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G&G Blowback GR16 Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)

36 Customer Reviews

by Charlie M. on 01/21/2009
"Got mine today and its great! The blowback is not very hard (not like a real M4 of course!), but its an extra touch that's pretty impressive, its always a pleasure to see Airsoft manufactures coming out with new gearbox designs. Most of the parts inside the gearbox are still Marui compatible. Neat design. Good job G&G and!
by Bryan S. on 05/16/2016
"I bought this airsoft gun a few years ago fo use at CQB fields it chronoed around 350 (the CQB fps limit at most fields) with a ROF of 17 a second with a 9.6V. I was very pleased with this gun it with stood about 50,000 rounds more or less and performed exceptionally. The only problem with this airsoft gun is the outer barrel assembly it's all on one piece I'm not sure if G&G has changed this with there newer combat machines but the one a received came with a once piece outer barrel ( meaning the outer barrel and front sight were permanently attached together). The outer barrel was held in with one screw and the other barrel fell off a few time while I was playing on the field so if you do purchase this gun make sure to tighten the screws after each visit to the field. Other than the outer barrel this airsoft gun is well worth the $170 I paid for it. I couldn't find a mag that would not feed in this gun ( I've used elite force and MAG midcaps and also JG full metal high caps). Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 give this gun a 9.
by David T. on 09/09/2011
"This M4 is great for CQB and manageable for field. It has a 6.03mm barrel diameter so the accuracy is pretty good. Its unbelievably light since its all polymer, the range is pretty good, its around 120 feet or so. The fps looks to be around 330. Very nice target acquisition due to the weight. the Pneumatic blow-back system is nice to hear from a distance but there isn't much kick. Also the rate of fire is pretty quick. I would rate it overall with a 8.5/10
by trent b. on 09/28/2010
"this gun is good in battle not great. mine has loading issuses on full auto because the mags are cheap. it could use a smaller barrel or i should using my .28 for it. get this gun it has a pant load of upgrades.
by Geraldina R. on 06/07/2010
"this gun is really good, about 350-380 fps out of the box. i bought a 9.6 butterfly config battery for it and it works like a charm. the only problem i have with this gun is that after 3 days it misfeeds alot. but overall a really good gun for the price and it HURTS

Pros:fast fps
good recoil for life like feeling
doesnt jam up
good rate of fire
good range

stock is wobbly
mag is wobbly when u put it in
by Cheng Ying C. on 02/21/2009
"I like this gun, every good looks although its a bit hard to fix. and its plastic and my friend got it just a few weeks ago its it worked well every since. OVer all 4 stars outta 5