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CM047C Full Metal AK74 with Side Folding full stock Airsoft AEG - (Package: Gun Only)

14 Customer Reviews

by Austin W. on 06/04/2016
"Amazing quality, got this as my first gun. It's not jammed once, shoots well, amazing quality

You'll just need a charger and battery. It's absolutely worth the price!
by Pat S. on 02/02/2016
"This is an excellent AK. It is usable for intermediate or beginner builds. I have been fielding it regularly for about a year and haven't had many problems.

Weights good
Good construction
Plenty of battery space
shoots good
stock works and doesn't wobble (even when folded)

None other than that black magazines (the one that comes with it and matrix midcaps) seem to wobble. the plum Matrix midcaps work fine.

get another stick and a good charger if you're buying into it. you will ruin your battery with the POS it comes with
by Jordan G. on 12/08/2015
"This gun is very well built, strong construction, good fire rate and good magazine capacity
by Noah G. on 08/29/2015
"This gun is fantastic for a number of reasons, and it's definitely worth the buy.

Mag holds a lot of BB's, which is great for me.
Quickly got used to the heaviness of the full metal body.
Very Accurate

I couldn't really find one with my gun, other than the battery cover can be a little challenging to put back on the first time.

Overall, this is a fantastic gun! It's definitely worth it! It's more than worth it! For the price it's at, this gun is a steal.
by Pat S. on 07/31/2015
"This gun overall was definitely worth my purchase.

Glorious Kalashnikov (I love the look of the AK-74m)
Very well made, the metal feels very natural and realistic to the AK.
Gun is accurate, fire rate is good especially if you get a new battery from stock.
375 FPS, good for playing at a local field. (Combat City)

It is quite heavy, but if you're like me you appreciate the weight, this can be a pro or a con.

If you get this gun as a first buy i highly recommend getting a better battery. 9.6v should be fine. Also a new charger, the cheap one I got with this was absolutely horrible. You can shell out 24 bucks on a new charger and get much more performance out of your battery.

The gun is fantastic. If you want an AK for a reasonable price go with CYMA.
by Hissan Q. on 12/29/2013
"Bought this gun as a Christmas present to myself. I'm very satisfied with this gun's performance. It shoots hard and not heavy at all. Upon receiving it I immediately installed deans connectors, and bypassed the fuse. I replaced the inner barrel assembly with a Element red hop up, Madbull red shark bucking, kept the stock nub and Madbull Black 6.03 tighbore. This along with a 11.1 lipo made the gun very skirmashable. MY ONLY COMPLAINT is that I had terrible feeding problems with my mags that I bought for it ( In the future I will install a Matrix Magnum High Torque Motor. All in all, I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a AK.
by Ryan W. on 05/07/2012
"this gun is the best gun ive ever seen that is less than 200 dollars. The 600 mag rounds help a lot considering the standard m4/m16 mag is only 300/400 rounds. All of my buddies with the m4 need to reload while I'm still shooting, and if you put it on semi (which is incredibly accurate) you can easily get a round out of this gun. This gun is very accurate and all the parts are metal that need to be.
by alex r. on 11/01/2011
"thIS IS MY FIRST LEGIT FULL METAL GUN IT HAS VERY GOOD RANGE ACCURACY AND fps (sorry for the caps). as i was saying this gun is great for a beginer, you will be so excited to see this on your door step from UPS i love this gun and would not sell it. ive had it for about a year now and it works very good. the front barrel is a little bit wobbilie and loose but can be tightened. dont be frustrated when u try to put the dust cover back on it needs to be a perfect fit before it locks in......Overall GET THIS GUN.
by Wesley B. on 11/14/2010
"Outstanding offering by CYMA.

Replica of the the Russian AK-74M 5.45x39mm Assault Rifle.

Great polymer furniture, everything that should be metal is.

-Realistic Weight
-Folding stock
-Outstanding build materials
-Great FPS
-Decent accuracy
-Comes with a charger and battery

-Cocking lever is somewhat unrealistic in the sense it doesn't go back all the way, it's simply there to expose the hop-up adjustment.
-Selection lever is fragile and you may have to replace it, it's also not true to the real steel selector switch as it just gradually moves rather than clicks.
-The magazine is nothing special and you may want to replace it.

Overall, this AEG rifle will serve anyone in the airsoft comunity well.
by gary h. on 01/07/2010
"dose the Echo1 Steel 3000rd Electric Auto-Winding Drum Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG

Model #: MAG_MTX_UKC38
work with this gun???? please tell me quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps.i love u evike
by Daniel F. on 01/16/2009
"Very Sturdy AK. CYMA really step up and they are making the best AKs out there now. Everything is Marui compatible and it has full metal receiver. Very easy to work on and upgrade. Great accuracy and very high power.

Recommend getting a 9.6V battery if you are thinking about getting this gun and keeping your 8.4V free battery as spare.
by Preston D. on 04/12/2016
"I have had this gun for about 2 months already and haven't had any problems except the mag feeds poorly and the mag wobbles a bit (most ak mags wobble because of the design of the ak mag well).
I've broken in the hop-up and I tested the range. For a $140 beginner gun it is easily field worthy with an average of 360 fps with .23 g bb's. For me as a beginner I love it and wild also recommend this gun to any other beginner. Currently I am getting a polar star engine for ak series and a madbull tight bore barrel, ris, and scope mount to make this ak a monster.
High fps(can be a con)
Good range
Solid build
Folding stock
2 sling spots
Adjustable hop-up
Heavy for youngsters
No ris or tactical rails (scope mount)
Wobbly mag
Problems feeding (not every time)
by Kris M. on 07/22/2014
"I needed a rifle for outdoor with good range and power, as my CQB M4 wasn't cutting it at the outdoor field. This rifle filled that need.

Good solid feel
Folding stock is a plus
large and sturdy mag
good rate of fire
packs a bit of punch
seems very customizable

can be a bit front heavy
mounting a canted scope mount will block the folding stock
Iron sights are a bit meh
by joseph p. on 07/24/2015
"In general, this is a great rifle.

Realistic feel.
Easy to install the battery.
Good pistol grip.
Good FPS rate.

Clip it comes with is really loose.
Front and rear sights are out of allignment.
Front site was bent.
Battery compartment lid is loose.
Doesn't come with a battery or charger.