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G&G Blowback GR16 Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)

36 Customer Reviews

by Tyce P. on 04/09/2015
"The gun is great it was shooting 370 out of the box it came down a little once it got some bbs through it like expected and is now shooting about 350.

1. the G&G hi cap feeds pretty good but would recommend mid caps
2. Beginner level price intermediate level gun
3. Feels great and very durable for its plastic build
4. My friends thought it was full metal until they took a close look at it
5. Hand guard provides plenty of space for larger batteries

1. DO NOT BUY FOR THE EXTRA MAGS the included 8 mags are very cheap and feed terribly if at all
2. Fire rate is slow but can be upgraded

Final thoughts: Price is great, but the included mag are trash
by owen v. on 03/02/2015
"I got this aeg blowback g&g combat machine December 2014.

Pros: Really sturdy and can take a beating. Aeg blowback is a cool accessory.
Ample room in hanguard for almost any battery to fit
Hop up works great. Barely had to adjust it

Cons: Not a big fan of the hand guard and hand rail. Suggest getting railguards for attachments and such. Nut for the stock adjustment comes loose every once in a while but not a big deal.

Had this gun for about 4 months now and still works great. I've taken a few nasty falls on concrete and rocks and this thing still is tickin away! I hope this review helped. 5 out of 5
by chris b. on 12/01/2014
"Very good gun, very reliable and is amazing for its price. Also the 8 mags deal for the price of $170 is almost unbelievable as it brings the gun cost down to only about $75.
by Yukuan G. on 12/01/2014
"My cousin and I bought two G&G combat machine 6 months ago, its still shooting as brand new.

Even the receiver is not full metal, the gun itself is very strong and well built.

This gun is the best you can get at its price.

If you are looking for a well constructed intermediate base gun, and work on modifications yourself, then you should get this G&G Combat Machine. If you want to go more professional, get G&G Top Tech.
by Randy H. on 06/26/2014
"This is a great gun but there are a few cons1. wobbly stock not really a con though 2.the outer barrel literally slid off of my gun in mid combat so be sure to tighten all the screws 3. The blowback gearbox is hard to upgrade because of the blowback function but it's ok if you have the know how. Hope this review helped I've had one for like 6 months and still shoots quite well!
by Gregory P. on 02/03/2013
"Amazing gun, one of my first official AEG's, then I traded back through a bunch of AEG's and I'm gonna buy another one of these. It is really light and durable.

light (I have a real AR15 that is polymer lightweight and they weigh the same)
FPS is good for CQB & Outdoors

Front sight doesn't come off
Mag and stock is barely wobbly
Not too much range, get a tight bore barrel and upgraded spring

Overall, my favorite gun and I chose it over MP5's, G36's, AK47's, but it doesn't beat my friends HK416, but very upgradable. Totally worth it, buy it!!!
by Austin M. on 04/01/2012
"Great gun, never once has failed me yet. it has a great strong plastic body, nothing like the plastic in JG and most E1 guns. I have beat the heck out of this gun and its still works perfect. I would however buy the non blowback version, because it is just not that noticeable. 9/10 great gun. also you cant remove the front sight and the orange tip is extremely hard to get off, however its a great gun, buy it!
by Blake H. on 01/23/2012
"Amazing gun. Very reliable and never seems to have any problems.
by Blaine B. on 07/07/2011
"This gun is probably the best electric blowback in the world. Sure, the body is abs plastic, but that's not bad. The real gun is a type of plastic similar to abs. This is more realistic. The gun comes with 1000 high quality bbs, a 450 round magazine, which is great, because the rate of fire is very high on the gun, even with an 8.4v. It's light, tough, and overall a great gun. This would be like Tokyo Marui quality with a JG pricetag. An incredible buy.

by christian w. on 03/10/2011
"Got this gun on March 7 and so far i have had absolutley no problems with it. The weight is comparable to the real steal .223 i've used, it has beatiful trademarks and the mag's 5.56 nato markings are nice. Overall the gun feals and looks amazing, functioning flawlessley i would recommend this for any and all beginners and intermediate players. Stay frosty
by Andrea L. on 03/07/2011
"For the price i sugjest it to anyone.
Low Price
Amazing Externals
Amazing internals

Should I go on?
by Sean H. on 10/27/2010
"THIS GUN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!I have had it for little more than i month or two and does egzactly what i want it to do.

Nice ROF
very sturdy
nice trademarks

there or non
by T.J. P. on 09/24/2010
"The upgrade battery package for $10.00 comes with a 9.6v please make sure you do not buy a 9.6 and a smart charger for $55.00 when you can get a 9.6 here for $10.00 I'm about to get this amazing looking GR16. And the blowback is a nice touch. I would probably in the future upgrade to a lipoly battery ready gearbox for $110.00. If you don't a 9.6 still rips!!! I'll write another review when I actually get the gun.
by Nate B. on 09/23/2010
"i know your not supposed to ask questions but what kind of battery and charger comes in the package? and i rated it based on other reviews
by Jared W. on 06/07/2010
"This gun is amazing! i just got it today and ive already shot about 1000 rounds through it.
i waited a long time but it was worth it.
its my first higher end AEG and my first blowback.
amazing accuracy up to about 200 feet with hopup used correctly
great rate of fire at about 16 bbs a sec with 8.4v
great upper and lower receiver material, very strong plastic, possibly nylon durable and light weight.
the blowback system gives a realistic feeling to the gun and loud sound,
perfect weight and very well balanced throughout the gun,
very sturdy front end assembly,
its the best bang for your buck
wobbly stock, but you dont really notice it unless you stand there and pick at it...........
your reading my review and you have not ordered it yet, get to it you will never regret it.