn't long enough to lock it in, but I think that's just due to the barrel on my M4 being a tad too long.
3. It doesn't fit onto my M16 becasue the M16 barrel isn't slim under the handguards like the M4's is, so I can't even install it.
by Jeremy M. on 04/09/2010
"Recently purchased this to add onto my SCAR-L, the launcher is absolutely perfect, made of a decently sturdy metal, with the main grip piece being made of plastic which is still alright to be honest. The one thing I have to mention though, is if you're getting this for a SCAR, take into consideration that the QD rail mount will have to be used, which makes it set lower and the M203 trigger guard wont rest properly on the front face of the mag well.

Though, I have also put this on an M4 (both real and airsoft) and it fits like a glove.

Also keep in mind, if your gun wasn't front heavy before, it will be...
by Joe K. on 04/03/2010
"I got this gun in about 6 days, not bad since this is shipping from like california to florida :) When I opened it up it was nice! metal body, disguting ornage tip which basiclly is like saying "here i am!" in a airsoft skrimish war. but anyways i got it came with a 48rnd grenade and gas. i attached it to my jg m4 s but the problem was that the launcher made the gun so heavy,fat, and bulky, i couldnt use the trigger guard, and the clamp that supposed to support it didnt fit since my jg m4 has such a high rise. still fine but be warned!!! if you leave it on to long without supporting your JG M4-S it can break the screws that hold the bottom of the hand gaurd together ONLY for this model gun. Still one thing i wasn't crazy about was that it was kinda shaky and made a tad of noise but this launcher will clear a room! Problem with the shakiness of it is that it seems if you wiggle it enough it will crack off but if your worried you can but a better supported barrel for the launcher. (NOTE: I would not use this for small battles, their has to be at least 3on 3 for this to be affecttive. It is very heavy like the real thing, and I would shoot all the grenades and unscrew the launcher from the gun seeing that it comes off in like 7 seconds. It's also very good for intimidation and like I said will clear a room instantly! Plus it leaves a poof of weird smoke gas and little spirals where the bb's went. It has a somewhat large spread good for taking down multiple enemies in a group at once.)
by Robert B. on 01/08/2010
"I got this a few weeks ago for my M4. Ive used it a few times already and It works amazing with any 203 or 40mm grenade shell that you can get at Evike. It feels solid and it doesnt wobble when you attach it. It comes with different brackets to fit different types of guns, which is a big plus for me, because I have a few different rifle models, so I can interchange it. All in all a good purchase.
by sammy h. on 01/06/2010
"i got this launcher last november and somehow the barrel latch broke . So the barrel slides off
by Andrew Z. on 11/30/2009
"Overall, this is a great launcher. It fits on a gun and makes things call 'hit', just like it's supposed to. It has a good weight to it, and everything is sturdy.
However, I had the hardest time getting to mount to the RIS on my M4. It doesn't come with any of the tools you need to change out the mounts (fortunately, I'm a computer repair guy and have millions of those lying around) and, especially in the case of the RIS, the barrel mount has to be removed, which is no easy task at all. Also, there's no functional safety that I could find.
If you're prepared to mess with it, this is the launcher for you. If not, I suggest finding something else.

- Metal
- Good weight
- Can be attached to anything with a barrel or RIS (this is a generalization)

- A lot to mess with
- No tools included
- No instruction manual either (which would have been nice with aforementioned messing around)
- No functional safety

All in all, this thing will do the job, but it takes a while to get it situated at first.
by Daniel E. on 10/10/2009
"I got this launcher by accident when i actually ordered the echo 1 m203.

There really isnt a difference between all of the differnt launchers out there because there pretty much the same except what materails their made of.

The only real problem with it is that it looks kinda cheap and its shiny, so im going to have to paint it so it looks better with my m4.
by joseph d. on 06/03/2015
"not a bad 203 but the slide catch broke off after some time. and the metal tabs on it bend and get in the way cause their flimsy. without that latch the slide just falls off and you cant buy a replacement. personally i now have a G&P 203 and it is worth the extra money.