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CYMA Full Metal AK74 CPW Contractor Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

16 Customer Reviews

by Sheldon C. on 12/20/2017
"Amazing gun. Shoots at 380 right out of the box. Top rail can be removed if you prefer a more traditional AK look. If youre looking for a battery it will not accept any more than 202 mm. My battery is 202mm and it couldn't be any closer of a fit. The faux charging handle scratches up a bit but thats expected. I also recommend getting a full metal mag. The included one is polymer and wobbles a bit (The metal mag I bought doesn't wobble). Finally, removing the orange tip was a major pain in the butt but I still managed to do so, so be wary of that if you intend on putting a silencer like I did. Upper and Lower receiver is full metal, the only polymer is the front rails and handguard and stock.
by Brandon S. on 12/20/2017
"5 starts for the price, range, accuracy
The top rail is part of the battery cover. It's slightly wobbly
by Brandon M. on 05/26/2017



At $200 or below it is a freaking FANTASTIC GAT.

Get it from EVIKE.
by Remington I. on 11/28/2016
"Solid rifle, owned this for about a year now and had no issues with it so far. Tripped and fallen on it several times and it keeps on shooting like nothing happened. The hand guard and stock do have some wobble, but you get what you pay for. Internals are solid as previously stated. The battery is really awkward to get to but its the same as most ak's. I would recommend this for a beginning airsofter.
by Matt T. on 02/28/2016
"This is a great gun. I use it every weekend. My group of friends play in the woods so this thing get hauled all over, thrown in the mud and grim and like a true AK it keeps on ticking. My only complaint is that its heavy, but then again, I slapped a 2500rnd drum on it and a bypod. Made it into a support weapon and it does that job well. Kicks the crap out of my buddies m4's.
by Nicholas P. on 06/26/2015
"I have had this gun for about a year now and I love it the FPS is great the weight is right for me the vertical grip on this gun is not the best and will break eventually I suggest a new one. IMPORTANT for this gun you will need to know this gun inside and out it has given me problems with repairs ever time I go airsofting

Vertical grip

This gun is worth the money it is a blast to use
by D. B. on 12/06/2014

Was unable to use this gun on 12/5/14 after the Chronograph measured the fps at 450. Needless to say I was disappointed, but I did have my other rifle with me. So I was still able to play.

Perhaps the gun just needs to be broken in or I can be a DM for some matches.

We shall see, stay tuned.
by D. B. on 12/04/2014
"Preliminary Review:

Just picked this gun up today at Evike. Comes in a nice packaged box with the model number and picture of the gun on it.

The gun weighs in at 8.81 lbs without the magazine or accessories (optics, lights, silencer). Some may find it heavy and its definitely not for little kids. You need to have decent enough strength to keep this gun shouldered.

The stock gives you the ability to use the gun effectively in CQB. The barrel is metal along with the receiver which is stamped steel and the receiver cover is metal also.

This gun has a very intimidating appearance and should draw attention in the predominately M4 matches.

When hold this gun you can feel the quality of it. Its not a cheap feeling gun.

That's it for now, will be back after I use it in battle.
by Drew C. on 07/08/2011
"Awesome gun its one of the coolest guns ive ever had and ive had alot! to start off its got a great rate of fire and its full metal very durable but a bb got jammed in mine and i havnt got it fixed yet but its was great for 2 years
by Isaiah L. on 06/12/2011
"This gun is beast I got it about a week ago
The gun shoots great and it's got great accuracy and power
I highly recommend this gun it is totally worth the money
by john b. on 05/04/2011
"the best ak series AEG i ever haved!i put a scope and bipod on it so i can have a long range capabilities. i recommend this for starters and for the serious airsofters

-can be converted to a sniper or support weapon
-best value for this custom AEG
-you can upgrade the gearbox for maximum fps
-you can put accessories in the rails

-very heavy (when you convert this)
by Mike H. on 04/28/2011
"I LOVE IT!!! it hits hard, it does its job, and it is pretty reliable... the webstie isnt joking around about 390-430 fps haha...

Pros: Realistic heavy feel
Full metal except for grip, stock, handle, magazine and rails but they are all made of very high quality plastic...
Hits hard
Good ROF
600 ROUND MAG!!!
Cons: As said above, somewhat heavy for new/inexperienced players, no big deal
Not the best sights in the world, get a red dot or something
Overall: BUY THIS GUN!!! great FPS especially for the price!!
by luke l. on 03/08/2010
"I got this gun in the mail about last leek. this past weekend when i used it, i pretty much dominated. everyone wanted to be on my team. right out of the box it shoots 426 fps and 880 rpm.

1. great fps(feet per second)
2. good rpm (rounds per minute)
3. holds large, small, or stick type batteries
4. looks sick
5. nice sturdy metal feel
6. great accuracy at a long range
7. 600!!!! round waffle mag
8. easily upgradeable ( i have a sniper scope silencer and 9.6v for my ak47)

1. front sight wabbles a little bit on mine but im not sure if thats true for all
2. its front heavy (total it weighs 8lbs w/empty mag)

Overall this is a great gun for the money i highly recomend it
by Daniel F. on 01/16/2009
"This AEG is amazing. It is extremely accurate and powerful, full metal, and very sturdy. It is modelled after the customized AK used by real blackwater contractors. Lots of useful features on it that you won't normally find on a traditional type AK. Add a scope and a silencer and you will have a fully decked out AK.
by David E. on 03/02/2011
"I love this gun its AMAZING! The only really bad part i disliked was how heavy this was. Its completley metal exept for the handle and for-grip, which are still extremley durable. Personally i like to take the for-grip off because, to me, it adds realism.(Because how Many AK-47's do we see with many modern advancements) But over all i love and highly reccomend it!