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Matrix SR-25 Type Complete Front-End Conversion Kit for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG

9 Customer Reviews

by Andrew V. on 02/17/2014
"Great feel, Fits a 590mm inner barrel perfect.
Easy installation if you know how to take apart your gun.
by Paul B. on 08/13/2013
"It comes assembled, which honestly is not that bad. If you dont have the proper tools to take this apart without hacking it apart, you probably should have taken it somewhere to get it done. That being said, everything came apart smoothly, no drilling required or anything crazy, just some allen keys and a few minutes time. Once its back on the gun reassembled it feels very solid. No complaints here
by Ram B. on 01/25/2009
"Does anyone know what length inner-barrel you would have to install to fit this, once it is installed on the gun?

I obviously don't own it, but I have to rate it, so I give it a 5 for looking awesome, and for making me want to buy it for my DMR project.

Webmaster: 509mm.
by Claudio C. on 03/17/2013
"first id like to say once you DO FINALLY get this on... its a MONSTER!!

okay so this lil conversion kit COMES ASSEMBLED!!! soooo thats kind of a bad thing!! because you need to disassemble it.. now you think thats the easy part, well NO not for me.. there are 3 pins on the tip of the rail that i needed to DRILL OUT. aside from denting the front a little bit and a BUNCH OF TRIAL AND ERROR, i got it on. there is NO WOBBLE very sturdy and LOOKS MEAN. looks truly like a battle rifle/ PSG1.

so all in all this kit is great BUT.... it comes assembled wich is pointless!! you end up dinging up the rail a little dissassembleing it when our amazing people at EVIKE can just send it UNASSEMBLED.. that is my only con..

looks MEAN
fits 509mm tightbore inner barrel PERFECTLY
no wobble
great paint

packaging was not too great
_ big con... comes assembled.. pointless.. (lost a star because of assembly)
by Josh D. on 05/25/2012
"This is amazing a must buy but there some things to deal with:

First is dealing with the the gas tube the gas comes with it already attached the way you remove it is by taking out a little bolt of some sort on the very frond where the gas tube ends it should be easy to tell. Then you need to put it on the gun and it was a challenge. I had these little circle things that took a couple of the rings in the twisting the barrel to the body of the gun the reason i needed them is because the outer would be slanted.

Over all I think you should get it its amazing its a challenge to put on but that is what made it fun to me building is always fun :)
by Daniel O. on 03/30/2010
"This is a great, low cost DMR front end. Threads are all good, parts all there, fits a 509mm perfectly. Some dings where the black had been chipped off, but nothing bad.

Only gripe is with the state in which the unit came. The whole front end came in a clear, hard plastic bag entirely assembled and torqued increadibly tight.

The gas block must first be removed by punching out three pins, then pulling one out (straight from the bottom) which came out with some dificulty and grunting with a pair of pliers.

The locking ring must them be removed (clockwise when looking down the barrel) which, for me, required a pair of groove joint pliers and a towel to prevent marring the finish.

There are also no barrel spacers included, so some extrapolation might be required if the RIS won't tighten down top-up. Also the fake gas tube might need to be shortened.

Hope this helps any potential buyers. Don't let it discourage you from buying it, the look and feel of this kit is totally worth it!

Tough to install
Some dents

Looks great
Feels solid
Great price
Get it!
by hunter p. on 01/09/2010
"i got this for xmas from my dad and i have to start off by saying, they dont send you an sr25 conversion its actually an m110 conversion..go to google to see the diffrence..its not a big diffrence and im not dissapointed by this but i had to say somthing about that....when i got this evike didnt wrap it, it was just thrown in the box with all my other stuff so the paint was rubbed of on one side..nothing a little bit of paint couldnt handle....i also had i hard time getting it onto my m4 frame..once its on the little rail at the front( part silencer connects to) was a little sideways to the left but there are 2 little pins you can pop out and set it stright. this actually has the front sight built in! instead of a bulky screw ris sight, i really love the look of this on my gun...if your going to buy this i reallly recomend getting the g&p full metal navy seals frame, totally helps pull of the sniper look...

full metal
looks really good on m4
not to long, not to short
built in front sight

cant wire gun to the front
paint was rubbed off
little difficult to install ( but i am new to upgrading my m4!)
front ris was a little off to left

all in all its a really good conversion kit, i would recommend to anybody who wants to be a sniper,
but i am giving it a four out of five stars because evike did not package as well as they should and some of the paint did rubb off.
by Matthew F. on 08/10/2016
"The overall quality of the product is well put together the rails and metal is very solid and will not fail you in terms of quality and durability

well built
solid and can handle high amounts of stress

the threads are not machined well and will cause the rail to be curved towards the left for some reason yet it can easily be solved with some machining of the threads

overall i wouldn't recommend this to anyone who cannot properly machine the threads if it does come the way it came to me to them
by jake b. on 03/03/2014
"I got this about a week ago and by all means it looks great installed on my king arms fit
great BUT however the ris is off to the left very noticeable not happy with that not worth 115 if its not strait wtf nice outer barrel all 3 out of 5