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New Gen. Advanced X3500 Handheld Computer Airsoft Chronograph / Chrony by Xcortech

13 Customer Reviews

by Jack P. on 05/09/2017
"I'll start with the cons first.


Its weight and heft are very light. It feels fragile. The clip for mounting the remote screen is a light yellow and flexible plastic. I don't expect it to last long, nor would I mount it for any extended period of time. The remote screen takes two AAA and the main unit takes two AA. Neither of which are provided with the unit, but more than accessible. Extremely heavy sniper weights are not included in the options field. So, you'll need to chrono with lighter rounds.


So far, it works like a dream. The data it can harvest is incredible. Speeds and Rate of fire can be changed from imperial to metric or RPS to RPM. It provides a min and max FPS/ROF as well as an average. The auto turn off feature will save batteries and despite its construction, it does indeed work wirelessly with the LCD screen.

It had trouble calculating a few shots, but this might be user error with my angle of engagement through the radar tube. Overall, the unit performs as intended. If I had to decide on a chronograph a second time, I would look for a unit that is one piece instead of two. The remote screen may be a selling point for some, but I have a suspicion the mounting lever will break and it will be a two piece system. Lose one piece and I'll have myself a $110 paperweight.
by isaac h. on 12/04/2016
"This chronograph is great.
it has many adjustable features for bb gram and even size, it has a small screw mount on the bottom for a tripod( screw size is the same as camera tripods)

The detachable screen is great for quickly reading the fps and rps
I personally use it for my sniper and I can mount the rail on it and then step back and mount the chrono farther away ( super helpful with long guns)

I would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone looking for a good chrono

Detachable screen
Good quality
many programmable adjustments

other than price, none
by Demetrius J. on 09/02/2015
"Great chronograph. I like to work on my own guns, and having one these is an absolute must if you want to be able to as well. I really like the fact that the screen can be removed from the chrono because it helps when you've got big or awkward guns. I also like the interface, the numbers are clear, as well as the stats it logs are great. The construction is plastic, but the inner barrel that the bb's fly through seems to be metal.

I'd strongly recommend buying one of these if you want to be as efficient as you can building a gun, or simply recording statistics of a new gun. It has saved me a lot of money in extra parts that I would have bought had I not had this chrono.

-Removable screen
-Good battery life
-Clear interface
-Accurate readings
-Stats log

-Plastic construction
by Bradley B. on 12/11/2014
"A very nice chronograph, if not on the pricey side. I got this during one of Evike's many sales, so that took the edge off a little.
I had used my friend's Xcortech chono a quite a bit, and decided that it was time I got one for myself as I am frequently doing maintenance and modifications to my AEGs. This has performed well so far, and is so easy to use. There are various settings for different BB weights and units of measure, very nice if you are trying to measure joules.

Bottom line- you will not be disappointed.
by Kevin Y. on 01/22/2014
"Deceptively small. From the photos, I thought it would be a lot bigger but in reality, it fits comfortably in your hand. No batteries included. Can save up to 6 preset ammo weights for display purposes.
by lucas h. on 03/09/2011
"Fantastic chrono, relatively accurate, huge selection of slots for programmable calibers, massive shot memory, back lit with other options, screw mountable, This is probably the best chrono out there topping those over 1.4x it's cost.
by robert d. on 02/23/2011
"just got this yesterday got to use it today very accurate had a hard time getting rate of fire at first it was just reading how many bbs came through and gave me fps for the last one and realized i wasnt doing long enough bursts very user friendly no complaints here love this thing so far and itscompact
by Mason D. on 02/16/2011
"This Chronograph is awesome!!!
If you are considering a rechargeable models, keep in mind you got no outlets in the field.

Th Xcortech is very compact and easy to use. We highly recommend it.
by Jason C. on 02/16/2011
"Best Chrony our team have used!
We have had this for over a year now and it is still working smoothly. Most of the other chrono we have used in the past (Guarder and Madbull) breaks down pretty quick.
This unit has all the features you need, bipod stand and simply gets the job done
by Ashley M. on 12/21/2010
"Great Chrono, Nice and accurate, memory as well for multiple types of ammo. Would really recommend.
by Darryll K. on 04/23/2010
"Awesome little gadget!

This is great for me because I had some challenges getting my under 400fps for the local fields and I got tired of having to go to the local show every time I needed to get a reading. You can set this to different sized bbs for ultimate versatility even for paintballs should you need to do so. You can also set it to various bb weights aswell. Lastly if you aren't using you chrono daily or weekly, remember to take the batteries out so it doesn't corrode. I hope they have it on sale again too so my friends can buy there own and stop borrowing mine.
by Jerod M. on 02/12/2010
"One of the best / easiest to use Chrony I have ever used.

Most chrono goes to shit after 3 months, but this one seem to last a very long time with no problem.

If you are shopping for a chrono, get ones that uses AAA batteries, don't get the rechargable ones because they tend to stop working more often and when you are out in the woods, there will be no plugs for you to charge anything.
by Nick B. on 03/14/2012
"This is by far one of the better chronographs you get for the price. The build quality is stucturally solid with no heard moving parts inside(which is not to be expected by any chrono what so ever). The bright display has many pieces of data you can manipulate such as rps,rpm,jules,mps,bullet mass and fps. The results were fairly accurate with an occasional "TOUT" and no reading. A very compact size unlike Madbull chronographs but still high quality unlike lesser quality UFC chronos.The only drawback I've noticed so far is that it is plastic, not metal, although I am not expecting "Full Metal" for any chronograph. Great chronograph for the price. This is an unbiased review, so if you get an abnormal "lemon" consider yourself unlucky or consider me as luckier than yourslef. Thank you Evike and the airsoft community.