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UTG 6.4" ITA Red/Green Dot Sight with Integral QD Mount & Flip-open Lens Caps

9 Customer Reviews

by Vincent D. on 03/15/2011
"Very good red/green dot scope that does its job. However, be aware that the glass is very faintly tinted black, though, so it cuts down on visibility just a little bit, but other than that, 5/5.
by Andrew L. on 09/22/2009
"Is this scope metal??????????????

Webmaster: Yes it is metal.
by alex g. on 04/25/2009
"i love this sight so much it works at all times of the day the red or green dot shines bright even in the sun. me and my friends had a match today in a paintball field and it was open and sunny and it worked perfectly. i have this sight on my ICS m16 and it works like a dream. its super easy and quick to zero in. for new users also remember to tighten down the top screws that hold down the scope nice and even so the crosshair is nice and even it will help in the long run if you dont even it out. also keep in mind when you zero in the scope with a certain density bb try to use that same bb. i know all you verteran players know that but just shouting out for the new quys. this scope right out of the box will work on any gun with a rail like on a m4 or m16 just take your handle off. very very nice scope its worth or better than the real expensive ones so get this its great.
by Julian L. on 03/26/2009
"This is a GREAT red dot for your AEG.... It has Red and Green light capabilities, but green wastes batteries... FAST. I highly recommend this red dot to all.. no matter what your position, except for snipers (obviously).
by Jonathan W. on 03/07/2009
"I use this on my p90... it 50/50's the weight if i leave off a mock silencer :)

As far as usage... Its awesome. I have owned mine for a while now and it leaves me speechless on how adjustable it can be with nice clicks on each level of change. Now if you plan on adding it to a p90... you MIGHT want to add a a higher mount system... as it is the low level of it often has you laying your head on it and crunching up ;)

anyways hope this helps.
by Dan M. on 01/28/2009
"i use this on my G36 and it works amazing. You can sight it in like you can with a sniper scope so it is perfect. The only bad thing is that sometimes when it is bright outside it makes the dot kinda hard to see. But other than that it is great
by Orion W. on 01/22/2009
"I really love this sight. On top of looking plain cool, it is a very accurate sight. Unlike many red dot sights ive seen, this one has an adjustable intensity (brighter or...closer to off) as well as having a green dot ability (with the adjustable intensity). This means you can determine how bright the dot is (be it red or green) and conserve battery life. Now im not sure the advantages of using either green or red sights, but as i have stressed in this review, it has both. It's a great red(green) dot sight for a great price. If you want a sight, get this one
by Cullen C. on 01/07/2012
"First off, this scope looks really cool on almost any airsoft gun. However, its looks hinder it's practicality to where it's easier to aim without it. One of the coolest features of the scope is how low it sits. The only problem this creates however is that it is almost impossible to aim through it with a full face mask. The best way to fix this though, with taller scope rings, ruins the look of it. The sight is full metal, which is nice, but adds a LOT of wheight to the gun, making it less stable in my hands.

-Full metal construction
-Very cool looking
-Red and green dot functionality
-Included scope rings work with any other
30mm scope

-Impractical with full face mask
-Heavy (caused by full metal construction)
-Hard to source extra batteries
by Jordan L. on 04/08/2010
"Its a great scope but the third time i played with it i was frustrated that the green dot doesnt work anymore. Pretty disappointing considering I payed $60 for it.