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Model: AEG-CM036A

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by Wyatt P. on 2016-07-12 05:45:09
"I forgot to mention that the spring is probably an m120 since mine shot around 410 and the spring guide is a ball bearing spring guide so that's a plus. The overall build is solid (little parts can break) the wood furniture is very bright and scratches under the handguard where the end of the magazine would hit. And the flash hider is glued on. It is a very good gun.
by Wyatt P. on 2016-07-12 05:37:29
"This gun is great for people who want to get into the inner workings of a v3 because this gun has decent parts. I would recommend replacing the hop-up bucking. That seems to be a problem across all CYMA guns. The gearbox has a plastic piston, plastic piston head, brass cylinder, plastic cylinder head, plastic air nozzle, plastic tappet plate, and all metal gears which mine locked up and needed 're shunned. But once you get your problems out of the way (if you have any) an overall excellent gun.
by Richard A. on 2016-02-04 00:03:55
"Bought this gun about 6 months ago. Use it on average twice a week. This gun is amazing. Hits hard with .25g bb's. I wouldnt use .20g bb's the lowest i used is .23 and those are a little inaccurate. The body is solid metal except for the grip, flash hider. The flash hider snapped off after I dropped my gun one game. So I bought a mock silencer. The magazine is a decent size. I would say around 600 rounds. I carry 2 with me. The fuse is easy to get to also. WELL WORTH THE MONEY. THE SCOPE I BOUGHT WAS $30.00 AND THE MOUNT WAS $30.00, THE MAGAZINE WAS ONLY $15.00.
by Drake E. on 2015-12-31 07:23:21
"This was the first real AEG I've purchased and I'm very impressed no big problems with the gun so far.

_Full metal
_Real wood

_High fps ~460 (could be a pro for some but some airsoft areas don't allow non-snipers with and fps over 450)

_Upper handguard was very wobbly with the stock and lower handguard being less so, however they are easily fixed by disassembling the gun and inserting electrical tape.
_Most magazines will wobble, again however this can be easily fixed with electrical tape.
by Andrew F. on 2015-10-16 06:01:09
"Just barely a week after I bought this gun I took it out to my local field. Within the first few mags through the gun my piston stripped, and my spur gear had a chipped tooth. After replacing those parts then came a bunch of problems with the compression as well. Even with that the selector switch for me never seems to line up properly when I put the gearbox back together. I'm hoping this is just one lemon out of the bunch, but all I know is that I am not buying another CYMA.
by Casey H. on 2015-07-28 10:09:56
"This gun was my first airsoft gun purchase ever. I will say that it has help up pretty well during the 3 month period I've had it! It has a very solid and strong design to it! It feels very good in the hand and very similar to a real AK! It's also a great price for someone who is looking to get into airsoft and starting at one of the best airsoft company's for people on a budget! However, what I have not liked about it was the original mag it came with is very cheap feeling and very flimsy! Buying more magazines should solve that because honestly nobody should be using just one magazine. Another issue was the battery and charger mine came with when I ordered this gun, again one of the first purchases you should get for it should be a new charger and battery! The battery space is quite snug for most batteries! Overall the gun is incredibly durable, fun to shoot and looks amazing! I would recommend this gun to any newer player who wants to spend little as possible on a great gun! Now it's time to upgrade it with newer stuff!
by Cathy C. on 2015-05-21 15:40:46
"Just got this gun today. Excellent build quality. Everything that should be steel is steel, the wood is very nice as well. One thing to note is that there is a microscopic amount of wiggle in the lower front handguard and stock. When I say microscopic, I mean that I had to really try to get it to wiggle. Totally un-noticable when holding.

+ Full Steel construction
+ Real Wood
+ Excellent construction
+ Doesn't sound like death incarnate when firing
+ Low price
- Magazine feels somewhat cheap
- Battery space is somewhat tight (For a 2k mAh Lipo (7.4 V) that is ~the same size as a 9.6 V battery. A regular 9.6 v nimh its snugly but not too tight)
- No included battery
- No included charger

Would I buy this if I was looking for a sub $200 gun and had other stuff I might need to buy? Yes. Definitely.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Definitely.
by Mark J. on 2015-03-27 21:00:25
"I got this gun 3 months ago and it has held up like a brute! At home ive dropped it on the floor multiple times and it hasnt broke. On the foeld it has held up better then my buddys new krytac which he spent over $300 on. It also performs better in fps at around 375-385. However i loosened a few screws when i took off the stock and then they fell out on the field but they where easy to find replacements. Overall really really good for beginers or expierienced players because of the full metal and real wood furniture. 11/10
by Elan S. on 2012-06-15 18:24:09
"I got this gun in the boneyard, but I figured I'd write a little review here also.

The wood is pretty darn good, although I do worry about the stock, slightly. It's a little thin at some spots, but that's to be expected. My receiver was broken in several different pieces, so if you're expecting this to last forever, you might be expecting too much! Having said that, it's solid as heck, and from what I can tell, it shoots really well. I love the wood colored mags too. Nice touch.

Bottom Line: Be careful with it!
by logan v. on 2012-03-31 13:00:00
"Oh my god i got this thing a week ago still going like it was brand new. this thing shoots stupid fast
shoots hard
real wood
full metal
relativly light for a big guy like myself maybe a lil heavy for a smaller guy

the hardguard is a lil wobbly not to worryed
my mag release came out of a lil hole but just put it back in and hadnt happend again
mag is real wobby (like most ak mags) a few peices of eletrical tape on each side will fix

overall i would definatly recomend 18% off coupon was only $157 thats with shipping. shoots hard full metal real wood this is a steal go ahead and buy it
by Sean M. on 2010-09-15 17:33:54
"So I just got this gun from my friend who only shops here and all I have to say is that this gun is amazing. Once I got the the hop up adjusted it is very accurate and reaches about 110 feet, which is pretty good. Its shooting about 400 fps and the rof is good. I also really like that it has real wood for an extra 30 bucks which makes it feel more realistic but makes the gun heavier, its not a problem for me but might be for some one else. Over all this gun is great and I would recommend it to anyone who's experienced or just getting into airsoft.
by nick p. on 2010-04-02 06:04:40
"my friend got this gun and it kills and its shaky but still amzing gun 5 stars

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